Wrong Place… Wrong Time: The Dylans

the dylans

In the fickle world that is pop music, sometimes timing, not talent, has proven the difference between success and being an also ran. Much like their early 80s English predecessors the Soft Boys and The Teardrop Explodes the neo-psychedelic group, The Dylans, made music distinctly out of step with their times.

Formed in Sheffield, England in 1989 the band shared nothing in common with “that other Dylan” except for perhaps an “undefined spirit of the ’60s.”

A quintet, The Dylans were formed by former 1,000 Violins guitarist, songwriter, and occasional singer Colin Gregory and guitarists Jim Rodger and Andy Curtis. Rounding out the group were keyboardist Quentin Jennings and drummer Garry Jones.

In the summer of 1990,  and without ever playing live,  the group was signed by Beggars Banquet Records’ “indie” subsidiary Situation Two , who released the group’s debut, the four song Godlike EP in January 1991.

With its

swirl of Moody Blues harmonies and Byrdsy guitars

Godlike resonated with English record buyers, eventually reaching the top 10 on the UK Indie Chart.

Before releasing the follow-up singles “Lemon Afternoon” and “Planet Love”, Andy Curtis was replaced with Andy Cook.

The Dylan’s eponymous full length debut was released in October 1991 . With it’s defiantly 60s feel… the 

Rickenbacker jangle that colors all the songs, song titles like "Mary Quant in Blue", harmonies (that) sparkle like psychedelic Stones

and songs like the opening "She Drops Bombs" and "Planet Love" with its

seamless, echoed vocals and an unfolding hook

the album “ was simply not in step with the times,” having the misfortune to be released amidst the first full flowering of grunge.

Following a grueling tour in support of the album the group released the single “Mary Quant in Blue” in 1992, but in a round of musical chairs, Jones was fired; Cook switched to drums; Craig Scott was recruited for guitar; while Jennings, who had taken a leave of absence to care for his ailing wife, was replaced by keyboardist Ike Glover.

Produced by Pascal Gabriel, 1994s Spirit Finger, with its

fuzzy guitars, stinging choruses and effects-laden vocals… recalls the Soft Boys, Dukes of Stratosphear, The Teardrop Explodes — even early Pink Floyd.

but once again the band’s timing couldn’t have been worse. By 1993–94 the American music scene was increasingly dominated by grunge, while in the U.K the music scene, in reaction to grunge, had begun to look inward and embrace Britpop, with its references to

British guitar music of the past and writing about uniquely British topics and concerns.

Even with strong songs, like the American alternarock flavored“Smarter Than You", the druggy power pop "Hell No" and "Two Tomorrows" double

psychedelic dosage of vintage John Lennon

Spirit Finger sold poorly, and the Dylans now suddenly seemed dated. Shortly afterwards the group disbanded.




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The Dylans / The Dylans (1991)

Playing time: 49:21

the dylans /  the dylans

1. She Drops Bombs (3:49)
2. Planet Love (3:58)
3. I Hope the Weather Stays Fine (5:46)
4. Sad Rush on Sunday (3:16)
5. No Coming Down (5:13)
6. Mine (4:09)
7. Particle Ride (2:00)
8. Ocean Wide (4:31)
9. Godlike (4:34)
10. (Don’t Cut Me Down) Mary Quant in Blue (3:18)
11. Love To (3:15)
12. Indian Sun (5:32)

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One response to “Wrong Place… Wrong Time: The Dylans

  1. This sounds interesting…I really feel for those bands with bad timing… through no fault of their own! As much as I was into grunge back then, I think I would’ve been into The Dylans … because that time was just a musical awakening for me in general, with so many new-to-me sounds…. I love a variety of music and don’t really get why people would want to limit themselves to one. Great songwriting is always great and timeless… to those with open minds and less of an obsession with trends, anyway. :P

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