It’s All Rock & Roll to Me – Part 2

rock n roll


I mentioned yesterday that I have days at work when I barely do more than turn on my computer, but then there are those days when I’m in front of it for 8 to 10 hours. BMFBV1D1 & BMFBV1D2 are my soundtracks for days like that.

There is a little of something here for just about every musical taste so Enjoy! 



BiteMeFanBoy-Vol 1 Disc 2

Playlist length: 9 hours 54 minutes 55 seconds

          1. The Chameleons – Silence, Sea And Sky (1:59)
          2. The Chameleons – Looking Inwardly (4:29)
          3. The Chameleons – The Fan, The Bellows (3:32)
          4. Paper Fleet – Be Your Man (2:26)
          5. Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls – Bradman (7:26)
          6. Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls – To Her Door (3:18)
          7. Placebo – Special Needs (5:16)
          8. +/- – Trapped Under Ice Floes (3:27)
          9. Quicksilver Messenger Service – Mona (7:01)
          10. Razorlight – Stumble and Fall (3:05)
          11. Red Elvises – Red Lips Red Eyes Red Stockings (2:47)
          12. Red House Painters – All Mixed Up (5:50)
          13. Ride – Vapour Trail (4:17)
          14. Rilo Kiley – Portions For Foxes (4:45)
          15. Robert Pollard with Doug Gillard – Pop Zeus (2:28)
          16. Ryan Adams – Luminol (Rock N Roll) (3:24)
          17. Ryan Adams – Somehow, Someday (4:24)
          18. Sarge – Stall (3:45)
          19. Say Hi To Your Mom – Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks (4:07)
          20. Sigur Rós – Fyrsta y Samskeyti (directo) (14:24)
          21. Sigur Ros – Star Lfur (6:47)
          22. Sigur Rós – Untitled #8 (aka popplagid-the pop song) (11:42)
          23. Singapore Sling – Guiding Light (6:14)
          24. Scissorfight – New Hampshire Ist In Ordnung, Wenn Du Gerne Kampfst (3:00)
          25. Smog – Dress Sexy At My Furneral (5:30)
          26. Smoking Popes – Need You Around (3:42)
          27. Social Distortion (Live at the Roxy) – Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover) (6:51)
          28. Soledad Brothers – Goin’ Back To Memphis (4:21)
          29. Starflyer 59 – The Lights On (3:07)
          30. Starflyer59 – Underneath (4:35)
          31. Stars Of The Lid – Archsong (18:00)
          32. Stars – Ageless Beauty (4:05)
          33. Stars – Your Ex-lover Is Dead (4:16)
          34. Stellastarr* – Untitled (5:08)
          35. Stereophonics – Dakota (4:57)
          36. Stereolab – Lo Boob Oscillator (6:36)
          37. Sufjan Stevens – Come On! Feel The Illinoise! (6:45)
          38. The Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies) (5:10)
          39. The Bats – Half Way to Nowhere (5:17)
          40. The Bigger Lovers – I Resign (3:16)
          41. The Boo Radleys – It’s Lulu (3:04)
          42. The Butterfield Blues Band – East-West (13:13)
          43. Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Work Song (7:53)
          44. The Chills – Familiarity Breeds Contempt (3:21)
          45. The Chills – Look For The Good In Others And They’ll See The Good In You (3:29)
          46. The Chills – Submarine Bells (3:41)
          47. The Clarks – I’m A Fool (3:54)
          48. The Clarks – Snowman (4:18)
          49. The Clean – Stars (5:20)
          50. The Clumsy Lovers – Single Girl (4:44)
          51. The Code Talkers – Flying Saucer Lights (6:02)
          52. The Consultants – Hollow-Bodied Evening (3:10)
          53. The Cure – Just Like Heaven (3:33)
          54. The Dambuilders – Candy Guts (3:23)
          55. The Dentists – An Agony In Twelve Fits (3:47)
          56. The Dentists – Faces on Stone (2:44)
          57. The Dream Syndicate – Halloween (6:12)
          58. The Field Mice – Emma’s House (3:36)
          59. The Field Mice – Sensitive (5:04)
          60. The Field Mice – When Morning Comes to Town (5:13)
          61. The Fine Print – Packed to Sell (6:53)
          62. The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?? (3:32)
          63. The Frames – Fitzcarraldo (8:13)
          64. The Frames – Happy (4:56)
          65. The French Kicks – One More Time (3:20)
          66. The Futureheads – Hounds Of Love (3:02)
          67. The Get Up Kids – Forgive and Forget (3:26)
          68. The Go-Betweens – Quiet Heart (5:20)
          69. The Gris Gris – Everytime (3:49)
          70. The High Dials – Soul In Lust (4:18)
          71. The Housemartins – Happy Hour (2:21)
          72. The Ivory Coast – Swope (3:34)
          73. The Jam – Going Underground (2:56)
          74. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy – Girl-Go (5:54)
          75. The Jazz Butcher – she’s on drugs (3:49)
          76. Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died (4:59)
          77. The Juliana Theory – To the Tune of 5000 Screaming Children (3:48)
          78. The Juliana Theory – Duane Joseph (4:09)
          79. Legendary Pink Dots – As Long As Its Purple and Green (6:04)
          80. The Meat Purveyors – Tallboy (2:56)
          81. The Mendoza Line – Sasha Goes Too Far/It Could Be the Nights (4:50)
          82. The Motet – Power (11:23)
          83. The Nails – 88 Lines About 44 Women (original) (4:38)
          84. The National – Abel (3:37)
          85. The New Year – Gasoline (3:33)
          86. The Oranges Band – All The Ghosts in Your House (1:18)
          87. The Pernice Brothers – Flaming Wreck (5:34)
          88. The Reverse – Blood on the Tape Machine (3:45)
          89. The Sound – Winning (4:18)
          90. The Stills – Yesterday Never Tomorrow (5:20)
          91. The Sun – Must Be You (3:15)
          92. The Undertones – You’ve Got My Number (2:37)
          93. The Walkmen – Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone (4:07)
          94. The Walkmen – The Rat (4:27)
          95. The Weakerthans – Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call (2:44)
          96. The Wedding Present – Anyone Can Make A Mistake (3:19)
          97. The Wedding Present – Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now? (2:34)
          98. The Wedding Present – Pourquoi Es Tu Devenue Si Raisonnable? (2:34)
          99. The Wedding Present – Shatner (2:06)
          100. The Wildweeds – No Good To Cry (2:39)
          101. The Wildweeds – Never Mind (2:05)
          102. The Wipers – Youth Of America (10:21)
          103. The Woodentops – Get It On (3:19)
          104. This Mortal Coil – I Come And Stand At Every Door (3:53)
          105. Tram – Now We Can Get On With Our Lives (4:33)
          106. Trans Am – I Want It All (3:56)
          107. Trembling Blue Stars – Sleep (4:23)
          108. Tristeza – Opiate Slopes (5:37)
          109. TullyCraft – Cowgirls On Parade (3:12)
          110. The Twilight Singers – Too Tough To Die (4:02)
          111. Velvet Crush – Atmosphere (3:53)
          112. Velvet Crush – Superstar (3:46)
          113. Velvet Crush – Time Wraps Around You (4:13)
          114. Velvet Underground – The Gift (8:18)
          115. Versus – Crazy – Maker (I’m Still In Lo (6:25)
          116. Versus – Shangri La (3:39)
          117. Willard Grant Conspiracy – Christmas in Nevada (3:43)
          118. William Shatner – Common People (4:33)
          119. Windy & Carl – Antartica (22:06)
          120. XTC – Making Plans For Nigel (4:16)
          121. Yo La Tengo – Today Is The Day (4:28)
          122. Zykos – Understanding Fire (6:07)
          123. Die Toten Hosen – Goodbye From Janet & John (1:00)


