Pipeline at 25

So how’s the Winter of 2014-15 treating you? I’m tired of dressing in layers so Spring and warmer weather can’t come soon enough.


In celebration of 25 years of Pipeline!, a two-hour live music show, that has been emanating from WMBR MIT’s radio station since 1989, Boston rock bands reunited for a series of weekend concerts which ran from Sept. 12 to Oct. 12, 2014.

So when did I find out about it? Between Christmas and New Years. Talk about being late for the party!

Except for an occasional Bruins or Red Sox game (with their ticket prices I do mean occasional) I try to avoid going into Boston, but for anyone of those concerts I would have gladly made an exception.

Over the years I’ve posted about many of those same Boston bands that reunited in appreciation for their chance to perform live on Pipeline and so accordingly I’ve refreshed all those posts.

Each album cover links back to my original post where you can find refreshed links for each album.

I may have been late to the party but you don’t have to be.


Pipeline 25 Lineup




pipeline! live boston rock on wmbr threadwaxing space live - the presidential compilation '93 - '94 the dambuilders-tough guy problem
the dambuilders-ruby red the dambuilders-encendedor green magnet school-revisionist
bulkhead-gas giants the dirt merchants-scarified smackmelon-blue hour
buffalo tom-let me come over buffalo tom-big red letter day scarce-deadsexy
scarce-red ep come-don't ask don't tell helium-the dirt of luck
morphine-good orangutang-dead sailor acid blues scruffy the cat-moons of jupiter
birdsongs of the mesozoic-sonic geology mission of burma-vs mission of burma-the horrible truth about burma
mistle-thrush-silt mistle-thrush-super refraction big dipper-slam

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