From the Cutout Bin

Over the last year this double cd has languished in the cutout bin of the local FYE record store; and slowly, over the year, it’s price has fallen. Well, when the price finally hit $2.99, a price you couldn’t beat with a stick, and because I’ve always been a sucker for the “double album” I decided just to buy it. Besides for $2.99 what do you have to lose, and with indie artists like The Postal Service, Sofa Surfers, Caribou, Ulrich Schnauss, and Her Space Holiday appearing on it, there was bound to be something interesting on it.

So with Summer almost here, this might be the ideal album to just kick back and chill out with.

Soul Sauce (2005)


Disc: 1 (This Side)

Playing Time: 58 Minutes 36 Seconds

1.  Bent – Comin Back (4:42)
2. Brazilian Girls – Lazy Lover (4:03)
3. The Postal Service – District Sleeps Alone Tonight [DJ Downfall Persistant Beat Mix] (6:55)
4. Sofa Surfers – Sofa Rockers [Richard Dorfmeister Remix] (5:10)
5. Martina Topley-Bird – Soul Food [Charles Webster Banging House Dub] – (6:34)
6. Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band – Escape from the Island (4:44)
7. Plump DJs – Morning Sun (4:55)
8. Chris Joss – Early Morning Wanderlings (4:15)
9.  Markus Nikolai – Bushes [Norman Cook Edit] (3:48)
10. Kaskade – String of Pearls (3:56)  
11. Grand Tourism – Snakeplayer (5:23)
12. Dr. Rubberfunk – B-Boy Blue (4:11)

Disc: 2 (Other Side)

Playing Time: 52 Minutes 53 Seconds


1. Lemon Jelly – Pushy (6:58)
2. Kings of Convenience – I’d Rather Dance With You [Cornelius Remix] (3:24)
3.  LHB – No Transmission (2:56)
4. Revolvo – Too Cool for School (3:47)
5. Caribou – Hendrix With KO (3:58)
6. Capitol K – Pillow (3:13)
7. Four Tet – As Serious as Your Life [Remix 1] (3:33)
8. Ulrich Schnauss – On My Own (6:44)
9. Le Pico – Supernova (4:13)
10. Her Space Holiday – Young Machines [the Album Leaf Remix] (3:54)
11. Psapp – Leaving in Coffins (4:13)
12. Juana Molina – Salvese Quien Pueda (5:59) 


Buy Soul Sauce from

Buy Soul Sauce from


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3 responses to “From the Cutout Bin

  1. Hi there, absolutely terrific blog you have. I was delighted to find Lorelei’s album in a decent bitrate. I was wondering if you could possibly reupload Buy This Used Compact Disc – A Dutch East India Sampler sometime… I’ve been on a big New Radiant Storm King kick of late and I’d love to hear it.

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