The Clean: Tell Them Raoul Sent You

the clean 

In their original incarnation The Clean’s essential output consisted of two EPs; the five- track Boodle Boodle Boodle and the seven-track Great Sounds, but the group’s influence on New Zealand’s post-punk rock scene cannot be simply measured by their relatively modest sales.

The Clean formed in town of Dunedin in 1978 when brothers Hamish (drums) and David (guitar) Kilgour recruited David’s school friend, guitarist Peter Gutteridge. It wouldn’t take long before they found themselves opening for the New Zealand punk rock group Enemy.

In 1979 the Kilgours decided to relocate the band to Auckland, but by then Peter Gutteridge had already left the band so while in Auckland the band performed using a revolving group of bassists. David eventually quit and returned to Dunedin where he was introduced to and started playing with bassist Robert Scott. Hamish upon learning of this new musical relationship moved back to Dunedin and  reformed The Clean. 

The group’s debut single, 1981’s "Tally Ho!", was the first release of Clean fan Roger Shepherd’s fledgling Flying Nun Records. Recorded for $50.00, "Tally Ho!" with it’s jagged guitar and the melody tapped out on a Farfisa organ by 16-year old Martin Phillips of the Chills would reach #19 on New Zealand’s pop charts.  

Produced by the Tall Dwarf’s Chris Knox the music on Boodle Boodle Boodle and Great Sounds are

short sharp shots of super-shambolic, super-perky garage-pop that’s deceptive in its simplicity. From the groovy organ swing of "Beatnik" to the loping "Anything Could Happen" and the lengthier drone of "Point That Thing Somewhere Else," Clean songs were exercises in unbridled minimalism and maximum impact. 

Boodle Boodle Boodle surprised everyone by reaching number four on the New Zealand charts, and while both these EPs managed to capture the group’s quirky sound, it was only the 1982 single "Getting Older" which managed to approximate the band’s “roaring live sound.”

Following the release of "Getting Older" David Kilgour left the the band and returned to Dunedin. Robert Scott followed shortly afterwards, forming his own band, the Bats. Hamish Kilgour moved to Christchurch, the headquarters of Flying Nun Records, bought himself a four-track and began writing and recording. David eventually joined his brother in Christchurch where he helped his brother finish up the solo tracks and record some Clean songs. With it’s folkier and more acoustic sound the resulting album, Clean Out of Our Minds, which was credited to the Great Unwashed, marked a departure from the Clean’s punk inspired sound.

To support Clean Out of Our Minds the Kilgours reunited with original Clean guitarist Peter Gutteridge and added bassist Ross Humphries so that David Kilgour and Gutteridge could both play guitar. This line-up would record and release an EP called Singles, which earned quite a bit of airplay, as well as record sales. Within a year this line-up broke up. Hamish  went onto to form Bailter Space with guitarist Alister Parker, his brother Dave retired from music for a few years while Gutteridge started the group Snapper.

In 1988 the Robert Scott line-up reunited for two shows at the Fulham Greyhound in London. Tracks recorded at those shows were released in 1989 on the In-a-Live EP which featured

five of the band’s best old songs: "Fish," "Anything Could Happen," "Flowers," "Point That Thing Somewhere Else," "Whatever I Do Is Right."

Encouraged by the results and given a boost thanks to both the Homestead reissue of Compilation, and the efforts of fellow Kiwi bands, the Chills, the Tall Dwarfs and the Verlaines, the Clean embarked on a world tour.

Following the tour the group recorded technically its first album, Vehicle. More straightforward and pop-oriented than their previous records the album delights with songs like

"Draw(in)g to a (W)hole," "Dunes," "Big Cat" and "Diamond Shine" [which] would all be candidates for the best little singles in the world if they came in 7-inch form; [while] songs like "Home" and "I Can See" are gorgeously shimmering ballads.

Released in the spring of 1990 the band supported Vehicle with another world tour, but following the tour they promptly split up once again. Robert Scott went back to the Bats, David Kilgour formed Stephen while Hamish moved to New York, where he and his wife formed the Mad Scene.

