We’re Back

Some of you may have wondered if I ever planned on posting again. Unfortunately computer problems which took longer to repair then originally thought, and then once it was repaired getting everything back to the way it was meant I’ve been without a computer since early January.

Being computer free (except for work) wasn’t all the bad, nor difficult. While I’ve been using a computer for the last 25 years the majority of my life has been lived computer free. So what did I do? Caught up on my reading, and I highly recommend The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by William Morris, The Game by Ken Dryden and Open Ice by Jack Falla.  Plus with the Bruins on TV nearly every other night, the NHL on NBC, games on the NHL Network and college hockey on both NBC and NESN I haven’t lacked for something to watch.

But hey, this is a music blog! 

Tonight I had a request  to freshen up the links for a post I wrote back in 2006 about the guitarist Glenn Phillips. So with nothing prepared & anxious to get going again I’ve freshened those links. Here’s that  link.  Enjoy


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