Borrowed, Stolen, Strand: Image, Focus, Strand: Dissolve

Guitarist Roy Montgomery and guitarist Chris Heaphy formed the duo Dissolve in 1993 after Montgomery’s former band, Dunedin, New Zealand’s Dadamah broke-up. 

The majority of the duo’s debut release, That Is…Is (Not), was recorded during July of 1993 with some last minute recording and final mixing taking place early in 1994.

In an interview with Your Flesh following the release of That Is…Is (Not) Montgomery said about the album;

we wanted to try something that just involved guitars and which was more soundscape than song-oriented.  We tried to keep things simple and most of what you hear is relatively unadorned -  first takes, for better or worse.

On That Is…Is (Not) while Montgomery and Heaphy explore skeletal guitar structures… the album’s overall sound is one of

sparse picking over chords, subtle echoes and drones, fizzy feedback interludes, odd but not unpleasant tunings – in hopes of provoking emotional and contemplative states…

That Is…Is (Not) also features the clipped, dry, abbreviated vocals of Montgomery on “Strand,” "Dissong," and "Blurred." It wouldn’t be until his 1999 collaboration with Heaphy on True that Montgomery would again find his singing voice.

Dissolves’ sophomore release, 1997’s Third Album For The Sun, featuring contributions from bassist Arnie Van Bussel, Terminals drummer John Christoffels, and vocals from The Bats Kaye Woodward

shows a marked maturation in the pair’s tandem playing style and musical creativity with the overall sound of Third Album For The Sun… much more tuneful and lush than That That Is… Is (Not).

Credited to Roy Montgomery/Chris Heaphy 1999’s True

is a hypnotic, reverberating mix of solo guitar pieces and duets… an atmospheric, filmic set reminiscent of Ry Cooder’s  Paris, Texas… or Neil Young’s dark, distorted Dead Man soundtrack.

Active as a solo act, Montgomery has collaborated with the UK’s Flying Saucer Attack and with Philadelphia’s Bardo Pond released several albums under the name Hash Jar Tempo.




That That Is…Is (Not) (LP) (Kranky) 1994
That That Is…Is (Not) (CD) (Kranky) 1995
Third Album for the Sun (CD, MP3) (Kranky) 1997

Tracks Appear On:

"Strand" CMJ New Music August – Volume 24 (CD) (College Music Journal) 1995
"Dismantle" Psycho Civilized (CD, MP3) (Elevator Music) 1995

"Presume Too Far" Kompilation (CD) (Southern Records) 1998

Roy Montgomery & Chris Heaphy

True (CD, MP3) (Kranky) 1999

Hash Jar Tempo: Roy Montgomery & Bardo Pond

Well Oiled (CD, MP3) (Drunken Fish Records) 1997
Under Glass (CD, MP3) (Drunken Fish Records) 1999

Flying Saucer Attack & Roy Montgomery

Goodbye EP (CD, MP3, Vinyl) (VHF Records) 1997

Dissolve – That That Is…Is (Not) (1994)

Playing Time: 43 Minutes 2 Seconds

1. Strand  (4:46)
2. 8 Wire  (3:40)
3. Dissong  (6:09)
4. 3 Films  (5:23)
5. Blurred  (4:10)
6. The Mortal Pleasure of Wanda Lust  (4:44)
7. Encounter  (7:49)
8. See The World  (4:55)
9. S.T.P.P.  (1:26)

Buy That That Is…Is (Not) from Kranky

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