1994s Modern Rock, with it’s nod to the Velvet Underground, Nick Drake and perhaps Stereolab, was recorded with little fanfare, as basically Hamish, David and Robert found themselves in Dunedin at the same time. 

Unknown Country was released in 1996, while Getaway, released on Merge Records in 2001, came and went, unnoticed. Anthology is the definitive Clean collection and is the perfect place for those unfamiliar with this band to get better acquainted with it.  




Left by Soft (Cass) (ClicheBootlegCenterTapesRekords&Publicery) 1981
Tally Ho! / Platypus (7") (Flying Nun Records) 1981
Boodle, Boodle, Boodle (12") (Flying Nun Records) 1982
Getting Older (7") (Flying Nun Records) 1982
Great Sounds Great, Good Sounds Good, So-So Sounds So-So, Bad Sounds Bad, Rotten Sounds Rotten!! (12") (Flying Nun Records) 1982
Odditties (Cass) (Cleano Productions) 1983
Odditties (Cass) (Flying Nun Records) 1985
Odditties (CD) (Flying Nun Records, Festival Records) 1994
Compilation (LP) (Au Go Go, Flying Nun UK) 1986
Compilation (Cass) (Flying Nun Records) 1986
Compilation (LP) (Normal) 1987
Compilation (CD) (Flying Nun Europe) 1988
Compilation (LP) (Homestead Records) 1988
Compilation (LP) (Little Axe Records, Mississippi Records) 2008
Compilation (CD) (Flying Nun Records)  
Live Dead Clean (12") (Flying Nun Records) 1986
Odditties 2 (Cass) (Flying Nun Records) 1988
In-A-Live (12") (Flying Nun Europe) 1989
Vehicle (LP) (Flying Nun Records 1990
Vehicle (LP) (Rough Trade US) 1990
Vehicle (CD) (Victor Musical Industries) 1990
Vehicle (CD) (Flying Nun Records, Rough Trade UK) 1990
Vehicle (Cass, LP) (Rough Trade, Rough Trade UK ) 1990
Late Last Night (7") (Dark Beloved Cloud) 1994
Modern Rock (CD) (Flying Nun UK) 1994
Modern Rock (LP + Flexi) (Flying Nun Records) 1994
Modern Rock (CD) (Summershine (US) 1994
Modern Rock (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 1994
Unknown Country (CD, LP, MP3) (Flying Nun Records) 1996
Getaway (CD, MP3) (Flying Nun Records, Matador) 2001
Late Last Night (7") (Dark Beloved Cloud) 2001
Slush Fund (CD) (Arclife Records) 2001
Light Pours Out (CD) (Shellshock) 2002
More or Less the Truth (CD, MP3) (Shellshock) 2002
Anthology (2xCD) (Flying Nun Records) 2002
Anthology (2xCD) (Merge Records) 2003
Syd’s Pink Wiring System (CD) (Cleano Records) 2003
Take Over (CD) (Sugarshack) 2003
Universal Language (CD, MP3) (Sugarshack) 2003
Mashed (CD) (Arch Hill Recordings) 2008
Mister Pop (CD, LP, MP3) (Morr Music) 2009

Appears On:

"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us (2xCass, 2xCD) (Propeller, Festival Records) 1988
"Drawing To A Whole" Le Monde – Rough Trade (CD) (Virgin France S.A.) 1990
Cleaned Out! (7" + 6" Flexi) (Dark Beloved Cloud) 1992
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" Semaphore (CD)   Sub Pop Records 2002
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" Give It A Whirl (Television Soundtrack) (2xCD) (Propeller, Universal New Zealand) 2003
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" 25 Years (4xCD) (Flying Nun Records) 2006
"Billy Two" Jukebox Volume One (CDr) (555 Recordings) 2007
"Oddity" Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed. (2xCD, Digital) (Domino Recording Company Ltd.) 2008
"Anything Could Happen" Not Given Lightly: A Tribute To The Giant Golden Book Of New Zealands Alternative Music Scene (3xLP, MP3) (Morr Music) 2009

