All My Friends Are Fish: The Downsiders

the downsiders

The Downsiders were Chico, California’s Nirvana and Sonic Youth all rolled into one. The band, started by San Francisco musician Cole Marquis (vocals/guitar) also included Chris Cloward (vocals/bass), Jeff Tracy (guitar) and Keith Foust (drums).

Live, their twisted brand of garage rock, a mélange of psychedelia and folk-punk combined with sheer garage energy proved popular with just about everyone:

punkers, alterna-kids, hippies, frat dudes and sorority chicks

but their popularity wasn’t limited to Chico, as several successful cross-country tours proved. A talented band, had they stayed together another year or two they might have

risen to the top of the Sub Pop sparked underground explosion.



The Downsiders (LP)  Black Park Records  1987  
All My Friends Are Fish (LP) Diabolo Records 1988 
All My Friends Are Fish (Cass, CD, Digital, LP) Mammoth Records 1988


"Pony Made Of Ice"  3 Countries For Sale (CD)  Megadisc 1989
"Cleaning House" Cleaning House (CD) Devil in the Woods 1999

The Downsiders – S/T (1987)

Playing Time: 36:24the downsiders self titled

1.  Another Horn’s Cry (Count On Your Hands)  4:20  
2.  Fourth Falling  3:57  
3.  Curl of Hair  4:21  
4.  My Only Reply  2:54  
5.  Or So He Said  3:36  
6.  Mudslide  5:41  
7.  Ugly History  3:24  
8.  Goodnight Troll  4:14  
9.  How We Used To Play  3:57  


All My Friends Are Fish (1988)

Playing Time: 55:52the downsiders-all my friends are fish

1. I Wanna Drive 3:45
2. Wild Honey Pie 0:59
3. Old Black Crow 4:42
4. All My Friends Are Fish 5:37
5. Pony Made of Ice 6:06
6. Cleaning House 2:46
7. Nobody Ever Called Pablo Picasso an Asshole 4:17
8. Kenny Koughdrop 4:19
9. Waiting For Nothing 4:28
10. Feet of Clay 4:26
11. She’s Alright 2:34
12. Ode to Traci 4:47
13. Winnemuca 2:27
14. Find (We Can Hide) 4:39

All My Friends Are Fish (Part 1) (Part 2)

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