Pop Sickle

Pop Sickle was a side project for Coffin Break’s Rob Skinner (bass/vocals), Alcohol Funnycar guitarist Ben London and Gits drummer Steve Moriarty.

Certainly not shy about their influences an ad for Under the Influences in Puncture magazine proudly proclaims

We wear our influences on our sleeves and are not ashamed of it. Cheap Trick, The Jam, Buzzcocks, and Kiss are all embraced by Pop Sickle.

While they may have been influenced by the above bands, and even admit to

filching "Noises in the Dark" from the Beatles’ White Album… "Dear Prudence,"

in truth their sound is closer to 80’s Washington, D.C. power pop-punk bands Gray Matter, Rites of Spring, Marginal Man, Dag Nasty then it is to Cheap Trick or Kiss.



Under The Influences (Cass, CD, Digital) C/Z Records 1993
"Suffocation" / "Delta 88" (7" Vinyl) -ismist Recordings 1995
Pop Sickle S/T
(CD) C/Z Records 1996

Appears On:

"Lost Myself" American Pie: New Sounds From The U.S.A. (CD) Rubber Records 1994
C/Z Records 1996 Fall Sampler (CD) C/Z Records 1996


Under the Influences

Playing Time: 28:43

1. Adrian (3:01)
2. Boise (3:20)
3. Noises in the Dark (4:18)
4. Lost Myself (2:07)
5. All Been Done Before (3:01)
6. Revolver (3:42)
7. Tell Me am I Wrong (3:37)
8. Sleep (5:37)

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