The Nectarine No 9

Glasgow Scotland was host to a vibrant and thriving Indie rock scene during the 1990s, but that scene was dominated by two distinct musical styles

the winsome guitar pop of Teenage Fanclub and its many affiliated bands or the twee preciousness of Belle & Sebastian and their many affiliated bands.

Part of the scene, but also outside and looking in was  The Nectarine No. 9. Lead by Davey Henderson (guitar and vocals), Simon Smeeton (guitars/keyboards), Iain Holford (bass) and John Thompson (drums) the group formed in 1991.

Signed to the reactivated Postcard label the band and Henderson, in particular, 

shared little of the naïve pop sensibility of Postcard alums like Aztec Camera or Orange Juice, instead preferring a noisy guitar rock sound mixed with Captain Beefheart-style quirkiness.

Prior to forming The Nectarine No. 9 Henderson lead “the avant-funk Fire Engines in 1980.” He later joined forces with Simon Smeeton in the 80’s pop band Win.

Their 1992 debut, A Sea With Three Stars was quickly followed by the Unloaded for You EP. In 1993 Strange Fruit released Guitar Thieves, a nine-track compilation of various BBC sessions which the band had recorded during the first half of that year. America and Canada were finally introduced to the group with the 1994 release of Niagara Falls,“ a 16-track summation of the first album and EP.”  Included on the album was one new track, “This Arsehole’s Been Burned Too Many Times Before,” which was a limited edition U.K. 7″.

The group’s long delayed second proper album, 1995’s Saint Jack, proved to more “dissonant than A Sea With Three Stars,” while also exhibiting a new found fascination with electronic noise.

After a tour with Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice) the group went on hiatus for two years, remerging in 1997 as the backing group on Scots poet Jock Scot’s album My Personal Culloden.

Released in 1998 on the Glasgow indie label Creeping Bent the curiously named Fried for Blue Material included the song “Port of Mars,” their side of a 1997 split single with Suicide singer Alan Vega.

2001’s Received Transgressed & Transmitted

is the Cliff Notes version of the history of avant-garde rock.

with nods to the lo-fi rock of the Fall and Pavement, early Flaming Lips, the technologically induced, electronic freak-out sessions of Grandaddy, and let’s not forget Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa.




A Sea With Three Stars (CD, LP, MP3) Postcard Records 1992
Saint Jack (CD, MP3) Postcard Records 1995
Saint Jack (CD) Shake The Record Label (Canada) 1995 Niagara Falls (CD) Shake The Record Label 1995
Received Transgressed & Transmitted (CD, MP3) Beggars Banquet 2001
I Love Total Destruction (CD, MP3) Beggars Banquet 2004
Un-loaded For You (CD) Postcard Records
Fried for Blue Material

Singles & EPs:

This Arsehole’s Been Burned Too Many Times Before  (7″) Postcard Records 1994
Paul Quinn & Nectarine No. 9, The & Independent Group, The & Jock Scot – Pregnant With Possibilities Vol. 1 (CD EP) Postcard Records 1995
Revolutionary Corps Of Teenage Jesus* / Nectarine No. 9, The – Creeping Bent Singles Club #7 (7″) Creeping Bent 1998                                                              
South Of An Imaginary Line E.P. (CD EP) Creeping Bent 1999
Constellations Of A Vanity Extended Play (CD EP, MP3) Beggars Banquet 2000
Society Is A Carnivourous Flower (CD, MP3) Beggars Banquet 2000
The End Of Definition (CDr Single) Beggars Banquet 2004 
Adidas Francis Bacon (7″) Sano Music


Guitar Thieves (CD) Nighttracks, Postcard Records 1994
It’s Just The Way Things Are, Joe, It’s Just The Way Things Are (CD, MP3) Creeping Bent 1999


Paul Quinn & Independent Group, The & Nectarine No. 9, The – Thirsty Ear Promo CD (CD) Thirsty Ear 1996



Inside Of Your Heart (as Nectarine #9) The Beat Goes On… (CD) Shake

Singles & EPs:

The Holes Of Corpus Christi  D’Un Échantillon De Marchandises (CD EP, 7″) Postcard Records, Summershine 1993


Thierry Lacroix  Volume 15 – Technology Alert! (CD) Volume  1996
Walter Tevis The Carve-up (CD, Comp) Loose 1999
Walter Tevis (as Nectarine No. 9) Unconditionally Guaranteed Volume 10 (CD) Uncut Magazine 1999  
The Port Of Mars Bentism (The Underground Sounds Of Creeping Bent) (CD) Creeping Bent 1999 
These Days Bentboutique, Chasing The Chimera (2xCD) Creeping Bent 2000
Foundthings (CD) Beggars Banquet 2001
Constellations Of A Vanity Winter 2001-2002 (CD) Beggars Group 2001 
Foundthings (as Nectarine No. 9) Eight Labels Sixteen Tracks Second Edition (CD) Beggars Banquet 2001 
Saint Jack Thank You For Being You (CD) Electric Honey Records 2007  
Curdled Fragments (as Nectarine No. 9) Park Lane Archives (CD) Jungle Records 2009


South Of An Imaginary Line (as Nectarine No9) Bleeps-oh-six (9xFile, MP3) Bleep 2006


Saint Jack

Playing time: 48:50

the nectarine no 9 - saint jack

1. Saint Jack (3:40)
2. Curdled Fragments (3:47)
3. Fading Memory Babe (1:41)
4. Can’t Scratch Out (4:27)
5. This Arsehole’s Been Burned Too Many Times Before (4:17)
6. It’s Not My Baby Putting Me Down (1:34)
7. My Trapped Lightning (4:21)
8. Just Another Fucked-Up Little Druggy On the Scene (2:15)
9. Couldn’t Phone Potatoes (4:47)
10. Dead Horse Arum (0:38)
11. Firecrackers (3:09)
12. Un-Loaded For You (4:13)
13. Clipped Wings & Flower Sting (5:22)
14. Tape Your Head On (4:39)


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