It Was a Long Winter… It Was a Long Season

I knew that the hockey season eventually had to end but I held out hope that the Stanley Cup Finals would go the full 7 games, but the Blackhawks had other ideas, winning their third Stanley Cup in six years, at home in front of their adoring fans. Congratulations to Coach Q & the Blackhawks. 

I’m sure that Manchester Monarch fans also wished that their season might have just lasted a little longer. After 20 years in Manchester the Monarchs finally win their first Calder Cup Championship but next season will defend their title in Ontario, California. I feel sorry for Manchester fans, but, unlike Worchester, they will have hockey next season because the parent L.A. Kings relocated their ECHL team in Ontario, CA to Manchester.

Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup Champions

Manchester Monarchs 2015 Calder Cup Champions

Chicago Blackhawks Manchester Monarchs

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This Post is Brought to You by the Letter C

This weeks post features three mid 1990s United Kingdom groups; Compulsion, China Drum and Cornershop. China Drum and Compulsion have similar sounds; with China Drum leaning more toward pop – punk and Compulsion favoring punk volume and aggression tempered by pop melodies. Cornershop’s sound is a combination of British indie rock, Indian music, and contemporary dance music.

With the release of Cornershop’s When I Was Born for the 7th Time, the racially integrated group’s multi-cultural fusions made the group darlings of the English music press. China Drum and Compulsion never achieved that level of success. Compulsion had a minor hit with “Mall Monarchy”, but unlike fellow label mate Bush never went multi-platinum, never became international stars. China Drum would never even achieve Compulsion’s level of success; thought they toured with Green Day, Ash, and Supergrass, and had a slot at the 1995 Reading Festival.

As we’re all aware success in the music business does not always go to the most deserving, even, in some cases, the most talented. I certainly feel that this is the case with China Drum and Compulsion. Download it, listen to it and see if you don’t agree.

Compulsion – Boogie Woogie (Elektra / WEA, 1994)

Playing Time: 15 minutes 11 secondsBoogie Woogie

1. Accident Ahead (2:47)
2. Ninefourth (2:52)
3. Yabba Yabba Yes Yes Yes (3:35)
4. Why Do We Care? (2:38)
5. Find Time (3:19)

Download Boogie Woogie

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Compulsion – Comforter (Interscope Records, 1994)

Playing Time: 52 minutes 58 seconds


Compulsion - Comforter1. Rapejacket (3:20)
2. Delivery (2:58)
3. Mall Monarchy (2:48)
4. Ariadne (3:59)
5. Late Again (2:14)
6. Air-Raid For The Neighbors (2:41)
7. Why Do We Care? (2:38)
8. Yancy Dangerfield’s Delusions (5:40)
9. Lovers (2:30)
10. I Am John’s Brain (3:39)
11. Eating (3:06)
12. Dick. Dale. Rick And Ricky (3:03)
13. Domestique (3:49)
14. Oh My Fool Life (4:53)
15. Jean Could Be Wrong (5:40)

Download Comforter Part 1

Download Comforter Part 2

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China Drum Barrier (MCA, 1995)

Playing Time: 19 minutes 50 secondsChina Drum - Barrier

1. Barrier (4:12)
2. Simple (2:40)
3. Biscuit Barrel (4:04)
4. One Way Down (2:12)
5. Great Fire (4:08)
6. Meaning (2:34)

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Goosefair (MCA, 1996)

Playing Time: 1 hour 14 minutes 3 seconds

China Drum - Goosefair1. Can’t Stop These Things (3:01)
2. Cloud 9 (2:28)
3. Fall Into Place (2:55)
4. Situation (2:56)
5. Simple (2:27)
6. Biscuit Barrel FMR (3:49)
7. God Bets (3:05)
8. Pictures (3:18)
9. Find the Time (3:34)
10. [Had a Good Idea On] Monday (3:26)
11. Last Chance (2:35)
12. Take It Back (3:18)
13. Meaning (Acoustic) (2:47)
14. Better than Me (34:24)

Download Goosefair Part 1

Download Goosefair Part 2

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Cornershop – Woman’s Gotta Have It (Warner Bros / WEA, 1995)

Playing Time: 51 minutes 16 seconds

Woman's Gotta Have It1. 6 A.M. Jullandar Shere (6:24)
2. Hong Kong Book Of Kung Fu (3:24)
3. Roof Rack (3:48)
4. My Dancing Days Are Done (3:31)
5. Call All Destroyer (2:25)
6. Camp Orange (3:47)
7. 7 Wog (3:15)
8. Jansimram King (3:37)
9. Looking For A Way In (7:49)
10. 7:20 A.M. Jullandar Shere (13:16)

Download Woman’s Gotta Have It

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When I Was Born for the 7th Time (Warner Bros / WEA, 1997)

Playing Time: 54 minutes 19 seconds

When I Was Born for the 7th Time1. Sleep On The Left Side (4:06)
2. Brimful Of Asha (5:17)
3. Butter The Soul (3:19)
4. Chocolat (1:25)
5. We’re In Yr Corner (5:48)
6. Funky Days Are Back Again (3:41)
7. What Is Happening (2:16)
8. When The Light Appears Boy (2:41)
9. Coming Up (1:04)
10. Good Shit (4:41)
11. Good To Be On The Road Back Home (5:45)
12. It’s Indian Tobacco My Friend (4:52)
13. Candyman (3:50)
14. State Troopers (Part I) (3:07)
15. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (2:27)

Download When I Was Born for the 7th Time

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