BMFBV1D2 – Part 1      BMFBV1D2 – Part 2

BMFBV1D2 – Part 3      BMFBV1D2 – Part 4

BMFBV1D2 – Part 5      BMFBV1D2 – Part 6

BMFBV1D2 – Part 7


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The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

I’m sure that you’ve all heard that expression at some time in your life and at the beginning of this year I had every intention of posting more in 2014 then I had in 2013…and yet here it is February 22 and my first post of the year is a re-run.

You can thank Rob for that because he wrote and asked me to refresh the links for The Adverts The Wonders Don’t Care.

Well as long as I was doing that I also refreshed the links for Die Toten Hosen’s Learning English – Lesson 1 and Mass. Ave.: The Boston Scene (1975-83) which are also part of my original 2008 post.


The Adverts – The Wonders Don’t Care



Die Toten Hosen – Learning English – Lesson 1



DIY: Mass Ave.: The Boston Scene (1975-83)



You can find my original 2008 post and the new download links here.

And thank Rob for finally getting me off my butt.


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The Sleepers

Formed in Palo Alto, California, The Sleeper’s: Ricky Williams (vocals), Michael Belfer (guitar), Paul Draper (bass) and Tim Mooney (drums) were one San Francisco’s earliest Punk rock groups and a key member of 

the punk and new wave scene… centered around the Mabuhay Gardens… to SF what CBGBs was to New York

With the deep vocals and the inscrutable lyrics of singer Ricky Williams, throbbing bass lines and the neo-psychedelic guitar-work of Michael Belfer the Sleepers

challenged [both] the rigid bash-’em-out structures of early punk [and helped to] stretch the boundaries of the style into what is recognized today as “post-punk.”

   The Less An Object compiles everything the Sleeper’s released, two rare 7” from their punk/ post punk days, 1981’s quieter, but darker Painless Nights plus three unreleased tracks.

Williams and Mooney later joined the San Francisco punk group Toiling Midgets and after Williams passed away in 1992, Mooney left to join the group American Music Club.





Painless Nights (LP) Adolescent Records 1981
Painless Nights‎ (LP) Superior Viaduct 2012
Painless Nights‎ (LP, MP3) 1-2-3-4-GO! 2012

 Singles & EPs:
The Sleepers‎ (7″) WiN Records 1978 
The Sleepers‎ (7″) Superior Viaduct 2013
The Sleepers‎ (7″) WiN Records Unknown
Mirror / Theory (7″) Adolescent Records 1980
Holding Back (7″) Mediumistic Records 1994 

The Less An Object‎ (LP) Tim/Kerr Records 1996
The Less An Object‎ (CD) Tim/Kerr Records 1996



“Mirror” Songs From The Edge Of The World‎ (CD) Superior Viaduct 2013

“Zenith/Theory” Savoy Sound Wave Goodbye‎ (LP) Go! Records 1981
“Time Has Come Today” Miners’ Benefit‎ (CD) White Noise Records 2003 
“Seventh World” Black Hole – Jon Savage Presents Californian Punk 1977-80 (CD) Domino‎ 2010


“Sister Little” Louder Faster Shorter‎ (DVD) RE/Search Publications 2007


The Less An Object (1996)

Playing Time: 67:32


1. Seventh World (2:51)
2. No Time (3:10)
3. Flying (2:22)
4. She’s Fun (2:24)
5. Linda (4:14)
6. Mirror (3:35)
7. Theory (Single Version) (5:51)
8. Holding Back (2:41)
9. When Can I Fly (3:28)
10. Walk Away (2:55)
11. The Mind (3:17)
12. Intro (1:30)
13. Forever (4:22)
14. Zenith/Theory (10:02)
15. B-Side (4:07)
16. Los Gatos (4:22)
17. Step Back (2:02)
18. Let Me Free (4:19)


The Less An Object (Part 1) (Part 2)


Buy The Less An Object from


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The Clean: Tell Them Raoul Sent You

the clean 

In their original incarnation The Clean’s essential output consisted of two EPs; the five- track Boodle Boodle Boodle and the seven-track Great Sounds, but the group’s influence on New Zealand’s post-punk rock scene cannot be simply measured by their relatively modest sales.

