Formed in early 1990 by the songwriting team of Kevin (K.J.) McKillop and Russell Yates, bassist Jeremy Tishler and drummer Damien Warburton the fledgling group Moose was caught in concert by a writer from Sounds who in his review noted that

singer Russell Yates read lyrics taped to the floor throughout the gig.

Described by the journalist as “Shoegazing” the term was picked up by NME

who used it as a reference to the tendency of the bands’ guitarists to stare at their feet—or their effects pedals; seemingly deep in concentration, while playing,

while the regular British press picked up the term and applied it to just about any band who played

shatteringly loud, droning neo-psychedelia (music).

Signed to Hut Records in 1990 (the British home of the Smashing Pumpkins and the Verve) the group quickly recorded three EPs with Guy Fixsen (later of Laika).

Not only did 1991 see Moose release three EPs it also saw Warburton and Tishler leaving the band. They would be replaced by drummer Richard Thomas, bassist Lincoln Fong and his brother Russell on guitar.

1991 found Hut allying themselves with Virgin Records, who condensed the group’s earlier material onto the seven-track EP, Sonny and Sam (the group’s only major-label US release).

On … XYZ,  their Mitch Easter (R.E.M, Let’s Activate) produced debut full-length Moose abandons

the hazy guitar effects experimentation of their first three EPs… embracing a clean, acoustic-based style — inspired by ’60s icons Burt Bacharach and Tim Buckley as well as jangle merchants like the Byrds and R.E.M.

The album’s leadoff single “Little Bird” and “The Whistling Song” are acoustic pop songs, with effects providing some texture. “I’ll See You In My Dreams” is a French-pop-ish waltz, while “Soon Is Never Soon Enough” features a chugging rhythm, a hint of Jerry Lee Lewis on piano and Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries on harmony vocals. Even Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talking”  is in for a bit of Moose’s jangly/shoegazing treatment.

Poor sales of …XYZ lead to Hut dropping the band in 1993. Undaunted Moose released the Liquid Make Up EP on their own Cool Badge label. The EPs lead track, “I Wanted to See You to See if I Wanted You,” was a charming piece of pop, and proved to be their best single to that date.

Signing with Belgium’s Play It Again Sam Records Moose released their second full-length, Honey Bee, in early 1994. It included a different version of “I Wanted to See You to See if I Wanted You”. Milking a sure thing, The Bang Bang EP, released several months later, included a carbon-copy version of “I Wanted to See You to See if I Wanted You”.

1996’s Live a Little, Love a Lot, finds Moose performing

a variation of classic pop that any fan of the Byrds or Lee Hazlewood… can appreciate.

Except for the peppy opening song, “Play God”, (featuring the Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser) and the lively, “Rubdown”, Live a Little, Love a Lot is essentially “11 breezy acoustic pop songs.”

After a four year sabbatical Moose returned with High Ball Me! in 2000. As they had beginning with 1992’s …XYZ Moose continues to work the fertile fields of

classic 60s / 70s pop, heart shredding country & western, stellar songwriting (of the Nillson / Hazelwood school)

Described by one critic as

the greatest record the House of Love never managed to make despite always threatening to

“High Ball Me” is 11 tracks

of sweeping strings, shimmering guitars, rousing organs, rattling bongos, Joe Meek-esque antique effects.



XYZ (CD, LP) Hut Recordings UK 1992
XYZ (CD, MP3) Cherry Red 2009
Honey Bee (CD, MP3) Play It Again Sam Records Belgium 1993
Honey Bee (LP) Play It Again Sam Records Netherlands 1994
Honey Bee (LP + 7″) Play It Again Sam Records Netherlands 1994
Live A Little, Love A Lot (CD, MP3) Play It Again Sam Records 1995
High Ball Me! (CD) Nickel & Dimes UK 2000
High Ball Me! (CD, MP3) Le Grand Magistery, Saltwater Records US 2000

Singles & EPs:

