Just a boy and his record collection, who after fifty years of record collecting is still looking for that perfect “album.” While my search still goes on perhaps you’ll find your perfect record here. If you have any requests feel free to write me, because if I have it I’ll post it.


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  1. Hello,
    Nice blog I’ve just discovered today. Is it possible to repost the Buzzcocks live bootlegs rapidshre had deleted please ?
    Thanks et go ahead for nice posts.

  2. Got problems with downloading, appears to be “no name and no size” for the files…
    Is it only me, or is someone else having the same trouble??

  3. Alas, I arrived too late for the Bulkhead LP. For some reason I never picked it up when in Boston back in the day. Any chance of it again? I’d be happy to send along other Bulkhead I’ve got: the single, the cassette, the What Ears See tape comp (with their best song–Two different languages).

  4. Thanks so much for posting such great music. Any chance you have those early Karate singles or anything from Turkish Delight?

    Thanks again and happy new year.

  5. Hi,
    Do you have any other Godrays stuff you might be able to share? I managed to download a copy of “Songs For T.V. Stars” (which contains all of the songs from the C EP you posted) but I can’t find any of their other stuff for sale from a retail place (i don’t have an ebay account)…it’d be muchly appreciated if you could help.

    • John,

      Sorry to say that this is the only material by the Godrays material I have. I found it in the cut-out bin of a local record store that has since gone out of business. The owner was a DJ/Program Director for a local radio station and this just happened to be an advance copy.

  6. very nice mblog you have goin’ here. i have a special request for a re-up i hope you might consider – i’ve been scouring the web for a copy of royal trux’s third (untitled) album from ’92 – the one with ‘junkie nurse” on it. i own it on vinyl, but it’s in storage and i am currently turntable free. yours is the only posting for it have been able to find anywhere. i would be most appreciative for any help you can offer.


  7. Killer blog, bro…. You appear to be from the New England area. I am as well. Do you remember a Boston band from the early 80s called something like Elektra (or similar)? They only had one record and I hadn’t even thought about it for years until your blog made me think about the old-school scene back in the day. Let me know and keep it up. love it!
    – Mochs

    • Sorry it took so long to reply but being from New England, and with both the Bruins and Celtics in the playoffs I’ve kind of neglected things up until now. I’m more upset about the Bruins losing in seven to Carolina than I’ll ever be about the Celtics losing to Orlando. Now we can turn our full attention to the Red Sox.

      Now to answer your question. I’m not familiar with the band you mentioned. Living in Western Mass I’m familar with our local bands, and most of the national acts that play Northampton. There is a Wikipedia article about WBCN’s Rock and Roll Rumble so looked there to see if the band you mentioned had ever played The Rumble. There was a band named Eletrichka that played the 1991 Rumble. Full list of bands for the 1991 Rumble is as follows.

      1991 Seka Uncle Betty Paradise Rock Club (Boston, MA)
      Other Participating Bands: Bulkhead, Cliffs of Dooneen, The Dambuilders, The Derangers, Divinity School, Eletrichka, Fertile Virgin, Grand Theft Auto, Hellcats from Outer Space, Jon Finn Group, Laughing Academy, Lazy Susan, Left Nut, Maelstrom, Miles Dethmuffen, Mindgrinder, Nisi Period, Pact, J. Rubin and Bohemian Love Fest, Still Life, Storm Window, Wrecking Crew

      I also discovered that the band has a WordPress (http://electrichka.com/) web site dating from 2007, but there are no entries on it of any kind except for the following.


      Elelctrichka was a Boston-based rock band from 1987-1992. The band was signed to local independent record label Monolyth. the band released a full-length CD entitled “Dark in the Day.”

      Hope this helps.

  8. I’ve been trying to find Sometime Sweet Susan. Judging by your posts, it may be something you have or can find.

    • Brian, I’ll be sure to pass along to my readers that Silber has free comps and EPs available to download. As a long time “record” buyer (I don’t buy enough, my wife feels that I buy too many) I’m still discovering “new record” labels. I add them to my blogs sidebar in the hope that my readers take the time to check out those links and see what’s on the other end. Maybe they might even buy a “record” or two in the process.

  9. Hi Bite Me Fanboy,

    Great, great blog and postings! Is there any way you could repost the three Poole albums: Alaska Days, The Late Engagement and Among Whom We Shine? They are no longer on RS. Thanks so much!

  10. hi there, thanks for your great blog. I’d have a wish – could you kindly send me new links to The Dambuilders albums? I’m quite sure these links are not available anywhere else on the net… Thx in advance!!!

  11. Dear Sir –

    Love your website – been checking it out for months.

    Any chance of you adding my brand-new music blog to your links as a “Kindred Spirit”? Check it out, and if you like what you see, I would greatly appreciate the add, which I will of course reciprocate.

    Go Celtics (Please God, don’t let them poop the bed on this one . . .)!

    Yours –
    H. F. Merritt

    (BTW – although my profile says Christchurch, New Zealand (an old home of mine), I actually live here in New England like yourself, in Providence)

  12. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about a broken link on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.



  13. Hi there (sorry if you get this multiple times). Is there any chance of a re-up of China Drum’s Goosefair? I can’t seem to track down a copy anywhere, and fancy listening to their cover of Wuthering Heights :) Thx.

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