Blissed-out: I, Sharko

Although they cite Spacemen 3 and Ride as major influences the Chicago based group, I, Sharko which consisted of:

Tim Fogle – Drums, Keyboards
Derek Cullimore – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
James Corpus  – Percussion, Keyboards
Paul Grafton – Bass

also embraced the softer sounds of early-’90s bands, Telescopes and the Boo Radleys.  

On their self-titled debut, produced by Shimmy-Discs’ Kramer, the songs are all guitars, lots of keyboards, and Paul Grafton’s bass towing everything along.

The shorter songs, “Soul So True,” and “Fallen Hope” are balmy and gentle, while the album’s two longer songs “Eyes,” and “[Untitled]” develop into “full-on firestorm jams.”



I, Sharko (CD) BOMP! 1995

“as vegetables” (CD) 2002

Appears On:

“Flowers For You”  Laugh While You Can, Monkey Boy! (CD) BOMP! 1996

I, Sharko

Playing Time: 42:38

1  Sun Comes Early (4:04)
2  Eyes (10:25)
3  Flowers for You (3:20)
4  For Anybody (5:06)
5  Soul So True (2:30)
6  Fallen Hope (2:49)
7  Water (6:28)
8  [Untitled] (7:56)

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4 responses to “Blissed-out: I, Sharko

    • Derek, Thanks for taking the time to upload the video of your band. Much appreciated. Glad to have uploaded your album and perhaps get I, Sharko a little overdue attention. I found out about your band from an article Jack Rabid wrote about you in an issue of The Big Takeover.

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