Too Much Light, Too Much Heat: Juno

With their poignant lyrics and a powerful sound generated by three guitarists; Gabe Carter, Jason Guyer and Arlie John Carstens (guitar/vocals), Seattle emo-core group Juno found themselves courted by three prominent indie labels, Sub Pop, DeSoto, and Jade Tree. At the beginning they did have somewhat of a “Spinal Tap” like problem with drummers, at various times, utilizing Erik Akre, Joe Plummer, and Steven Cobb, until 1997 when Greg Ferguson signed on permanently as drummer.

The group signed with DeSoto Records who released the group’s debut full length, This Is The Way It Goes And Goes And Goes, in 1999. For this record the group would employ two different bass players; Nate Mendel (tracks: 3, 9, 11) and Nick Harmer (tracks: 1-2, 4-8, 10, 12). For an emo punk group featuring three guitarists it seems odd that while This Is The Way It Goes And Goes And Goes does feature several “fine pieces of punk material, like the raucous "Into the Lavender Crevices of Evening…" and the Bob Mould-inflected "January Arms" overall the album is dominated by “experimentation and slow-core meandering, sound-effect noodling and ultra-slow arpeggiated guitar drudgery.”   

To a lesser degree 2001’s A Future Lived In Past Tense followed in the footprints of it’s predecessor. The album features three solid rockers; "Covered With Hair," "You Are the Conductor of This Orchestra," and the Fugazi-meets-Lungfish sound of "Killing It in a Quiet Way;” while the 10 minute "The French Letter," which starts off slow eventually turns into one; but if a counterpoint to all that noise and aggression are songs like the vaguely Twin Peakish instrumental "Up Through the Night," and

"Things Gone and Things Still Here (We’ll Need the Machine-Guns by Next March)," which features spoken word vocals and sounds like a poetry reading from a space rock college radio show.

Perhaps the band’s approach to “record making” was best summed up in a 2003 interview with Arlie Carstens where he stated

given the kind of music we make, Juno doesn’t really fit in with much of the music made in the indie/punk/hardcore/ambient scenes.

Truer words were never spoken as Juno on A Future Lived In Past Tense briefly explores each of those musical genres without managing to make anyone of them distinctly theirs.




Venus On 9th/Flies For Travis (7") (Sub Pop Records) 1996
Magnified And Reduced By Inches / Pablo Y Zelda (7") (Jade Tree) 1997
All Your Friends Are Comedians / The Great Salt Lake (7") (Mag Wheel Records) 1998
This Is The Way It Goes And Goes And Goes (
CD, Digital) (DeSoto Records) 1999
The Dismemberment Plan / Juno Split (7") (B-Core Disc) 2000
Juno & The Dismemberment Plan (CD, EP)  (DeSoto Records) 2001
A Future Lived In Past Tense (CD) (DeSoto Records) 2001
S/T (CD,
Digital) (Sonic Wave) 2008

Tracks Appear On:

"All Your Friends Are Comedians " CMJ New Music Volume 71 July 1999 (CD) (College Music Journal) 1999
"Rodeo Programmes" Southern Records: Spring/Summer 1999 Compilation (CD) (Southern Records) 1999
"Soul Thunder" Warp 10+1: The Influences (CD) (Warp, Matador) 1999
"Non-Equivalents" Sevens 1998-2000 (CD) (B-Core Disc) 2000
"We Slept in Rented Rooms (The Old School Bush)” 
Duyster.3 (2xCD) (Play It Again Sam) 2008


A Future Lived In Past Tense (2001)

Playing Time: 1 hour 9 minutes 58 seconds


1.  A Thousand Motors Pressed Upon The Heart (4:44)
2.  Covered With Hair (5:44)
3. When I Was In _____ (5:27)
4. Help Is On The Way (5:29)
5. The Trail Of Your Blood In The Snow (5:27)
6. The French Letter (10:12)
7. Up Through The Night (3:15)
8. Things Gone And Things Still Here [We’ll Need The Machine-Guns By Next March] (8:13)
9. We Slept In Rented Rooms [The Old School Bush] (9:17)
10. You Are The Beautiful Conductor Of This Orchestra (4:10)
11. Killing It In A Quiet Way (6:51)
12. Untitled (1:00)
13. I’m Sorry You’re Having Trouble… Goodbye (0:09)


A Future Lived In Past Tense (Part 1) (Part 2)


Buy A Future Lived In Past Tense from DeSoto Records



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