The Clean formed in town of Dunedin in 1978 when brothers Hamish (drums) and David (guitar) Kilgour recruited David’s school friend, guitarist Peter Gutteridge. It wouldn’t take long before they found themselves opening for the New Zealand punk rock group Enemy.

In 1979 the Kilgours decided to relocate the band to Auckland, but by then Peter Gutteridge had already left the band so while in Auckland the band performed using a revolving group of bassists. David eventually quit and returned to Dunedin where he was introduced to and started playing with bassist Robert Scott. Hamish upon learning of this new musical relationship moved back to Dunedin and  reformed The Clean. 

The group’s debut single, 1981’s "Tally Ho!", was the first release of Clean fan Roger Shepherd’s fledgling Flying Nun Records. Recorded for $50.00, "Tally Ho!" with it’s jagged guitar and the melody tapped out on a Farfisa organ by 16-year old Martin Phillips of the Chills would reach #19 on New Zealand’s pop charts.  

Produced by the Tall Dwarf’s Chris Knox the music on Boodle Boodle Boodle and Great Sounds are

short sharp shots of super-shambolic, super-perky garage-pop that’s deceptive in its simplicity. From the groovy organ swing of "Beatnik" to the loping "Anything Could Happen" and the lengthier drone of "Point That Thing Somewhere Else," Clean songs were exercises in unbridled minimalism and maximum impact. 

Boodle Boodle Boodle surprised everyone by reaching number four on the New Zealand charts, and while both these EPs managed to capture the group’s quirky sound, it was only the 1982 single "Getting Older" which managed to approximate the band’s “roaring live sound.”

Following the release of "Getting Older" David Kilgour left the the band and returned to Dunedin. Robert Scott followed shortly afterwards, forming his own band, the Bats. Hamish Kilgour moved to Christchurch, the headquarters of Flying Nun Records, bought himself a four-track and began writing and recording. David eventually joined his brother in Christchurch where he helped his brother finish up the solo tracks and record some Clean songs. With it’s folkier and more acoustic sound the resulting album, Clean Out of Our Minds, which was credited to the Great Unwashed, marked a departure from the Clean’s punk inspired sound.

To support Clean Out of Our Minds the Kilgours reunited with original Clean guitarist Peter Gutteridge and added bassist Ross Humphries so that David Kilgour and Gutteridge could both play guitar. This line-up would record and release an EP called Singles, which earned quite a bit of airplay, as well as record sales. Within a year this line-up broke up. Hamish  went onto to form Bailter Space with guitarist Alister Parker, his brother Dave retired from music for a few years while Gutteridge started the group Snapper.

In 1988 the Robert Scott line-up reunited for two shows at the Fulham Greyhound in London. Tracks recorded at those shows were released in 1989 on the In-a-Live EP which featured

five of the band’s best old songs: "Fish," "Anything Could Happen," "Flowers," "Point That Thing Somewhere Else," "Whatever I Do Is Right."

Encouraged by the results and given a boost thanks to both the Homestead reissue of Compilation, and the efforts of fellow Kiwi bands, the Chills, the Tall Dwarfs and the Verlaines, the Clean embarked on a world tour.

Following the tour the group recorded technically its first album, Vehicle. More straightforward and pop-oriented than their previous records the album delights with songs like

"Draw(in)g to a (W)hole," "Dunes," "Big Cat" and "Diamond Shine" [which] would all be candidates for the best little singles in the world if they came in 7-inch form; [while] songs like "Home" and "I Can See" are gorgeously shimmering ballads.

Released in the spring of 1990 the band supported Vehicle with another world tour, but following the tour they promptly split up once again. Robert Scott went back to the Bats, David Kilgour formed Stephen while Hamish moved to New York, where he and his wife formed the Mad Scene.

1994s Modern Rock, with it’s nod to the Velvet Underground, Nick Drake and perhaps Stereolab, was recorded with little fanfare, as basically Hamish, David and Robert found themselves in Dunedin at the same time. 

Unknown Country was released in 1996, while Getaway, released on Merge Records in 2001, came and went, unnoticed. Anthology is the definitive Clean collection and is the perfect place for those unfamiliar with this band to get better acquainted with it.  