Reprise (CD EP, 12″) Hut Recordings 1991
Jack (CD, 12″) Hut Recordings 1991
Cool Breeze (CD, 12″) Hut Recordings UK 1991
Suzanne (7″) Hut Recordings UK 1991
This River Will Never Run Dry (7″) Hut 1991
This River Will Never Run Dry (Radio Edit) (CD Single) Hut Recordings UK 1991
Little Bird (Are You Happy In Your Cage)? (7″, 12″, CD) Hut Recordings UK 1992
Live (7″) Hut Recordings 1992
Uptown (CD Single) Play It Again Sam Records Belgium 1993
Uptown Invisible (Cass Single, S/Sided) Play It Again Sam Records Belgium 1993
Uptown (12″ Single) Play It Again Sam Records Belgium 1993
Liquid Make Up (CD, 12″) Cool Badge UK 1993
Bang Bang (CD Single) Play It Again Sam Records Belgium 1994
Bang Bang (12″) Play It Again Sam Netherlands 1994
Baby It’s Over! (CD Single) Saltwater Records 1999


1993-09-21: Black Session #35: Paris, France


Sonny & Sam (CD) Virgin Records America, Inc. 1991


“Little Bird” Independent 20 Volume 16 (CD, 2xLP) Beechwood Music UK 1993
“Sing A Song For You” Sing A Song For You: Tribute To Tim Buckley (2xCD) Manifesto 2000
“Suzanne” Like A Daydream – A Shoegazing Guide (CD) Castle Music 2006

Singles & EPs:

“Je Reve (I Dream)” Strange Fruit: Hut Recordings / The Peel Sessions (CD, 10″) Strange Fruit UK 1992


“Suzanne” Indie Top 20 Volume 13 (CD, 2xLP) Beechwood Music UK 1991
“Jack” Indie Top 20 Volume 12 (CD, 2xLP) Beechwood Music UK 1991
“Last Night I Fell Again” Independent 20 Volume 14 (CD, 2xLP) Beechwood Music UK 1992
“Untitled Love Song” (Over A Century Of Vivisection And Anti-Vivisection) How Much Longer? (LP) Anti-Vivisection Agency 1992
“This River Will Never Run Dry” Viva! Eight Live At The Town & Country Club September 1992 (2xCD) New Musical Express 1992
“Positively 4th St.” Outlaw Blues Volume Two – A Tribute To Bob Dylan (LP) Imaginary Records 1993
“Joe Courtesy” Kale1doscope (CD) Virgin France S.A. 1993
“Eve In A Dream” Les Editions Confidentielles Volume 3 (CD) Les Editions Confidentielles 1993
“Asleep At The Wheel” Les Editions Confidentielles Volume 2 (CD) Les Editions Confidentielles 1993
“First Balloon To Nice” Un Printemps 95 (CD) Les Inrockuptibles, PIAS France 1995
“The Only Man in Town” Was It Him or His Music? US 1999
“The Only Man in Town” Little Darla Has a Treat for You, Volume 15: Indian Summer (CD) Darla Records 2000
“Little Bird” 1990-2000 : 10 Ans De Pop Moderne (2xCD) Back-Up Records 2000
“Last Night I Fell Again” Feedback to the Future: A Compilation of Eleven Shoegazing Songs From 1990-1992  (CD, LP) Mobilé mobcd3 Germany 2003
“I Wanted To See You To See If I Wanted You” 20 [PIAS] 20 Años En 75 Minutos (Non-Stop Mix Por Felix Suárez) (CD) Sinedín Music 2003
“This River Will Never Run Dry” The Brit Box: UK Indie, Shoegaze, And Brit-Pop Gems Of The Last Millennium (4xCD) Rhino Records 2007
“Breathe/Professor Funklove” Glastonbury Unsigned Bands 2004 (2xCD)


“Suzanne” Ning Nong – Ning Nong Typecast II (File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Type 2010 


Dominique A* / Moose – The Black Sessions – Session No.48 (CDr) Sangatte Records 2008
Moose – 1993 Session (CDr) Sangatte Records 2008
Moose – The Black Sessions 1992 (CDr) Sangatte Records 2009
“Eve In A Dream” Beating The Indie Out Of Tek – Volume 57 (CDr) Not On Label Unknown


…XYZ (1992)

Playing Time: 51:17

moose - xyz

1. Slip and Slide (1:11)
2. Little Bird (2:52)
3. Don’t Bring Me Down (3:59)
4. Polly (4:46)
5. The Whistling Song (2:53)
6. Everybody’s Talking (2:38)
7. Sometimes Loving Is The Hardest Thing (5:13)
8. Soon Is Never Soon Enough (3:59)
9. I’ll See You In My Dreams (3:12)
10. High Flying Bird (3:12)
11. Screaming (3:53)
12. Friends (4:03)
13. XYZ (5:04)
14. This River Is Nearly Dry (Live) (4:22)

Buy XYZ (Remastered) from

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