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Wool formed in the early 1990s when the Stahl brothers, Peter (vocals/guitars) and Franz (guitar/vocals) were forced to dissolve the popular DC band Scream after

bassist Skeeter Thompson went AWOL and drummer Dave Grohl defected to Nirvana mid-way through a U.S. tour.

Well, we all know how that turned out, but it was Nirvana’s success that allowed so many bands, like Wool, in the suddenly punk friendly early 1990’s to at least get a chance at the brass ring.

With the addition of drummer Peter Moffett (Government Issue) and bassist Al Bloch (Concrete Blonde) the quartet released two singles, Medication/ Marky St. James” and “Medication/Little Darlin’”, and an EP, Budspawn in 1992. Budspawn

combined the four members’ inherent punk aesthetics with a tendency toward more straight-ahead, anthemic hard rock and drug-induced psychedelia.

Along with a new drummer, Chris Bratton (Drive Like Jehu) in the line-up, Wool, in the “newly punk-friendly climate of 1993” signed with London Records who released Box Set in the fall of 1994.

While Still a punk band at heart Box Set expanded upon the group’s

“rough-hewn but melodic brand of punk-based hard rock.”

Box Set finds Wool opening with the overtly pop song, “Eden”, taking a stab at psychedelia on "Take a Look" and even including moody pieces like "Chances Are" and "God Rest His Soul." Songs like "Kill the Crow" and "Blackeye" show, however, that they haven’t forgotten their pop-punk roots.

With the “overwhelming glut of alternative rock in the early ’90s” Box Set was an unfairly overlooked album, and because of its lack of commercial success London Records dropped the band in 1996.

Wool dissolved in 1996 after guitarist Franz Stahl reunited with former Scream band mate Dave Grohl in the Foo Fighters, replacing departing guitarist Pat Smear.

Peter Stahl would go onto play with Earthlings? and Goatsnake. He also appeared on several of Josh Homme’s (Queens of the Stone Age) The Desert Sessions albums. Later he worked as a Tour Manager for several bands, including Foo Fighters, Cave In and Rammstein.


Budspawn (CD) External Records 1992   
Budspawn (LP) Parallel Records 1992   
Budspawn (CD) Parallel Records 1992   
Budspawn (Cass) M S Distributing Co. 1992  
Budspawn (LP) Uni/Eureka/Ils 1996 
Box Set (CD) London Records 1994   
Your Choice Live Series (CD) Your Choice Records 1995                                                                             
Singles & EPs:

Medication / Marky St. James (7") External Records 1992  
Medication / Little Darlin (7") Fuck You Records 1992   S.O.S. / Run-Hide (7") Bong Load Records 1992  
SOS (12") London Records 1992  
Kill The Crow (7") Bong Load Records 1993  
Medication (CD Single) London Records 1993  
Kyuss / Wool Shine! / Short Term Memory Loss (7") Bong Load Records 1996   
Kyuss / Wool  Shine! / Short Term Memory Loss (7") Bong Load Records 2000   
Soundcheck Song / Don’t Bother Me (7") Crippled Dick Hot Wax! 1996 

Appears On:


"The Witch" Shopping (2×12") London Records 1994    "The Witch" Shopping (CD) Polydor K.K. 1994   
"The Witch" Shopping (CD) London Records 90 1994   
"The Witch" Shopping (CD) London Records 1994
Singles & EPs:

"Kill The Crow" Jump… Don’t Jump (12" EP) London Records 1994
"SOS" Cassette Sampler (Cass) Polydor/Fiction Records/External 1992  
"Medication" Free At Last 3 – The Essential HMV New Music Sampler (CD) PolyGram 1993  
"The Witch" Separated At Birth (Cass) Lime Lizard 1993  
"Kill The Crow" CMJ New Music September – No. 13 (CD) CMJ 1994  
"Xmas It’s Christmas" O Come All Ye Faithful: Rock For Choice (Cass, CD) Columbia 1996


Box Set (1994)

Playing Time: 47:42

wool - box set

1. Eden (3:10) 
2. Kill The Crow (3:10) 
3. Eat Some Ziti (0:33) 
4. Superman Is Dead (2:03) 
5. B-350 (6:43) 
6. Chances Are (4:37) 
7. Coalinga (3:14) 
8. Speak (3:55) 
9. God Rest His Soul (4:47) 
10. Blackeye (3:48) 
11. Take A Look (11:42)

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