Left by Soft (Cass) (ClicheBootlegCenterTapesRekords&Publicery) 1981
Tally Ho! / Platypus (7") (Flying Nun Records) 1981
Boodle, Boodle, Boodle (12") (Flying Nun Records) 1982
Getting Older (7") (Flying Nun Records) 1982
Great Sounds Great, Good Sounds Good, So-So Sounds So-So, Bad Sounds Bad, Rotten Sounds Rotten!! (12") (Flying Nun Records) 1982
Odditties (Cass) (Cleano Productions) 1983
Odditties (Cass) (Flying Nun Records) 1985
Odditties (CD) (Flying Nun Records, Festival Records) 1994
Compilation (LP) (Au Go Go, Flying Nun UK) 1986
Compilation (Cass) (Flying Nun Records) 1986
Compilation (LP) (Normal) 1987
Compilation (CD) (Flying Nun Europe) 1988
Compilation (LP) (Homestead Records) 1988
Compilation (LP) (Little Axe Records, Mississippi Records) 2008
Compilation (CD) (Flying Nun Records)  
Live Dead Clean (12") (Flying Nun Records) 1986
Odditties 2 (Cass) (Flying Nun Records) 1988
In-A-Live (12") (Flying Nun Europe) 1989
Vehicle (LP) (Flying Nun Records 1990
Vehicle (LP) (Rough Trade US) 1990
Vehicle (CD) (Victor Musical Industries) 1990
Vehicle (CD) (Flying Nun Records, Rough Trade UK) 1990
Vehicle (Cass, LP) (Rough Trade, Rough Trade UK ) 1990
Late Last Night (7") (Dark Beloved Cloud) 1994
Modern Rock (CD) (Flying Nun UK) 1994
Modern Rock (LP + Flexi) (Flying Nun Records) 1994
Modern Rock (CD) (Summershine (US) 1994
Modern Rock (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 1994
Unknown Country (CD, LP, MP3) (Flying Nun Records) 1996
Getaway (CD, MP3) (Flying Nun Records, Matador) 2001
Late Last Night (7") (Dark Beloved Cloud) 2001
Slush Fund (CD) (Arclife Records) 2001
Light Pours Out (CD) (Shellshock) 2002
More or Less the Truth (CD, MP3) (Shellshock) 2002
Anthology (2xCD) (Flying Nun Records) 2002
Anthology (2xCD) (Merge Records) 2003
Syd’s Pink Wiring System (CD) (Cleano Records) 2003
Take Over (CD) (Sugarshack) 2003
Universal Language (CD, MP3) (Sugarshack) 2003
Mashed (CD) (Arch Hill Recordings) 2008
Mister Pop (CD, LP, MP3) (Morr Music) 2009

Appears On:

"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us (2xCass, 2xCD) (Propeller, Festival Records) 1988
"Drawing To A Whole" Le Monde – Rough Trade (CD) (Virgin France S.A.) 1990
Cleaned Out! (7" + 6" Flexi) (Dark Beloved Cloud) 1992
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" Semaphore (CD)   Sub Pop Records 2002
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" Give It A Whirl (Television Soundtrack) (2xCD) (Propeller, Universal New Zealand) 2003
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" 25 Years (4xCD) (Flying Nun Records) 2006
"Billy Two" Jukebox Volume One (CDr) (555 Recordings) 2007
"Oddity" Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed. (2xCD, Digital) (Domino Recording Company Ltd.) 2008
"Anything Could Happen" Not Given Lightly: A Tribute To The Giant Golden Book Of New Zealands Alternative Music Scene (3xLP, MP3) (Morr Music) 2009

Tracks Appear On:

"Billy Two", "Point That Thing Somewhere Else" Beyond The Southern Cross (2xLP) (Ink Records) 1984
"Fish" Tuatara – A Flying Nun Compilation (CD, LP) (Flying Nun Europe) 1986
"Fish" Tuatara – A Flying Nun Compilation (LP) Normal 1986
"Fish" Tuatara – A Flying Nun Compilation (LP) (Strange Weekend) 1986
"Oddity (Live)" Human Music (2xLP, CD) (Homestead Records) 1988 
"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us (2xLP) (Propeller) 1988
"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us (2xCass) (Propeller, Festival Records) 1988
"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us – NZ Singles 1979-82 (2xCD) (Propeller, Festival Records) 1991
"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us (2xCD) (Propeller, Festival Mushroom Records) 2003
"I Wait Around (Original Studio Version)" Gigantic! 2 (CD) (Melody Maker) 1990
"I Wait Around" Gigantic! 2 (Cass) (Melody Maker) 1990
"Drawing To A Whole" Le Monde – Rough Trade (CD) (Virgin France S.A.) 1990
"Draw(ing) To A (W)hole" Rough Trade – Music For The 90’s • Vol. 2 (CD) (Rough Trade) 1990
"I Wait Around" Rough Trade US Sampler 1990 / Rough Trade Associated Labels 1990 (2xCass) (Rough Trade) 1990
"Getting Older" Getting Older 1981-1991 (Cass, CD, 2xLP) (Flying Nun Records, Festival Records) 1991
"Draw(in)g To A (W)hole" Pink Flying Saucers Over The Southern Alps (CD, LP) (Flying Nun Records, Festival Records) 1991
"Tally Ho" 10 Jahre Normal (CD, 2xCD) (Normal) 1992
"Tally Ho" Noisyland (VHS) (Festival Mushroom Records (New Zealand), Brilliant Film Co) 1992
"Stomp The Guru", "Starting Point" Something For The Weekend (CD) (Flying Nun UK) 1994
"Stomp The Guru", "Starting Point" Something For The Weekend (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 1995
"Outside The Cage" Louder – A bFM Compilation (CD) (Festival Records) 1995
"Success Story" But I Can Write Songs Okay (3xCD) (Yellow Eye Music) 1996
"Too Much Violence" Pop Eyed (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 1996
"Anything Could Happen", "Point That Thing Somewhere Else", "Fish" Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 1997
"Tally Ho" Scarfies (CD) ( Flying Nun Records) 1999
"Fish", "At The Bottom", "Point That Thing Somewhere Else"  KFJC 89.7 FM Presents The Dunedin Sound (2xCD) (Not On Label) 2000
"Stars" 18-Track Guide To The Month’s Best Music (CD) (Uncut Magazine) 2001
"Jala" Arcbeats (CD) (Arclife Records) 2001
"Twist" Phonic Hoop 2002
"E Motel" Miller Genuine Draft (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 2002
"Gentle Hour", "Corridor" Under The Influence – 21 Years Of Flying Nun Records (2xCD) (Flying Nun Records) 2002
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" Give It A Whirl (Television Soundtrack) (2xCD) (Propeller, Universal New Zealand) 2003
"Stars" Speed Of Sound (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 2003
"Drawing To A Whole" Survive And Advance Vol 2 (CD, Digital) (Merge Records) 2003
"Draw(in)g To A (W)hole" In Love With These Times / Pink Flying Saucers Over The Southern Alps (2xCD)(Flying Nun Records) 2004
"E Motel" Old Enough 2 Know Better (3xCD, Digital) (Merge Records) 2004
"Beatnik" Second Season (DVD) (Flying Nun Records) 2004
"Anything Could Happen" Very Short Films (DVD) (Flying Nun Records) 2004
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" 25 Years (4xCD) (Flying Nun Records) 2006

