Valentine Day Addendum: Flirt 2

Woops! I intended to include this album in last Saturdays Valentine Day post. Somehow I forgot about it. And try as I might I wasn’t able to find an album cover. Not only couldn’t I find an album cover I also couldn’t find my copy of Flirt 1 which records show I have… somewhere. Eventually, it will turn-up and become the subject of another post.

Various – Flirt 2 (2003)

Playing Time: 57:33

1. Velocity Girl – It’s All Alright By Me (2:48)
2. Tolchock Trio – Treble 5 (5:27)
3. Chrash – I Don’t Want To Get Over You (3:53)
4. Fashion Flesh – Fake Neck Braces (3:43)
5. Brave Captain – Love Will See Us Through (4:23)
6. Turnerjoy – Untitled (6:20)
7. Paula Kelley – I Like You In That Way (6:38)
8. The Spirtes – (I Go Crazy 3:33)
9. Driver of the Year – It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference (4:46)
10. The Danglers – Eating Myself (Live at Martyr’s) (6:38)
11. Cinerama –  Your Charms (3:38)
12. Seth Knappen – – I Only Have Eyes For You (5:46)

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