Tracks Appear On:

"Billy Two", "Point That Thing Somewhere Else" Beyond The Southern Cross (2xLP) (Ink Records) 1984
"Fish" Tuatara – A Flying Nun Compilation (CD, LP) (Flying Nun Europe) 1986
"Fish" Tuatara – A Flying Nun Compilation (LP) Normal 1986
"Fish" Tuatara – A Flying Nun Compilation (LP) (Strange Weekend) 1986
"Oddity (Live)" Human Music (2xLP, CD) (Homestead Records) 1988 
"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us (2xLP) (Propeller) 1988
"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us (2xCass) (Propeller, Festival Records) 1988
"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us – NZ Singles 1979-82 (2xCD) (Propeller, Festival Records) 1991
"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us (2xCD) (Propeller, Festival Mushroom Records) 2003
"I Wait Around (Original Studio Version)" Gigantic! 2 (CD) (Melody Maker) 1990
"I Wait Around" Gigantic! 2 (Cass) (Melody Maker) 1990
"Drawing To A Whole" Le Monde – Rough Trade (CD) (Virgin France S.A.) 1990
"Draw(ing) To A (W)hole" Rough Trade – Music For The 90’s • Vol. 2 (CD) (Rough Trade) 1990
"I Wait Around" Rough Trade US Sampler 1990 / Rough Trade Associated Labels 1990 (2xCass) (Rough Trade) 1990
"Getting Older" Getting Older 1981-1991 (Cass, CD, 2xLP) (Flying Nun Records, Festival Records) 1991
"Draw(in)g To A (W)hole" Pink Flying Saucers Over The Southern Alps (CD, LP) (Flying Nun Records, Festival Records) 1991
"Tally Ho" 10 Jahre Normal (CD, 2xCD) (Normal) 1992
"Tally Ho" Noisyland (VHS) (Festival Mushroom Records (New Zealand), Brilliant Film Co) 1992
"Stomp The Guru", "Starting Point" Something For The Weekend (CD) (Flying Nun UK) 1994
"Stomp The Guru", "Starting Point" Something For The Weekend (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 1995
"Outside The Cage" Louder – A bFM Compilation (CD) (Festival Records) 1995
"Success Story" But I Can Write Songs Okay (3xCD) (Yellow Eye Music) 1996
"Too Much Violence" Pop Eyed (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 1996
"Anything Could Happen", "Point That Thing Somewhere Else", "Fish" Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 1997
"Tally Ho" Scarfies (CD) ( Flying Nun Records) 1999
"Fish", "At The Bottom", "Point That Thing Somewhere Else"  KFJC 89.7 FM Presents The Dunedin Sound (2xCD) (Not On Label) 2000
"Stars" 18-Track Guide To The Month’s Best Music (CD) (Uncut Magazine) 2001
"Jala" Arcbeats (CD) (Arclife Records) 2001
"Twist" Phonic Hoop 2002
"E Motel" Miller Genuine Draft (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 2002
"Gentle Hour", "Corridor" Under The Influence – 21 Years Of Flying Nun Records (2xCD) (Flying Nun Records) 2002
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" Give It A Whirl (Television Soundtrack) (2xCD) (Propeller, Universal New Zealand) 2003
"Stars" Speed Of Sound (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 2003
"Drawing To A Whole" Survive And Advance Vol 2 (CD, Digital) (Merge Records) 2003
"Draw(in)g To A (W)hole" In Love With These Times / Pink Flying Saucers Over The Southern Alps (2xCD)(Flying Nun Records) 2004
"E Motel" Old Enough 2 Know Better (3xCD, Digital) (Merge Records) 2004
"Beatnik" Second Season (DVD) (Flying Nun Records) 2004
"Anything Could Happen" Very Short Films (DVD) (Flying Nun Records) 2004
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" 25 Years (4xCD) (Flying Nun Records) 2006

