Shinjuku Thief – Bloody Tourist

Shinjuku Thief is the alias of experimental electronic artist Darrin Verhagen and founder of the Melbourne, Australia-based Dorobo record label. Taking his name from the Nagisa Oshima film Shinjuku Dorobo Nikki ("Diary of a Shinjuku Thief") his music incorporates cinematic influences by

conceiving his work as soundtracks to non-existent films

while also freely drawing equally from the ambient and industrial traditions. His later, more industrial projects, were recorded under the name Shinjuku Filth, while New Age inspired works were recorded under the name Shinjuku Fluff.

Regarded as one of the notable landmarks

in the development of invisible-soundtrack urban ambience

the Shinjuku Thief debut is

heavy on the bongos, fretless bass, environmental samples, and late-night saxophone as well as Oriental instruments, including shakuhachi and Balinese vocals.

1992’s, The Scribbler, was a commissioned soundtrack for a stage performance based on Kafka’s The Trial, while 1993’s The Witch Hammer is the first in a series

of darkly orchestral records inspired by the supernatural, complete with a nod to the German expressionist films of the 1920s.

As Professor Richmann he recorded 1994’s Succulent Blue Sway

a techno-inspired release composed for the Canberra-based Vis a Vis dance company,

As  Shinjuku Filth he collaborated with Black Lung’s David Thrussel on the 1996 release, Junk.


The Scribbler (CD) Dorobo 1992
The Scribbler (CD, MP3) Cold Spring 2007   
Bloody Tourist (CD) Extreme 1992   
The Witch Hammer (CD) Dorobo 1993   
The Witch Hunter (CD) Dorobo 1995
The Witch Hunter (CD) Relic 1997
The Witch Hunter (CD) Projekt: Archive   
The Witch Haven (CD) Dorobo 2002
The Witch Haven (LP) Dorobo 2002   
The Witch Trilogy (Box Set) Dorobo 2002
Medea (CD) Dorobo 2003   
E.P.A. / Darrin Verhagen / Shinjuku Thief – Black | Mass (CD) Dorobo 2004   
Matte Black (CD) Dorobo 2004   
Sacred Fury (CD) Fin De Siècle Media 2005   
Devolution (CD) Dorobo 2006

Komachi Ruins (VHS) Dorobo 1993


"Bloody Tourist" – Extreme Music 1993 (Cass) Extreme 1993   
"Feather Woman Of The Jungle" Muslimgauze/Various – Citadel/Assemblage Volume One (2xCD) Extreme 1994   
"Feather Woman Of The Jungle" Vidna Obmana – The Spiritual Bonding (CD) Extreme 1994   
"A Midnight Mass" True Gothic Pagan Industrial I (Cass) Psychotic Release 1996   
"Four Ember Weeks Of Ecstatic Sleep"  Theme: Desire (CD) Beautiful Records  1997
"A Slow Dance" Ten Years Of Madness (Behind The Iron Curtain) (2xCass, 2xCD) Achtung Baby! 1998   
"An Awful Autumn" A Cage Went In A Search Of Bird (CD) Somnimage 2000   
"Sign Of The Black Eagle" CD Side 11 (CD) D-Side 2002   
"Sign Of The Black Eagle" Silk Milk: Spool #2 (CD) Silk Milk Magazine 2004   
"4 Barcodes" Audiotion – Sonic Tribute To Takashi Miike (2xCD, Dig) Vital 2007   
Devil in Love: Soundtrack to the 1772 Occult Novel (CD) Phantom Domestic 2011

Singles & EPs
"Anthems II" Serene Moments (2×7") Fluttering Dragon 2004

"Graven Image" X-X Section (CD) Extreme 1991   
"Burden Of Dreams" The Yammouni Files (Cass) Not On Label 1992   
"Feather Woman Of The Jungle" Assemblage Volume One (CD) Extreme 1994   
"Berserkir" Dark Eyed and Starry They Were (2xCD) Heartland Records 1995   
"Berserkir" Taste This 5 (2xCD) Discordia 1995   
"A Promise And A Lecture" The Year Of Silence (CD) Dorobo 1995   
"Empire" Industrium Post Mortem : China (CD) Tone Casualties 1996   
"Hallucinations" Instants Ardents 2/Instants Lointains (2xCD) Les Variations Ludiques 1997   
"A Slow Dance" Ahimsâ (CD) Harmonie 1997   
"The Witch Hunter" Narcosis: A Dark Ambient Compilation (2xCD) Credo 1997   
"17/21" Apokalypsis Explicata (2xCD) Multimood 1998   
"The Assessor" Instants Sacrés – Instants Damnés (CD) Euterpe 1999   
"Waltz Of The Midwives" Instants Inquiets 2 (CD) Euterpe 1999   
"The Procession Of Souls" Funeral Songs (CD) Crowd Control Activities 2001   
"Black Mass Lab Test" Lágrimas De Miedo Nº12 – Zénon (CD) Fear Drop 2005   
"Sacred Fury (Live)" Swarm (2xCD) Cold Spring 2006  
"Solid Structure: Undone" V:28 / Various – Total Reconstruction (CD, Dig) Cold Meat Industry 2008   


"Water Tinctured With Soot" Hecq – Mixtape One (File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Headphone Commute 2009   

"Detox" Macrocephalous Compost III (VHS, DVDr) Old Europa Cafe 1995   
"Komachi Ruins" Various – Video | 1992 – 1995 (VHS) Dorobo 1995   
"Burning Heat" Cold Meat Industry Live In Australia – Two Evenings Of Delightful Delicacies (DVD, PAL) Cold Meat Industry 2007   


Shinjuku Thief – Shinjuku Thief: 1992-2003 (CD-ROM, MP3) Домашняя Коллекция 2003



"Frostbite" (Chestwound Mix By Shinjuku Thief) Tankt – Devolution (CD) Ground Under Productions 2002   
"Due" (Shinjuku Thief Studio 54 Remix) Des Esseintes / E.P.A. – AZ50HD (CD EP) Fin De Siècle Media 2005   

Writing & Arrangement

Shinjuku Thief – Komachi Ruins (VHS) Dorobo 1993


Shinjuku Thief  The Scribbler (CD) Dorobo 1992   
Shinjuku Thief  Bloody Tourist (CD) Extreme 1992

Darrin Verhagen

Professor Richmond: Succulent Blue Sway (CD) Dorobo 1994
Darrin Verhagen: Soft Ash (CD) Dorobo 1997
Darrin Verhagen: d/classified (CD) Dorobo 2005


Shinjuku Thief – Bloody Tourist (1992)

Playing Time: 53:57

shinjuku thief-bloody tourist

1. Komachi Ruins (4:15)
2. Feather Woman Of The Jungle (5:15)
3. Burden Of Dreams (3:27)
4. The Sacrifice (6:10)
5. Preacher’s Ghost (4:29)
6. Hallucinations (3:18)
7. Open Wound (9:51)
8. Nkoma (4:02)
9. The Year Of Silence (3:46)
10. Graven Image (Remix) (4:51)
11. Ba-Benzele II (4:33)


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