"In Love With These Times" Yeti Six (CD) (Yeti)2008
"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both of Us: Nz Singles 1979-82 (2xCD) 2009                                      
"E Motel" 2009 Merge Records Promotional Sampler (CD) (Merge Records) 2009
"On Again/Off Again", "Slug Song", "Point That Thing Somewhere Else", "Anything Could Happen", "Tally Ho"  SCORE! Twenty Years Of Merge Records (Box Set)
(17xCD) (Merge Records) 2009
"In The Dreamlife U Need A Rubber Soul" Digital Sampler (14xFile, MP3) (Merge Records) 2010
"Loog" Arch Hill Recordings 10th Anniversary Album (MP3) (Arch Hill Recordings) 2010

Great Unwashed

Clean Out of Our Minds (LP) (NZ Flying Nun) 1983
Singles (2×7”, 12”) (NZ Flying Nun) 1984
Collection (CD) (NZ Flying Nun) 1992

Clean/Great Unwashed

Odditties 2 (Cass) (NZ Flying Nun) 1988

Tracks Appear On:


Cleaned Out EP7 (Dark Beloved Cloud) 1992


Modern Rock (1995)

Playing Time: 46 minutes 59 seconds




1. Starting Point (2:26)
2. Outside The Cage (5:05)
3. Linger Longer (2:25)
4. Wake Up In The Morning (3:55)
5. 2 Reasons (3:40)
6. Safe In The Rain (2:59)
7. Secret Place (3:35)
8. Something I Need (3:41)
9. Different World (3:45)
10. Stomp The Guru (2:18)
11. Too Much Violence (3:48)
12. Phluke (2:23)
13. Do Your Thing (4:13)
14. Ginger Ale (2:46)


Anthology (2003)


Disc 1

Playing Time: 1 hour 8 minutes 37 seconds

1. Tally Ho (2:42)
2. Platypus (3:17)
3. Billy Two (2:23)
4. Thumbs Off (2:59)
5. Anything Could Happen (2:39)
6. Sad Eyed Lady (3:03)
7. Point that Thing Somewhere Else (5:28)
8. Fish (2:24)
9. Flowers (3:26)
10. Side On (2:03)
11. Slug Song (3:20)
12. Beatnik (1:57)
13. End of My Dream (4:09)
14. On Again/Off Again (1:47)
15. At the Bottom (3:51)
16. Getting Older (4:18)
17. Scrap Music (1:31)
18. Whatever I Do Is Right (2:32)
19. Two Fat Sisters [live at the Rhumba Bar] (2:55)
20. Odditty (2:34)
21. Quickstep [live at the Gladstone] (5:53)
22. At the Bottom [live at the Gladstone] (3:26)

Disc 1 (Part 1) (Part 2)

Disc 2

Playing Time: 1 hour 6 minutes 15 seconds


1. Drawing to a Hole (2:04)
2. I Wait Around (2:41)
3. The Blue (1:47)
4. Someone (1:53)
5. Big Soft Punch (2:33)
6. Diamond Shine (3:14)
7. Big Cat (1:42)
8. Outside the Cage (5:07)
9. Safe in the Rain (2:56)
10. Secret Place (3:33)
11. Do Your Thing (4:14)
12. Linger Longer (2:27)
13. Too Much Violence (3:50)
14. Trapped in Amber (3:16)
15. Psychedelic Ranger (2:50)
16. Late Last Night (2:49)
17. Ludwig (2:11)
18. Wipe Me. I’m Lucky (3:11)
19.  Franz Kafka at the Zoo (1:58)
20. Clutch (2:16)
21. Balkans (1:20)
22. Indigo Blue (2:33)
23. Chumpy (3:46)
24. Twist Top (2:04)

Disc 2 (Part 1) (Part 2)

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21 Songs

The original incarnation Mission of Burma existed as a group for a mere four years

“whose cumulative recorded achievement amounted to 21 songs that few people heard.”

Recording for the tiny independent Boston label, Ace of Hearts, the group, between 1979 and 1983, released two singles, one 6 song mini album, Signals, Calls and Marches, and one full length album, Vs., and yet, even with such a small body of work in the intervening two decades since the bands breakup their reputation has grown to legendary proportions.

Part of the reason for that growth is that contemporary music critics now recognize that their music marked a pivotal turning point in American independent music, acting as the bridge between punk and post-punk music.

Perhaps a better reason for the growth in their reputation maybe found in the bands that have cited them as a major influence, bands that include;

“Nirvana, Superchunk, Jawbox, The Grifters, R.E.M. (who regularly covered “Academy Fight Song” on their Green tour), Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu, Throwing Muses, Yo La Tengo, Fugazi, Pixies, Sugar, Guided by Voices, Catherine Wheel, Graham Coxon, Pegboy and Moby – the last four of which have covered Conley’s “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver.”

Mission of Burma formed in February 1979 with the breakup of the Boston group Moving Targets. That group included guitarist/vocalist Miller and bassist/vocalist Clint Conley. Adding drummer/vocalist Peter Prescott (ex-Molls) they played as a trio until the summer of 1979 when Martin Swope (tape manipulator/sound engineer) joined them.

Swope was the “x- factor” in the groups sound, adding tape loops and sonic manipulations from behind the soundboard,

“that often left audiences wondering how the trio on stage were creating the sounds that they were hearing.”

Their debut single, “Academy Fight Song,” was released on producer Rick Harte’s fledgling Ace Of Hearts label in June of 1980 and quickly sold out its 7,500-copy pressing, which was unheard of for any indie record at the time.

