Bedhead Get a Box Set

Ah! Tis’ the season, a season marked by the arrival of the box set, the deluxe reissue and the multi-disc release and this year is no exception.

There are deluxe reissues of Led Zeppelin’s first five albums, all seven of Sleater-Kinney’s CDs on vinyl, a 40th anniversary box set for “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” multi-disc releases from both David Bowie and Joni Mitchell, and not one, but two, multi-disc releases from Wilco and (the alleged) last release ever from the elder statesman of British Art-rock, Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine, Matching Mole).

However, this holiday season’s most interesting and most unexpected box set has to be the one devoted to Texas slow core pioneers Bedhead.

Bedhead 1992 – 1998 encompasses the group’s


complete studio recordings… Every cymbal crash, guitar brush, and whisper, across five LPs or four compact discs. Deluxe box includes WhatFunLifeWas, Beheaded, Transaction De Novo, and an additional disc overflowing with singles, EPs, and outtakes, alongside a perfect bound book dissecting the quintet’s nervous slouch through the ’90s


I originally wrote about Bedhead in 2006 and at that time the thought that this semi-obscure 90’s band merited a box set never crossed my mind. Well the good folks at Numero Group thought differently.

So if you are giving the “Gift of Music” this Christmas Bedhead 1992 – 1998 could be the perfect gift for that discerning or difficult “record” collector on your list. It also makes a perfect gift for yourself.

Undecided… the links on my original 2006 post  have been refreshed.


Bedhead 1992 – 1998 (2014)


bedhead 1992 - 1998

Buy Bedhead 1992 – 1998 from Numero Group





Transaction de Novo


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