Record Store Day Black Friday 2014



Today is Monday November 24th… enjoy the peace and quiet while you still can, because this Friday the craziness begins. Nothing spells Christmas like: the traffic, the crowds, the noise, the stress, trying to find a parking spot at the mall.

How about this idea! On Friday sleep in late, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and then avoid the mall crowds by patronizing your local indie record store. This year Black Friday Record Store Day will feature:


EXCLUSIVE RELEASES—these are titles being released on 11/28 and which will only be available at indie record stores

SMALL RUN/REGIONAL RELEASES—these are titles that are being released in very small runs (1000 or less) or only in some regions of the country. We want them on the list but we want everyone to be aware of how hard they might be to find.

BLACK FRIDAY FIRST—these are titles that can be found FIRST at indie record stores but will be available at other retailers at some point.


A complete list of this year’s records can be found here.

A participating store in your area can be found here.

Looking for something special? If they don’t have it they can special order it for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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