One Off

Vowel Movement was a one off collaboration between new wave/punk artist Holly Vincent (Holly & the Italians, the Oblivious) and Concrete Blonde’s Johnette Napolitano.

Low-key and lo-fi the album provided a chance for the duo to return to their punk roots, but that very lo-finess accounts, in part, for the fact that some tracks, musically or lyrically, have a certain unfinished feel to them.

Sometimes the sum is not greater than the parts and Vowel Movement is case in point, and while Individually their work outshines their collaborative effort this album warrants a listen.   






Vowel Movement (Cass, CD) Mammoth Records 1995  



“Jesus” Audio CD ‎(CD) Audio (Magazine) 1995    
“Dinosaur” Longitudes & Latitudes Mammoth Educational Series Spring 1995 ‎(CD) Mammoth Records 1995 


 Vowel Movement (1995)

Playing time: 41:19


vowel movement

1. Dinosaur (3:20)
2. Hitchhiker (1:55)
3. Frank (6:09)
4. When We Collide (4:53)
5. I Don’t Wanna (1:22)
6. Las Vegas (2:31)
7. Death Of A Surfer (4:04)
8. Vowel Movement (A-E-I-O-U) (4:14)
9. Ohohoh (1:45)
10. Jackie Baby (1:17)
11. Gecko (3:41)
12. Jesus (2:23)
13. Tiny Music (1:38)
14. Jackie Baby (Extended Version) (2:07)


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