Downy Mildew

downy mildew 1994

Over the space of four albums, the sadly overlooked  group, Downy Mildew went from

cryptic folk-pop to alternative rock powerhouse

finally settling for shimmering folk-pop on their last release, 1994s Slow Sky.

While the music on their two earlier releases, Broomtree and Mincing Steps, was shrouded in mystery (REM’s Murmur comes to mind here) 1992’s An Oncoming Train dispenses with the mystery in favor of a more accessible sound.

Some critics felt that the band lost more then it gained with this change in the band’s sound, but also conceded that the album wasn’t without it’s highlights, notably, "Elevator", a complete pop gem, and the vocals of

the sultry Jenny Homer… (whose) vocals are at their peak throughout this album, and she assays a wide variety of moods with success.

Building on the strengths of An Oncoming Train Downy Mildew goes out on a high note on their final album, which is

highlighted by hook-laden gems such as "Left Foot Down," "A Liar Needs a Good Memory," and "Them That Dream."

Not everything on Slow Sky is bright and breezy as the somber darker 

A Polka-Dot Scarved Woman" and "Release" balance out the jangle

as do the haunting, yearning songs "Girls by the Lake" and "Them That Dream."



Broomtree (LP) Texas Hotel 1987
Broomtree (LP) Glass Records 1987
Broomtree (CD, LP, MP3) High Street Records 1993
Mincing Steps (Cass, LP) Texas Hotel 1988
Mincing Steps (CD, LP, MP3) High Street Records 1993
An Oncoming Train (Cass, CD, MP3) High Street Records 1992
Slow Sky (Cass, CD, MP3) High Street Records 1994

Singles & EPs

Downy Mildew (12" EP) Texas Hotel 1986
Elevator (CD Single, MP3) High Street 1992


Left Foot Down (CD) High Street Records 1993


"Frown Song" All Ears Review 1 (Cass, CD) ROM Records 1988
"An Oncoming Train"  Spin This (CD) Spin Magazine 1992
"An Oncoming Train" Musician Magazine’s New Music Sampler: A Little on the CD Side, Volume 5 (CD) (Musician Magazine’s) 1992
"Frown Song" All-Ears Review, Volume 1: The Hottest New Sounds from African to Jazz to Rock to Zydeco (CD) ROM Records 1992
"The Kitchen" The Best of the Fest 1993: A Sampler of Great Music (CD) BMG Music 1993
"Left Foot Down" We Sing to Open Ears (CD) High Street Records

An Oncoming Train (1992)

Playing Time: 42:36

downy mildew - an oncoming train

1. An Oncoming Train (3:51)
2. A Borrowed Chant (4:50)
3. Trading Jewels (4:14)
4. Elevator (3:40)
5. Twice Told Tale (3:46)
6. Six Months Is A Long Time (3:53)
7. Seconds Protest (4:33)
8. Melissa, I Know the Difference (5:41)
9. Sleep! (3:59)
10. Child (4:09)


Slow Sky (1994)

Playing Time: 48:22

downy mildew - slow sky

1. Your Blue Eye (3:17)
2. Left Foot Down (4:14)
3. Release (4:34)
4. A Polka Dot-Scarved Woman (3:34)
5. Girls By The Lake (5:49)
6. A Liar Needs A Good Memory (4:19)
7. That He Wrote (4:27)
8. Them That Dream (3:36)
9. Machine (4:02)
10. Sidewinding Home (4:10)
11. Don’t Change Your Mind (3:54)
12. I Remember Yesterday (2:26)

Downy Mildew – Left Foot Down

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