What Did the Nothinghead Say? – Sincola


Described as “the love child of the Pixies and the Go-Go’s” Austin Texas Sincola was started by guitarist Kris Patterson in 1992. Rounding out the group was Wendell Stivers (guitar), Chepo Peña (bass), Joan Weiss (drums) and vocalist and “self-described “kewpie doll bitch,” Rebecca Cannon.

Their eponymous debut EP with it’s

angular post-Pixies pop — all herky-jerk hooks and jagged cadences,

five strong “deliriously off-balance bubblepunk songs” and the vocals of Rebecca Cannon who

whoops, snaps, hiccups and shouts as if possessed by some sort of wanton, green-eyed imp from slumber-party hell.

won the Austin Chronicle’s Music Award “Best EP” in 1994.

In the summer of 1994 the band signed with Caroline Records and added a new drummer, Terri Lords.

On 1995’s What the Nothinghead Said producer Brian Beattie

fine-tunes Sincola’s mercurial sound, giving it just the right shades of new wave gloss and punk-rock punch.

Besides the reworked versions of “Bitch” and “Hey Artemis from their debut EP the album is studded  with “shoulda-been-hits” like the breakdown car song “Drive,” the anthem like “Sedate Me,” and “Amazing,”

which practically begs for an upraised lighter as it finishes the record off.

This is woman-driven, explicit punk with an edge.

Sincola released one more album, 1996’s Crash Landing In Teen Heaven before being suddenly dropped by Caroline Records.

The group broke up in 1997, but has begun playing again in the Austin area. Plans for an album of new material are unknown at this point.




What The Nothinghead Said  (Cass, CD) Caroline Records  1995
Crash Landing In Teen Heaven (CD) Caroline Records (US) 1996
Crash Landing In Teen Heaven (LP) Caroline Records (UK) 1996

Singles & EPs:

Sincola (7″, CD EP) Rise Records 1994
Girlfriend / Second World (7″) Get Go Records 1994
One Hit Wonder (7″) Caroline (UK) 1996
One Hit Wonder (CD) Caroline (US) 1996
Sincola / Engine 88 – Bitch/Funny Car (7″) Caroline 1996
Happy M.F. / Ugly Place  (7″) Caroline (UK) 1996
Stretford / Sincola – Pop Culture Press #28 (Flexi, 7″) Pop Culture Press, Eva-Tone Soundsheets       
Sincola / L7 – Pop Culture Press #34 (Flexi, 7″) Pop Culture Press, Eva-Tone Soundsheets



“One Hit Wonder”  The Great Summer Pop Sampler (CD) Pop Culture Press  1996


“Carousel” Fallout: A Radioactive Compilation (CD) KVRX 1993
“Bitch” K-NACK Homegroan Volume One (CD) Raydog’s 11th Hour Records 1994
“Bitch” CMJ New Music March – Volume 19 (CD) College Music Journal 1995
“Star 79” How Low Can A Punk Get? (CD) Caroline (UK) 1996
“One Hit Wonder” Seven Hit Wonders (CD)  Caroline (UK) 1996
“One Hit Wonder” CMJ New Music July – Volume 35 (CD) College Music Journal 1996
“One Hit Wonder” huH, Volume 22 (CD) huH Music Service 1996
“Bitch”  94 Fall Menu
“Bitch” Hear Ya! Winter 1994-1995


What the Nothinghead Said (1995)

Playing Time: 39:33

sincola - what the nothinghead said

1. Hint of the Titty (2:18)
2. Bitch (3:43)
3. 1000 miles (5:04)
4. Girlfriend (2:28)
5. Sedate Me (3:45)
6. Cement Shoes (3:06)
7. Hey Artemis (4:46)
8. Hymn 13 (3:10)
9. Drive (2:44)
10. Sud (2:53)
11. Amazing (5:36)

Sincola – One Hit Wonder
Sincola–“Bitch” Jawbreaker (S)

Hint of Titty–1-27-2012

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6 responses to “What Did the Nothinghead Say? – Sincola

    • Comments like this always make my day. I write this blog hoping that readers discover that there is good music being made by groups that are flying under the radar.

  1. I know this article is well over a year old but does anyone know if they are still playing shows in Austin? I was listening to some old cds the other day and re fell in love with this band. I miss them

    • Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you about this. I did a quick search and from what I could find was that they last performed on 08/18/12 @ ND Austin. Thanks for reading & writing.

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