Turn On Tune Out with Magic Hour

Formed in 1994, Magic Hour was the brainchild of Boston’s Wayne Rogers. The band’s sound has been described as

the Velvets meeting the Quicksilver Messenger Service at Jesse Colin Young’s house.

Playing Jesse Colin Young to Rogers and longtime guitar partner Kate Biggar of the garage/psychedelic band Crystallized Movements Quicksilver were Naomi Yang (bass) and Damon Krukowski (drums), Galaxie 500’s former rhythm section whose, 

light-as air and always hypnotic playing … helped make Galaxie 500’s sound so beautiful.

Only together two years, 1994-1996, the band released three studio albums on Rogers’ Twisted Village label and three singles. The group seldom toured and that was limited to New England. During this period Rogers continued to release solo albums; while Damon and Naomi focused on running their independent book publishing company Exact Change, while also continuing to work on new music as Damon and Naomi.

With the bulk of Will They Turn You on or Will They Turn on You consisting of 3-5 minute pop songs, notable for both Wayne Rogers’ freakout guitar flourishes and his unintelligible singing, it’s the 20 minute plus Passing Words

that weaves its way and builds up to a breathtaking crescendo

that dominates the album.



No Excess Is Absurd (LP) Ché Trading 1994   
No Excess Is Absurd (CD, Album + Box) Twisted Village 1994   
No Excess Is Absurd (CD) Twisted Village 1994   
Will They Turn You On Or Will They Turn On You (CD) Twisted Village 1995   
Will They Turn You On Or Will They Turn On You (LP) Ché Trading 1995   
Will They Turn You On Or Will They Turn On You (CD) Ché Trading 1995   
Secession 96 (CD) Twisted Village 1996 
Singles & EPs:

Heads Down (7″) Twisted Village 1993  
After Tomorrow (10″) Ché Trading 1994  
I Had A Thought / America (7″) Ché Trading  1995  

Appears On:

“Jonathan & Charles” Marvelous Sound Forms (2xLP) Twisted Village 1998
“The Last Mistake” Joy!! A Ché Compilation CD! (CD) Ché Trading [Unknown]
Singles & EPs:

“Out Of Touch” Goar EP #11 (7″) Goar Records 1995

“The Last Mistake” CMJ New Music March – No. 8 (CD) College Music Journal 1994
“Chance Was” Monsters, Robots and Bug Men: A User’s Guide to the Rock Hinterland (2xCD) Virgin 1996
“Sunrise Variations” Succour – The Terrascope Benefit Album (2xCD) Flydaddy Records 1996   
“Sunrise Variations” Succour (The Terrascope Benefit Album) (2xCD) Ptolemaic Terrascope 1996
“Something Else #2” Marvelous Sound Forms: Twisted Village Archives 1 (CD) Twisted Village 1998
“Jonathan & Charles” Does The Word Duh Mean Anything To You? – Another Che Compilation CD (CD) Ché Trading 1995

Will They Turn You On Or Will They Turn On You

Playing Time: 40:24

Magic Hour - Will They Turn You On Or Will They Turn On You

1. Something Else 2:25 
2. I Had A Thought 4:00
3. Chance Was 5:07 
4. When I Remembered 3:31 
5. Jonathan & Charles 5:00
6. Passing Words 20:21 


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