P**S Factory

piss factory on stage

Taking their name from Patti Smith’s debut single "Piss Factory" which

was in many ways the punk rock shot heard around the world

took a bit of chutzpah, but it’s also was a pretty big reputation to live up to.

With singer/bassist Lizzie Avondet’s vocals a blend of

riot grrrl snarl and cool bravado… the snarling sexual politics of the lyrics 

along with the halfway-to-metal crunch of guitarists Harri Kupiainen and Paul Eng and Andy Markham’s pounding, rolling drums the group’s debut album is a loud, enjoyable blast of 90’s NYC rock.




Autostrada/Bad Day (7") Big Dog
Piss Factory S/T (Cass, CD) Relativity 1993
I Melt (CD Single, Promo) Relativity 1994
I Melt (CD EP) Relativity 1994


The Theory of Relativity (Cass)


Piss Factory

Playing time: 43:52

Piss Factory

1. Salt (4:01)
2. Cleavage (2:25)
3. Minus (3:49)
4. Waiting (4:26)
5. Sour Milk (3:22)
6. Bread (2:27)
7. Autostrada (3:07)
8. Role Model (3:51)
9. Ratmobile (3:14)
10. Agnes (3:52)
11. Bad Day (6:14)
12. Simple (3:04)

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