The Telescopes: I Can See For Miles

the telescopes

In thrall to noise and My Bloody Valentine the dream pop band, The Telescopes, formed in Burton-on-Trent, England, in 1986. The original line-up consisted of singers/guitarists Stephen Lawrie and Jo Doran, lead guitarist David Fitzgerald, bassist Robert Brookes, and drummer Dominic Dillon.

The group’s first single, 1988’s, “Forever Close Your Eyes”, was a split flexidisc with space rock pioneers Loop and was issued by Cheree Records in honor of the two groups’ joint New Year’s Eve performance.

1989 was their breakout year. Their debut single, “Kick the Wall” with it’s feedback-laden trance-rock had critics comparing them to the Jesus and Mary Chain and Spacemen 3. In the spring Cheree Records released the single, 7th# Disaster, while summer saw the release of the single “The Perfect Needle” on the American indie label What Goes On. They closed out the year with the release of Taste, their debut full-length.

Following the bankruptcy of the label What Goes On the Telescopes signed with Alan McGee’s Creation label,

where the white noise assault of their early releases gave way to a more ethereal, textured approach.

1991’s Celeste was the first release that showcased their new sound, later that year the gorgeous Flying would reach #79 on the U.K. pop charts. All of which paved the way for their landmark first Creation LP, officially known as Untitled (The Telescopes).

Moody and introspective, the album, produced by Guy Fixsen (Moose & Rollerskate Skinny), with it’s

shimmering guitars, sinuous basslines, and soulful rhythms… garnished with bongos, organs, pianos and all sort of classic instruments… (and) songs with melodies and hooks reminiscent of Love or The Notorious Byrds Brothers-era Byrds

remains a classic of the shoegazer era.

The album’s success would prove the Telescope’s undoing, but the classic sound that they came up with stills lives on in the music of bands like Mojave 3 and the Verve.

Citing creative differences the Telescopes broke-up in 1994.

In 1996 Lawrie and Doran reunited and formed the group Unisex, which also included Nick Hemming (Guitars/Keyboards), Dan (Drums) and Foz (Bass). In 1997 the band released a split single, “TV Cowboy” with Good Morning Canada. They also released an EP, Deadlock, and a full-length, Stratosfear on U.S. indie label Double Agent.   

Lawrie and Doran revived the Telescopes’ name for 2002’s Third Wave.




Taste (CD, LP) What Goes On Records 1989
Taste (LP) Capote 1989
Taste (CD) Cheree Records 1989
Taste (CD, LP) Rev-Ola 2006
Trade Mark Of Quality (CD, LP) Fierce Recordings 1990 The Telescopes (CD, LP) Creation Records 1992
The Telescopes (CD, Digital) Intercord Tonträger GmbH 1992
The Telescopes (LP) BOMP! 2004
Third Wave (CD, LP) Double Agent 2002
# Untitled Second (CD) Rev-Ola 2004
# Untitled Second (CD, LP, MP3) BOMP! 2009
#4 (CD) Antenna Records 2005
You’ve No Idea What This Is Like For Me (CDr) Not On Label 2007
Infinite Suns (LP) Textile Records 2008
Live: Aftertaste (Vinyl, 2xFile) Static Charge 2011

Singles & EPs:

Loop / Telescopes, The – Soundhead / Forever Close Your Eyes (Flexi, 7″) Cheree Records 1988
The Perfect Needle (12″) What Goes On Records 1989
7th# Disaster (12″) Cheree Records 1989
Kick The Wall / This Is The Last Of Whats Coming Now (7″, Single, Ltd) Cheree Records 1989
Precious Little (CD Single, 7″, 12″) Creation Records 1990
Everso (CD Single, 7″, 12″) Creation Records 1990
To Kill A Slow Girl Walking (CD EP, 12″) What Goes On Records 1990
Flying (CD Maxi, 7″, 12″) Creation Records 1991
Celeste (CD Single, 7″, 12″) Creation Records 1991
You Set My Soul (12″, S/Sided) Creation Records 1992
Telescopes, The / Lo Casta – Brian Whiskey 37 (7″) Jonathon Whiskey 2001
Winter EP (7″) Hungry Audio 2004
Vibracathedral Orchestra & Telescopes, The – Live At Audioscope 04 (10″) Fourier Transform 2005
Telescopes, The / Füxa – Where The Sky Is Low / Electric Sound Of Summer (7″) Mind Expansion 2005
Auditory Illusions (CD EP) Double Agent 2006
Night Terrors (7″) Trensmat  2006
Another Whip (7″) Trensmat 2007

