Although they only formed in 1989 by the early 1990s Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Wig with their

ensemble wall-of-sound-light on solos, heavy on dense sonic mass

and songs that were an admixture of rock, punk and hip-hop were one of lower Michigan’s most popular groups.

The band consisted of Preston Long (vocals), Rob Schurgin (guitar), Fran Falls (bass) and John Burke (drums).

“Lying Next to You”  which they independently recorded and produced was released in 1990. With its mixture of Preston Cleveland’s guttural, angry and frequently distorted vocals, and the thick metallic funk of songs like “John Shaft,” “Sweet Francis” and “Bullet” the album was a surprise success, even being praised by legendary BBC DJ John Peel.

After Cleveland left to form the group Mule he was replaced by Clark S. Nova, a veteran of the Ann Arbor band Morsel.

Several demos that the band cut with Nova caught the attention of Island Records who signed the band. Island released Deliverance, the group’s debut major label album in 1994. Bigger, louder and rockier then “Lying Next to You” Deliverance  

is textured, swirling music, ambient but aggressive. 

Leading with their best, “Gun Groove” kicks the album into high gear, while “10 Seconds” offers primal catharsis,” and “Tender Assassin” manages to walk the fine line between art rock and pop. Helped in part by their constant touring schedule Deliverance was a minor success.

Wig relocated to Los Angeles where they recorded their sophomore album, Wireland. Released at the end of 1997 Wireland earned better reviews then Deliverance, but its lack of commercial success lead Island to drop the band, leading eventually to the groups breakup in the late 1990s.



Deliverance (Cass, CD) Island Records 1994
Wireland (Cass, CD) Island Records 1997

Singles & EPs:

Lying Next To You (12″) Nocturnal Records 1990
Just Obscene (7″) Nocturnal Records 1991 

Appears On:

“Crackin” Up” Pebbles, Volume 1 (CD) Archive Int’l / Aip 1995
“Goin Out West” Detroit Rust City (CD) Small Stone Records 1995
“Hell Inc.” Full Blast (CD) Small Stone Records 2000
“Into the Vibe” Brazil 5000, Volume 5 (CD, MP3) 5000 Records 2007


Deliverance (1994)

Playing Time: 46:08wig-deliverance

1. Gun Groove (4:02)
2. Tender Assassin (4:15)
3. 10 Seconds (3:44)
4. Cedric (5:17)
5. Drain (5:48)
6. Spear Ritual (6:45)
7. Rant (2:27)
8. Death Promenade (5:39)
9. Luciferous (3:03)
10. Fistfull (5:08)

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