The Sleepers

Formed in Palo Alto, California, The Sleeper’s: Ricky Williams (vocals), Michael Belfer (guitar), Paul Draper (bass) and Tim Mooney (drums) were one San Francisco’s earliest Punk rock groups and a key member of 

the punk and new wave scene… centered around the Mabuhay Gardens… to SF what CBGBs was to New York

With the deep vocals and the inscrutable lyrics of singer Ricky Williams, throbbing bass lines and the neo-psychedelic guitar-work of Michael Belfer the Sleepers

challenged [both] the rigid bash-’em-out structures of early punk [and helped to] stretch the boundaries of the style into what is recognized today as “post-punk.”

   The Less An Object compiles everything the Sleeper’s released, two rare 7” from their punk/ post punk days, 1981’s quieter, but darker Painless Nights plus three unreleased tracks.

Williams and Mooney later joined the San Francisco punk group Toiling Midgets and after Williams passed away in 1992, Mooney left to join the group American Music Club.





Painless Nights (LP) Adolescent Records 1981
Painless Nights‎ (LP) Superior Viaduct 2012
Painless Nights‎ (LP, MP3) 1-2-3-4-GO! 2012

 Singles & EPs:
The Sleepers‎ (7″) WiN Records 1978 
The Sleepers‎ (7″) Superior Viaduct 2013
The Sleepers‎ (7″) WiN Records Unknown
Mirror / Theory (7″) Adolescent Records 1980
Holding Back (7″) Mediumistic Records 1994 

The Less An Object‎ (LP) Tim/Kerr Records 1996
The Less An Object‎ (CD) Tim/Kerr Records 1996



“Mirror” Songs From The Edge Of The World‎ (CD) Superior Viaduct 2013

“Zenith/Theory” Savoy Sound Wave Goodbye‎ (LP) Go! Records 1981
“Time Has Come Today” Miners’ Benefit‎ (CD) White Noise Records 2003 
“Seventh World” Black Hole – Jon Savage Presents Californian Punk 1977-80 (CD) Domino‎ 2010


“Sister Little” Louder Faster Shorter‎ (DVD) RE/Search Publications 2007


The Less An Object (1996)

Playing Time: 67:32


1. Seventh World (2:51)
2. No Time (3:10)
3. Flying (2:22)
4. She’s Fun (2:24)
5. Linda (4:14)
6. Mirror (3:35)
7. Theory (Single Version) (5:51)
8. Holding Back (2:41)
9. When Can I Fly (3:28)
10. Walk Away (2:55)
11. The Mind (3:17)
12. Intro (1:30)
13. Forever (4:22)
14. Zenith/Theory (10:02)
15. B-Side (4:07)
16. Los Gatos (4:22)
17. Step Back (2:02)
18. Let Me Free (4:19)


The Less An Object (Part 1) (Part 2)


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