"In Love With These Times" Yeti Six (CD) (Yeti)2008
"Tally Ho!," "Anything Could Happen" It’s Bigger Than Both of Us: Nz Singles 1979-82 (2xCD) 2009                                      
"E Motel" 2009 Merge Records Promotional Sampler (CD) (Merge Records) 2009
"On Again/Off Again", "Slug Song", "Point That Thing Somewhere Else", "Anything Could Happen", "Tally Ho"  SCORE! Twenty Years Of Merge Records (Box Set)
(17xCD) (Merge Records) 2009
"In The Dreamlife U Need A Rubber Soul" Digital Sampler (14xFile, MP3) (Merge Records) 2010
"Loog" Arch Hill Recordings 10th Anniversary Album (MP3) (Arch Hill Recordings) 2010

Great Unwashed

Clean Out of Our Minds (LP) (NZ Flying Nun) 1983
Singles (2×7”, 12”) (NZ Flying Nun) 1984
Collection (CD) (NZ Flying Nun) 1992

Clean/Great Unwashed

Odditties 2 (Cass) (NZ Flying Nun) 1988

Tracks Appear On:


Cleaned Out EP7 (Dark Beloved Cloud) 1992


Modern Rock (1995)

Playing Time: 46 minutes 59 seconds




1. Starting Point (2:26)
2. Outside The Cage (5:05)
3. Linger Longer (2:25)
4. Wake Up In The Morning (3:55)
5. 2 Reasons (3:40)
6. Safe In The Rain (2:59)
7. Secret Place (3:35)
8. Something I Need (3:41)
9. Different World (3:45)
10. Stomp The Guru (2:18)
11. Too Much Violence (3:48)
12. Phluke (2:23)
13. Do Your Thing (4:13)
14. Ginger Ale (2:46)


Anthology (2003)


Disc 1

Playing Time: 1 hour 8 minutes 37 seconds

1. Tally Ho (2:42)
2. Platypus (3:17)
3. Billy Two (2:23)
4. Thumbs Off (2:59)
5. Anything Could Happen (2:39)
6. Sad Eyed Lady (3:03)
7. Point that Thing Somewhere Else (5:28)
8. Fish (2:24)
9. Flowers (3:26)
10. Side On (2:03)
11. Slug Song (3:20)
12. Beatnik (1:57)
13. End of My Dream (4:09)
14. On Again/Off Again (1:47)
15. At the Bottom (3:51)
16. Getting Older (4:18)
17. Scrap Music (1:31)
18. Whatever I Do Is Right (2:32)
19. Two Fat Sisters [live at the Rhumba Bar] (2:55)
20. Odditty (2:34)
21. Quickstep [live at the Gladstone] (5:53)
22. At the Bottom [live at the Gladstone] (3:26)

Disc 1 (Part 1) (Part 2)

Disc 2

Playing Time: 1 hour 6 minutes 15 seconds


1. Drawing to a Hole (2:04)
2. I Wait Around (2:41)
3. The Blue (1:47)
4. Someone (1:53)
5. Big Soft Punch (2:33)
6. Diamond Shine (3:14)
7. Big Cat (1:42)
8. Outside the Cage (5:07)
9. Safe in the Rain (2:56)
10. Secret Place (3:33)
11. Do Your Thing (4:14)
12. Linger Longer (2:27)
13. Too Much Violence (3:50)
14. Trapped in Amber (3:16)
15. Psychedelic Ranger (2:50)
16. Late Last Night (2:49)
17. Ludwig (2:11)
18. Wipe Me. I’m Lucky (3:11)
19.  Franz Kafka at the Zoo (1:58)
20. Clutch (2:16)
21. Balkans (1:20)
22. Indigo Blue (2:33)
23. Chumpy (3:46)
24. Twist Top (2:04)

Disc 2 (Part 1) (Part 2)

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    • Thanks Bruce for that update. No matter how many different websites I might visit as I research a band’s discography I know I’m going to miss something. This is particularly true if the band is outside the US and also for bands that released a lot of singles.

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