From the Heartland to You: Milk

milk - group shot

In the spring of ‘91, somewhere in the heartland, perhaps on a street like yours, Jeremy (bass), Brett (guitars/vocals) and Christian (drums) formed the trio Milk.

In 1992 the group released two singles on Spanish Fly Records, which they parlayed into a US tour. Their debut full length, Ear, was released by Spanish Fly Records in 1993.

Released in 1994, Milk’s, second full length, Succeeding/Receding is mildly forceful indie-rock, and while, to my ears, occasionally strays into Math-rock territory, is marked by

off-center guitar constructions… bass humming hookily beneath and a slightly spacy approach highlighting some of the more melodic tracks.

With Succeeding/Receding receiving critical acclaim from both the Indie music press and college radio Milk would spend 1995 touring the US in support of it, while also writing material for their third album, 1996’s So Many Dynamos.




Tantrum (Cass, CD, Digital) Hollywood Records 1992
Ear (CD) Spanish Fly Records 1993
Succeeding/Receding (CD) Spanish Fly Records 1994
So Many Dynamos (CD) Spanish Fly Records 1996


“Eggs Breaking, Thunder, Sneezes And Laughter” (7") Spanish Fly Records 1992  
“Season’s Crane” / “Shopping Bar” (7") Spanish Fly Records 1992  
Milk/Scar Crow/Queer/Smut  Only A Dummy (7") Insipid, Spanish Fly Records 1993

Various Artists:

"Girth" Another Kind of Noise (CD, LP) Continental Records  1992
"No One Ever Tells You" Chairman of the Board: Interpretations of Songs Made Famous by Frank Sinatra (2xCD, 2xLP) Grass Records 1993
"Fairy Tales" Stuck on AM: Off the Record in Minneapolis (2xCD, Digital) Twin/Tone 1996

Long out of print, Ear, Succeeding/Receding and So Many Dynamos are available from Twin/Tone Records  either as a custom burned CD or as an iTune download.

Succeeding/Receding (1994)

Total time: 36:18



1. Moping (3:07)
2. Space Shuttle (2:36)
3. Lazy Sails (4:07)
4. I’m Not Much Fun (3:55)
5. Catching Up (2:56)
6. Disgorging Fruit (4:55)
7. Everyday is the Same (2:39)
8. Slumbering (3:13)
9. My Attire (2:59)
10. Get the Drift (5:51)


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2 responses to “From the Heartland to You: Milk

  1. this type of early 90s indie rock hasnt aged that well…quirky lyrics and vocals with fairly unremarkable songwriting…fellow mpls band.
    balloon guy was aping same territtory all the way to warn bros for a brief moment….pavement would later bring this type of sound almost mainstream in the 90s…albeit with better songs and interesting wordplay..

    • Seth, I agree, a lot of music hasn’t aged well and not just this type of early 90s indie rock, I cringe sometimes when I listen to records I bought in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. What was I thinking of when I bought it? Over the last 6 years I’ve pointed out that too often good bands are simply overlooked. There just isn’t enough time in the day to listen to all the music being made. And yes, sometimes a band, Pavement for example, improves on something, but then if a sound is “hot” a host of clones appear to eventually beat that sound into the ground. I make no judgements on the music I post. I put it out there in the hopes that someone is looking for that artist or that particular record.

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