Support from local music magazine Boston Rock and Boston college radio station WMBR combined with increased touring and a steadily developing profile lead the group back to the studio to record the Signals, Calls, and Marches EP. Released in July 1981,

“the six songs showed a marked growth from the tightly-wound, blistering attack of “Academy…” The EP’s opener, the Conley-penned anthem “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver,” quickly became the band’s calling card.”

By the end of the year the initial pressing of 10,000 copies had completely sold out.

1982 saw the band recording their second single, “Trem Two”/”OK/”No Way,” the a-side also appearing on the full-length Vs . which was released that October.

With its dozen furious tracks, and a bracing mix of punk, pop, art rock, and avant-garde experimentation Vs.

“met with press raves both at home (“…aural surprises lurk in the chordal folds … martial chants erupt suddenly into harmonies … a raw-power dissertation … a solid, compelling piece of work…” – The New York Times), and abroad (“…a fascinating, turbulent, and worthy debut full of slanted timing, trimmings, and a teasing strength and coarseness…” – Sounds, UK).”

Roger Miller was plaqued by tinnitus even before moving to Boston, but by 1983, cheifly due to their notoriously loud live performances, it worsened to the point that he decided to leave the band and

“during their farewell tour, he took to augmenting his usual small foam earplugs with rifle-range earphones onstage.”

The Horrible Truth About Burma, released in 1985, captures their final shows in March of 1983 including

“one more largely disastrous show in the urban no-man’s land known as Staten Island, opening for Public Image Ltd., who refused to let Burma use the P.A. and rushed them off the stage.”

And then, like an aural puff of smoke, they were gone.

Miller and his bandmates never really stopped; they just stopped being Mission of Burma. Under his own name and also recording as No Man Miller has released several albums of music played on guitar and treated piano. He’s also recorded with avant-garde groups Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, the Alloy Orchestra and the Wrong Pipe.

Peter Prescott has lead the punk-derived bands, Volcano Suns, Kustomized and Peer Group.

Martin Swope has performed with Miller in Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, but later moved to Hawaii and is apparently out of music entirely, while Conley produced and played on Yo La Tengo’s 1986 debut album, Ride The Tiger. He re-united with Miller in 1996 for a one- off single as Wrong Pipe, and in 2001 formed the group Consonant with Chris Brokaw (Come, The New Year).

The year 2002 found the group reuniting and playing reunion shows. Bob Weston of Shellac (ex-Volcano Suns) replaced the awol Martin Swope at the mixing board and tape manipulation. During encores he joins the band on stage playing bass while Conley switches to second guitar.

The group’s sophomore full length, ONoffON, produced by Bob Weston in conjunction with Rick Harte and the band, was released by Matador Records in May 2004. The album would finish 90th in the 2004 Village Voice Jazz & Pop critic’s poll.

The group’s third full length, The Obliterati, produced once again by Weston, and released by Matador in May of 2006, “was named as the 33rd best record of 2006 by Pitchfork Media, and placed 50th in the 2006 Village Voice Jazz & Pop poll.

And while the band’s live repertoire contains half a dozen new songs don’t expect this band to last forever because

“in a September 2008 interview with L.A. RECORD, Prescott explained that the sheer physical exertion involved in performing Mission of Burma songs meant that the band could only play together for a “couple more years at most.”

Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic originally began as a side project for Roger Miller and Martin Swope. With the addition of Rick Scott and former Moving Targets bandmate Erik Lindgren they released their self titled ep in 1983. When Burma finally dissolved late in 1983 Birdsongs became a full time band. The original lineup went on to release the full-length Magnetic Flip in 1985 and an EP, Beat of the Mesozoic, in 1986.

In 1988 Miller left the group and was replaced by Ken Field on saxophone, keyboards, and percussion. That lineup would release Pyroclastics in 1992 and Faultline in 1995. After Swope left the group he was replaced by guitarist Michael Bierylo, with this lineup releasing Dancing on A’A.

Sonic Geology compiles 18 tracks from Birdsongs of the Mesozoic first three releases. With its mix of rock, punk, classical, minimalism, and free-form music; and showing the clear influences of modern classical music giants like Stravinsky and Steve Reich, Frank Zappa and Raymond Scott this is chamber music that at times just flat out rocks.



“Academy Fight Song” (7″) (Ace Of Hearts Records) 1980
“Trem Two / Okay/No Way” (7″) (Ace Of Hearts Records) 1981
“Active In The Yard” Mission Of Burma/Spore (7″ Split) (Taang! Records) 1994
“Dirt / Falling” (7″) (Matador) 2004

EPs and Full-Length

Signals, Calls, And Marches (12″) (Ace Of Hearts Records) 1981
(LP) (Ace Of Hearts Records) 1982
The Horrible Truth About Burma (LP) (New Rose, Ace Of Hearts) 1985
(CD, Cass, LP) (Taang! Records) 1987
Mission Of Burma (12″) (Taang! Records) 1988
Mission Of Burma
(2xLP, CD, Cass) (Rykodisc) 1988
Let There Be Burma (2xLP) (Emergo, Taang!) 1990
Peking Spring
(CD) (Taang! Records) 1993
Signals, Calls, And Marches (CD, EP) (Rykodisc) 1997
The Horrible Truth About Burma (CD) (Rykodisc) 1997
Vs. (CD) (Rykodisc) 1997
A Gun to the Head: A Selection from the Ace of Hearts Era (CD) (Rykodisc) 2004
Four Hands EP (CD, EP) (Matador) 2004
ONoffON (2xLP, CD, SACD) (Matador) 2004
2wice (12″, S/Sided) (Matador) 2006
Birthday (12″, S/Sided) (Matador) 2006
Careening With Conviction (12″, S/Sided) (Matador) 2006
Let Yourself Go (12″, S/Sided) (Matador) 2006
Man In Decline (12″, S/Sided) (Matador) 2006
Nancy Reagan’s Head (12″, S/Sided) (Matador) 2006
Period (12″, S/Sided) (Matador) 2006
Spider’s Web (12″, S/Sided) (Matador) 2006
The Obliterati (2xLP, CD) (Matador) 2006
Signals, Calls, And Marches The Definitive Edition – (2xLP, 2xCD) (Matador) 2008
Vs. The Definitive Edition (2xLP, 2xCD) (Matador) 2008
The Horrible Truth About Burma – The Definitive Edition (2xLP, 2xCD) (Matador) 2008
Accomplished: The Best of Mission of Burma (CD)

