2014: Ready or Not Here We Come

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

For my part I hope to do more original posts in 2014 while still continuing to refresh the links to past posts … but on that note I’ve chosen to begin 2014 by refreshing the links to posts that have recently seen lots of traffic.

From 2008:

Knapsack – Silver Sweepstakes

knapsack-silver sweepstakes photo 4e351631.jpg

Sarge – Distant

sarge-distant photo af55d7a2.jpg

Small 23 – True Zero Hook

small 23-true zero hook photo 32d769da.jpg

From 2009:

The Jesus Lizard


jesus lizard-lash cover photo jesuslizard-lashcover.jpg


 jesus lizard-liar cover photo jesuslizard-liarcover.jpg

 From 2010:

Half String – Eclipse*Oval* Hue

 photo halfstringeclipseovalhue.jpg 

From 2011:

Moose – …XYZ

 photo moosexyz.jpg


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