Summer Re-runs

I don’t know where you live but it’s been HOT here in New England. I’m sure that many of you are even hotter. My condolences. When it’s HOT and the humidity levels are high enough that it would have been better to have been born with gills one is forced to stay indoors and turn up the AC, close the blinds and hunker down from the heat.

Of course it helps that summertime is also re-run time and at this time of the year there certainly enough to choose from, so whether it’s a Law & Order, NCIS, or Storage Wars marathon there’s bound be something on TV to help pass the time.

With that in mind I continue with my own version of Summer Re-runs, this time around I’ve refreshed all the links for my 2007 4 part series, Boston’s Big Boss Sounds.

Sharp eyed readers are sure to point out that curiously between Part 1 and Part 3 there no  Part 2. Not to worry, as the links for Boston’s Big Boss Sounds Part 2: The Dambuilders are still active after all these years.

So for those American readers who are part of the the 60% of Americans currently sweltering from the heat and living in a drought stricken area here’s something that just might get you to turn off that The Three Stooges marathon.

For the rest of my readers hopefully it’s a cooler where you live.

Boston’s Big Boss Sounds Part 1

Bulkhead Green Magnet School
Smackmelon The Dirt Merchants

Boston’s Big Boss Sounds – Part 3


Morphine Orangutang

Boston’s Big Boss Sounds – Part 4

Buffalo Tom Buffalo Tom
Scarce Scarce

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2 responses to “Summer Re-runs

  1. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog. Could you re-up the album Distant by Sarge? It seems I’m 3 or 4 years too late for this! :-)

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