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Happy Holidays


Ho ho ho… here it is two days before Christmas and I feel compelled to post at least one more time before the New Year. Yes, no need to remind me that I missed posting in November.

The foundation for this post was laid when the mailman delivered issue #73 of The Big Takeover at the end of November.

For those unfamiliar with The Big Takeover it’s only published only twice a year and has been a 30+ year labor of love for Editor-in-Chief Jack Rabid.

Several years ago Jack was featured in a video as part of Ogilvy & Mather’s Create or Else documentary series, so if you like the music here at Old Fart at Play check out Jack and check out The Big Takeover.


Create or Else: Jack Rabid


In the latest issue of The Big Takeover  Jack interviews the members of early ’80s U.K post-punk pioneers Sad Lovers & Giants and at #15 of his Top 40 records of the last six months is the release of a deluxe edition of Mega City Four’s Sebastopol Rd.

You can read my original 2009 post about Mega City Four and refreshed links to, the original version, of Sebastopol Rd. and Soulscraper here.

You can also read my 2008 post and find refreshed links to Sad Lovers & Giants Headlands and Treehouse Poetry here.

Like you I’ve done my fair share of downloading so here are three Sad Lovers & Giants albums which I downloaded. You’ll notice that Track 1, “Ours to Kill” on The Mirror Test has been struck out. That’s because the only version of this album I found was missing that track. Maybe one of you can find that track and send it to me!

In closing let me wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.


Epic Garden Music (1982)

Playing Time: 59:58


1. Imagination (5:41)
2. Landslide (3:01)
3. When I see You (3:18)
4. Colourless Dream (4:47)
5. Things We Never Did (4:08)
6. Lost in A moment (4:19)
7. The Tightrope touch (5:19)
8. Echoplay (2:57)
9. Clocktower Lodge (4:18)
10. Clint (3:29)
11. Lope (3:50)
12. Cloud 9 (3:24)
13. ART (By Me) (2:56)
14. Alice (Isn’t Playing) (3:45)
15. Far From the Sea (4:46)


Buy Epic Garden Music from Amazon.com


Feeding The Flame (1983)

Playing Time: 66:18



1. Imagination (6:24)
2. Cow Boys (5:36)
3. 3 Lines (3:14)
4. Big Tracks Little Tracks (3:31)
5. On Another Day (5:00)
6. Sleep (Is For Everyone) (5:05)
7. Vendetta (4:36)
8. Man Of Straw (6:19)
9. Close To The Sea (4:46)
10. Strange Orchard (6:11)
11. Burning Beaches (4:10)
12. Your Skin And Mine (5:25)
13. In Flux (6:01)


Buy Feeding the Flame from Amazon.com


The Mirror Test (1987)

Playing Time: 58:03


1. Ours To Kill (4:43)
2. White Russians (5:15)
3. Take Seven (1:17)
4. Seven Kinds Of Sin (5:07)
5. The Green Years (4:26)
6. A Map Of My World (3:32)
7. The Outsider (4:04)
8. Cuckooland (4:09)
9. Return To Clocktower Lodge (4:06)
10. Wire Lawn (4:02)
11. House of Clouds (6:13)
12. Summer And Smoke (4:48)
13. Life Under Glass (6:21)


Buy The Mirror Test from Amazon.com


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