Tracks Appear On:

“Mika” Steal This Disc (CD) (Rykodisc) 1991
“That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” DIY: Mass. Ave. – The Boston Scene (1975-83) (CD) (Rhino) 1993
“That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate” Faster & Louder – Hardcore Punk, Vol 1 (CD) (Rhino) 1993
“Academy Fight Song” Postpunk Chronicles: Left Of The Dial (CD) (Rhino) 1999
“That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate” All Or Nothing (CD) (Uncut Magazine) 2002
“That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate” Rough Trade Shops – Rock And Roll 1 (2xCD) (Mute Records Ltd.) 2002
“Trem Two” All Tomorrow’s Parties 2.0 (CD) (ATP Recordings) 2003
“Learn How (Live)” Comes With A Smile Vol. 11 – Hope Isn’t A Word (CD) (Comes With A Smile) 2004
“Dirt”, “Prepared” Intended Play Spring/Summer 2004 (CD, Promo) (Matador) 2004
“That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” Left Of The Dial: Dispatches From The 80s Underground (4xCD) (Rhino) 2004
“Dirt”, “Fame & Fortune” Matador At Fifteen (2xCD) (Matador) 2004
“Academy Fight Song” The Anthology (2xCD) (Rykodisc) 2004
“Academy Fight Song” Beyond Punk! (CD) (Mojo Magazine) 2005
“2wice”, “Spider’s Web” Everything Is Nicer (CD) (Matador) 2006
“2wice”, “Spider’s Web” Intended Play Spring 2006 (CD) (Matador) 2006
“That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate” Intended Play, Spring 2008 (CD) (Matador) 2008

Vs. (1982)

Playing Time: 53 minutes 29 seconds


1. Secrets (3:22)
2. Train (3:31)
3. Trem Two (4:11)
4. New Nails (3:00)
5. Dead Pool (4:06)
6. Learn How (3:56)
7. Mica (3:35)
8. Weatherbox (3:29)
9. The Ballad of Johnny Burma (2:01)
10. Einstein’s Day (4:35)
11. Fun World (3:41)
12. That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate (2:04)
13. Forget (2:59)
14. OK/No Way (1:59)
15. Laugh The World Away (3:54)
16. Progress (3:06)


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The Horrible Truth About Burma (1985)

Playing Time: 52 minutes 37 seconds

the horrible truth about burma

1. That’s When I Reach for My Revolver (3:38)
2. Tremelo (4:08)
3. Dumbells (2:07)
4. Peking Spring (3:41)
5. 1970 (3:35)
6. Learn How (3:33)
7. New Disco (3:26)
8. Dirt (3:29)
9. Red (3:48)
10. Heart of Darkness (8:54)
11. Trem Two (4:31)
12. Blackboard (3:08)
13. He Is. She Is (2:43)
14. Go Fun Burn Man (1:56)

The Horrible Truth About Burma [Part 1] [Part 2 ]

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EPs and Full-Length

Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic EP (12″) (Ace Of Hearts Records) 1983
Sound Valentine EP (12″) (Ace Of Hearts Records) 1983
Magnetic Flip (LP) (Ace Of Hearts Records) 1984
Beat Of The Mesozoic (12″) (Ace Of Hearts Records) 1985
Sonic Geology (CD) (Rykodisc) 1990
Pyroclastics (CD) (Cuneiform Records) 1992
The Fossil Record, 1980-1987 (CD) (Cuneiform Records) 1995
Faultline (CD) (Cuneiform Records) 1995
Dancing on A’A (CD) (Cuneiform Records) 1995
Petrophonics (CD) (Cuneiform Records) 2000
The Iridium Controversy (CD) (Cuneiform Records) 2003
1001 Real Apes (CD) (Cuneiform Records) 2006
Extreme Spirituals (CD) (Cuneiform Records) 2006
2001 Live Birds (CD) (Dark Matter Distribution) 2006
Dawn of the Cycads (2xCD) (Cuneiform Records) 2008

Tracks Appear On:

Arf Arf Contemporary Music Sampler-Volume 1 (LP) (Arf Arf) 1984
“The True Wheelbase” Adventures in Music 3: Pop/Rock Sampler (CD) (Buys, Inc.) 1990
“Theme From Rocky And Bullwinkle” Steal This Disc (CD) (Rykodisc) 1991
“Tyronglaera II” Cuneiform Promo Sampler N°1 (CD) (Cuneiform Records) 1993
“Why Not Circulate” They Came, They Played, They Blocked The Driveway (2xCD) (WFMU) 1993
Unsettled Scores (2xCD) (Cuneiform Records) 1994
“Primordial Sludge” Cuneiform Progressive II (CD) (Cuneiform Records) 2002

Sonic Geology (1988)

Playing Time: 1 hour 11 minutes 41 seconds

sonic geology cover

1. Shiny Golden Snakes (3:06)
2. Ptoccata (3:20)
3. Waterwheel (3:57)
4. Pulse Piece (3:17)
5. The Rite of Spring (excerpts) (6:50)
6. The Orange Ocean (2:28)
7. The Tyger (3:21)
8. Scenes from A … (5:05)
9. The Beat of the Mesozoic. Part 1 (5:34)
10. International Tours (2:54)
11. Drift (2:39)
12. Final Motif (4:04)
13. Theme From Rocky and Bullwinkle (1:31)
14. The Fundamental (2:50)
15. Sound Valentine (3:20)
16. The Common Sparrow (4:57)
17. Lost in the B-Zone (4:31)
18. Triassic. Jurassic. Cretaceous (7:57)

Sonic Geology [Part 1] [Part 2]

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Sharp Dressed Men Call for Youth Revolution

Nation of Ulysses

Their music was a blend of garagey, Detroit-style crash ‘n’ bash and Fugazi-influenced post-hardcore punk that also incorporated elements of R&B and avant jazz.

