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Resistance is futile. All will be assimilated

If we can deduce anything about the group Combine from the above quotation, which is found in the liner notes of their debut album, “Norfolk, VA”, we can at least assume that they were fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

What we don’t know how, how many joined?, how many were assimilated?

A trio, Combine consisted of Brian Parfumi (vocals & guitar), X. Darryl Lewis (bass guitar) and Juan T. Corbett (drums).

Their 1995 debut, “Norfolk, VA,” is heavy on  stop/start rhythms, slashing guitar work and drum blasts. That and Brian Pafumi’s forceful, and  sometimes, whining vocals helped to make the album, as well as the band more interesting then

many (of the) more dogmatic punk and rock artists

that dominated, littered (depending on your point-of-view) the mid 1990s music scene.

Fast paced, the album opens with the dynamic, melodic, "All Tore Up,"  slows down on “Suckboy vs. the Hermaphrodite,” and then picks up speed, once again, with the melodic "Ephedrine," and the progressive hardcore of "Ambivalent" and "Cattle My Rage."




Norfolk, VA  (Cass, CD, LP) Caroline Records 1995


The History Of American Rock And Roll (CD) Caroline Records 1996


All Tore Up / Getting A Head (7") Get Go Records


"All Tore Up (demo version)" Caroline Diner: 1994 Fall Menu (CD) Caroline 1994 
"Javaman" I Hear Ya! Winter 1994-1995 (CD) Caroline Records 1995
"Cattle My Rage" CMJ New Music February – Volume 18 (CD) College Music Journal 1995 
"Know Regrets"  CMJ New Music March – Volume 31 (CD) College Music Journal 1996


"Norfolk, VA" (1995)

Playing Time: 25:32combine - norfolk, va

1. All Tore Up (2:26)
2. Javaman (3:15)
3. Chester Valley Sr. Prom 1962 (3:36)
4. Suckboy vs. the Hermaphrodite (3:30)
5. Ephidrine (2:14)
6. Grommet (2:18)
7. Cattle My Rage (2:47)
8. Ambivilent… (1:59)
9. Flake (3:27)


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