Singles & EPs:

Psychic Viewfinder (Lathe 7″) Trensmat  2007 


As Approved By The Committee (CD, LP, MP3) BOMP! 2003
Premonitions 1989-91 (CD) Midsummer Madness 2003
Altered Perceptions (CD, MP3) Space Age Recordings 2004
You’ve No Idea What This Is Like for Me (CD-r) Not On Label 2007
Singles Compilation 1989-1991 (CD) Mind Expansion 2008
Singles Compilation #2 (CD) Mind Expansion 2011


Hungry Audio Tapes (CD, MP3) Hungry Audio 2006
Live In San Diego November 8th, 2006 (CDr) Not On Label 2007



“To Kill A Slow Girl Walking” Indie Top 20 Vol VIII (CD, 2xLP, VHS) Beechwood Music 1990
“Candy Says” Heaven And Hell Volume One: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground (LP) Imaginary Records 1990
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“Flying” Sorted, Snorted And Sported (CD, LP) Creation Records 1991
“Flying” Sorted, Snorted And Sported (CD) Intercord Tonträger GmbH 1991
“The Good’s Gone (as Telescopes)” Who Covers Who (LP) CM Discs 1993
“And Let Me Drift Away…” Robots and Electronic Brains –  Bush, 1945 (CDr) Rokit Records 2003
“When They Fear No Death, For They Are Dead Already” Compilation (CD) Involve, Capital Recordings 2004
“Household Subjective” Noise Research Program: Volume 2 (CD) Burning Emptiness 2005
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“Candy Says” Heaven And Hell Volume One: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground (CD, LP) Imaginary Records 1990
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“Morning Dew” Becket House (LP) Porritt’s Hill Records 1990
“Flying” Indie Top 20 Volume 13 (CD, 2xLP) Beechwood Music 1991
“Flying” Sorted, Snorted And Sported (LP) Intercord 1991
“Everso” A Palace in the Sun 1991 (CD) Creation Records
“Flying” Indie Top 20 Volume 20 (Cass, CD) Beechwood Music 1992
“Spaceships” All The President’s Men – A Creation Compilation (CD, LP) Creation Records 1992
“You Set My Soul” Creation Tape (Cass) Select Magazine, Creation Records 1992
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“Ocean Drive” RCD Classic Collection 7 – Psychedelia (CD) RCD Magazine 1993
“High On Fire” The Patron Saints Of Teenage (CD) TriStar Music 1994
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“Should A Tree Fall In A Forest, Where No-One Is Around… Would It Still Make A Sound?” Sympathetic Sounds Of The Wild West Midlands (CD) Brainlove Records 2003
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“Dsm-1v Axis 1307.46 (Night Terrors)” Every Noise Has A Note (CD) Trensmat 2009
“High On Fire (as Telescopes)” Sitar Cerebrations Vol. 16 (CDr) Not On Label 


 The Telescopes (1992)

Playing Time: 39:37

the telescopes

1. Splashdown (3:10)
2. High on Fire (3:11)
3. You Set My Soul (3:43)
4. Spaceships (3:56)
5. The Presence of Your Grace (3:25)
6. And (4:31)
7. Flying (2:51)
8. Yeah (3:39)
9. Ocean Drive (4:39)
10. Please Tell Mother (3:46)
11. To the Shore (2:46)

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