Their philosophy borrowed from the revolutionary rhetoric of the MC5; ” a relentlessly provocative (and entertaining) jumble of teenage rock & roll rebellion, leftist radicalism, anarchist punk polemics, and abstract intellectual rambling.”

The group formed in Washington, D.C. in 1988, with a lineup composed of vocalist/trumpeter Ian Svenonius, guitarists Steve Kroner and Tim Green, bassist Steve Gamboa, and drummer James Canty.

Dressed in mod-ish business suits and staging theatrical, high-energy live shows

“the Nation of Ulysses was certainly the most colorful of the straight-edge hardcore insurrectionists on the Dischord roster.”

1991’s 13-Point Program To Destroy America is a collection of songs “preaching an ideology of insomnia, teenage rebellion, and sharp dressing.” With it’s twin guitar attack and singer Ian Svenonius’ vocals that combine both ardor and menace, and songs like “A Kid Who Tells on Another Kid Is a Dead Kid,” “Cool Senior High School (Fight Song)” and “Hot Chocolate City” there’s more than enough angry-young-man attitude to go around.

Released the following year Plays Pretty For Baby opens with another call to arms, “N-Sub Ulysses”:

“I’m not talking about a Beatles’ song, written 100 years before I was born…who’s got the real anti-parent culture sound?”

Again produced by Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye, Plays Pretty for Baby is:

full of fervor, anger, wit, and remorse

rambling exploding vocals spitting words of animosity and love, of rebellion and unity, of awakening and medicine.

Following the release of Plays Pretty for Baby guitarist Steve Kroner left the group and the remaining quartet started work on their third album. Never finished the existing six songs along with a few live recordings was released as The Embassy Tapes.

After the group’s breakup, Svenonius, Canty, and Gamboa quickly re-teamed in Cupid Car Club, later the trio would form the core for the prolific Make-Up. Following that groups demise Svenonius moved on to front Weird War.

Although they only issued two albums during their lifetime their sound, style, and sloganeering was a breathe of fresh air in an otherwise moribund anarchist-punk movement; and they proved inspirational to a fresh crop of bands, notably, Swedish punkers like the Hives, the (International) Noise Conspiracy, and Refused.


Nation of Ulysses

The Nation Of Ulysses (7″) (Dischord Records) 1990
13-Point Program To Destroy America (Dischord Records) 1991
The Birth Of The Ulysses Aesthetic (The Synthesis Of Speed And Transformation) (7″) (Dischord Records) 1991
Plays Pretty For Baby (Dischord Records) 1992
The Embassy Tapes (Dischord) 2004

Tracks Appear On:

“N.O.U. Cooking With Gas!” Kill Rock Stars (LP) (Kill Rock Stars) 1991
“Diptheria” Pulley (7″) (Simple Machines Records) 1991
“Shakedown” International Pop Underground Convention (K Records) 1992
“Telepathetic Love” Fourteen Songs For Greg Sage And The Wipers (CD) (Tim/Kerr Records) 1993
“Diptheria” The Machines 1990-1993 (Simple Machines Records) 1993
“Spectra Sonic Sound” 20 Years Of Dischord (Dischord Records) 2002

Cupid Car Club

Join Our Club EP7 (K) 1993


Destination: Love (Live! At Cold Rice) (Dischord) 1996
Afterdark (Dischord) 1997
Sound Verite (K Records) 1997
In Mass Mind (Black Gemini/Dischord) 1998
I Want Some (K Records) 1999

13-Point Program to Destroy America

Playing Time: 39 minutes 16 seconds

13-Point Program to Destroy America

1. Spectra Sonic Sound (2:30)
2. Look Out! Soul is Back (1:39)
3. Today I Met the Girl I’m Going to Marry (1:48)
4. Ulythium (2:02)
5. A Kid Who Tells on Another Kid is a Dead Kid (1:41)
6. Cool Senior High School (Fight Song) (1:43)
7. Diptheria (4:17)
8. Aspirin Kid (5:13)
9. Hot Chocolate City (1:43)
10. P. Power (1:47)
11. You’re my Miss Washington. D.C. (2:23)
12. Target: U.S.A. (1:44)
13. Love is a Bull Market (2:51)
14. The Sound of Young America (2:31)
15. Channel One Ulysses (3:23)
16. Atom Bomb (2:01)

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Plays Pretty for Baby

Playing Time: 49 minutes 49 seconds

Plays Pretty For Baby

1. N-sub Ulysses (3:32)
2. A Comment on Ritual (2:27)
3. The Hickey Underworld (2:50)
4. Perpetual Motion Machine (2:33)
5. N.O.U. Future-Vision Hypothesis (3:09)
6. 50.000 Watts of Goodwill (4:05)
7. Maniac Dragstrip (3:00)
8. Last Train to Cool (3:28)
9. Shakedown (3:27)
10. Mockingbird. Yeah! (2:59)
11. Depression III (3:27)
12. S.S. Exploder (2:28)
13. The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken by Storm. (2:13)
14. The Sound of Jazz to Come (4:43)
15. N.O.U.S.P.T.D.A. (2:52)
16. Presidents of Vice (2:36)

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