Spirea X

Spirea X

Named after an early Primal Scream b-side and lead by ex-Primal Scream member Jim Beattie Spirea X was a short lived dream pop/noise pop act on 4AD. Along with Judith Boyle (vocals) and Andy Kerr (drums) the group released two singles, “Chlorine Dream” (a lovely piece of 60s guitar pop) and “Speed Reaction” plus the full length Fireblade Skies in 1991. At the time of its release, Fireblade Skies, with its combination of sweet vocal melodies and alternately noisy and blurry bursts of guitars and dance beats was the then-current sound of the U.K., but the album failed to catch on with both consumers and the notoriously cynical English music press. 

Spirea X vanished without a trace. Beattie, Boyle and former Spirea X manager Simon Dine would go onto form the group Adventures in Stereo.




Fireblade Skies (CD) 4AD 1991
Fireblade Skies (CD) Rough Trade Germany 1991
Fireblade Skies (CD) PolyGram Group Canada 1991
Fireblade Skies (CD) Play It Again Sam Belgium 1991
Fireblade Skies (CD) Virgin France S.A. 1991
Fireblade Skies (Cass, LP) 4AD UK 1991
Fireblade Skies (CD, MP3) Warner Brothers 1992

Singles & EPs:

Speed Reaction (CD Single, MP3) 4AD UK 1991
Speed Reaction (12" EP) 4AD UK 1991
Speed Reaction (7") 4AD UK 1991
Chlorine Dream (CD Single, Digital) 4AD UK 1991
Chlorine Dream (12") 4AD UK 1991
Chlorine Dream (7") 4AD UK 1991



"Chlorine Dream" Live & Unreleased (Cass) Vox Magazine 1991
"It Ain’t Me Babe"  Outlaw Blues (CD, LP) Imaginary Records 1992
"Chlorine Dream" …And Dog Bones, Too (CD) 4AD 1992

Singles & EPs:

“Chlorine Dream” Music For The 90’s – Indiepool ’91 (CD Min) Rough Trade Germany 1991


"Chlorine Dream" Indie Top 20 Volume 12 (CD, 2xLP) Beechwood Music 1991
"Signed DC (Acoustic Version)" Volume Two (CD) Volume 1991
"Chlorine Dream" The Best Of The Mark Goodier Radio 1 Sessions – Volume 1 – Exclusive & Unreleased Recordings (CD) Nighttracks 1992
"Signed D.C." Lilliput (2xCD) 4AD 1992
"Chlorine Dream" Joyride (CD) Warner Bros. Records 1997


Spirea X – Fireblade Skies

Playing Time: 44:39

Spirea X - Fireblade Skies

1. Smile (1:41)
2. Nothing Happened Yesterday (2:59)
3. Rollercoaster (3:02)
4. Chlorine Dream (6:44)
5. Fire & Light (4:57)
6. Spirea 9 (2:26)
7. Speed Reaction (3:01)
8. Confusion In My Soul (3:24)
9. Signed D.C. (3:32)
10. Sisters & Brothers (4:40)
11. Sunset Dawn (4:25)
12. Spirea Rising (3:48)

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