Warm Hands and the Things You Say Revisited

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Hopefully 2013 finds me writing more new, original posts then I did in 2012, but that being said Eric wrote asking if I would refresh the link for the Wedding Present’s Singles 95-97.

Instead of refreshing one link I decided to refresh all the links from the original three 2006 posts. The layout of my first three posts are, by any standards, crude, but the music…. well this is, The Wedding Present, we’re talking about, so you know the music is great.

Each album title links to the original 2006 post. Under each album is a link to where that album (cd, cassette or vinyl) can be purchased. Seven of the albums are still in print (Bizarro, George Best, John Peel 92-95, Mini Plus, Saturnalia, Tommy and Take Fountain) so I’d encourage you to consider purchasing those. I’m sure David Gedge and company would appreciate the royalties.

Bizarro George Best + 9 It’s A Gas
bizarro george best plus 9 its a gas
Purchase Purchase Purchase
Hit Parade 2 John Peel Sessions 87- 90 John Peel Sessions 92- 95
hit parade 2 john peel sessions 87-90 john peel lsessions 92-95
Purchase Purchase Purchase
Mini Plus Saturnalia Singles 95-97
mini plus saturnalia singles 95-97
Purchase Purchase Purchase
Tommy Watusi Yeah [EP 1]
tommy watusi yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Purchase Purchase Purchase
Take Fountain
take fountain

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