More Dream Pop From the Desert


Lovesliescrushing is the duo of Scott Cortez (guitars) and Melissa Arpin (vocals).

Lovesliescrushing occupies that musical terrain that combines the like of My Bloody Valentine, Seefeel, the Cocteau Twins, Eno, MAIN, and Zoviet France.

When duo originally formed in 1991 in Michigan their early material consisted of instrumental guitar pieces simply because Melissa did not consider herself a strong vocalist. Some of Scott’s friends volunteered their vocal services but he was frustrated by the less than stellar results. Finally volunteering her services Melissa added one pass of vocals to a new song, “Valerian”, and the band was “born proper”.

By the spring of 1992 the duo had relocated to Arizona where

the seminal debut album, bloweyelashwish, was recorded in a cramped tucson apartment, a useless mini-fan blowing on a half naked body drenched in sweat.

While making their Arizona debut at the Beautiful Noise Festival in April 1993  they met Projekt Records Sam Rosenthal. They signed with Projekt who released the cassette version of bloweyelashwish later that year.

The follow up to bloweyelashwish, Xuvetyn, was released in 1994. Twenty minutes longer than bloweyelashwish it amplified

that album’s collision between brute feedback and serene sculpture in astounding directions.

A common misconception about the group’s music is that they use keyboards or synthesizers to create their otherworldly sound, but nothing could be further from the truth as the music is created with just voice and guitar, although Cortez will mutate

the guitar till it is barely recognizable, regarding it as a mere tone generator

On the four-track recorded Xuvetyn Cortez plays any number of guitars, “prepared guitars,” “taped guitars,” and “guitar damage” while utilizing metal rulers, forks, and various “misc. devices.” (chopsticks, rubber bands, nails, knives, vibrators, paintbrushes, or metal rulers to bow strings), while

Arpin handled the swooned, haunting vocals, echoing through the seemingly chaotic mix like a siren call from across a bottomless depth.

With the release of Xuvetyn Lovesliescrushing proved that they had the ability

to encompass the ear-piercing treble feedback snippet of “Aquan 1” to the blissful float of “Blooded and Blossom-Blown.”

and in the process fend off the inevitable comparisons to My Bloody Valentine while establishing themselves as a distinct act in their own right.  




Bloweyelashwish (Cass, CD) (Projekt)1994
Bloweyelashwish (CD) (Hyperium Records) 1994
Youreyesimmaculate (7″) (Projekt) 1994
Xuvetyn (CD) Projekt) 1996
Global And Available (CD) (Type Records) 2001
Glissceule (CD) (Sonic Syrup) 2002
Voirshn (CD) (Projekt) 2002
Chorus (CD) (Automatic Entertainment) 2007
Girl. Echo. Suns. Veils. (
MP3, CD, 2xCD) (Projekt) 2010


“Sleds”, “The Echo Of Something Lovely”  Pyramids (2xCD, Album) (Hydra Head Records) 2008

Tracks Appear On:

“Babysbreath (Mycomion)” Terra X – Vol. 1 Love And Hate (CD) (Terra X Records)     1993
“Babysbreath” Beneath The Icy Floe – Projekt Record’s Sampler (CD) (Projekt) 1994
“Teardrop/Dizzy” Beneath The Icy Floe. V. 2 (CD, Dig) (Projekt) 1994
“These Fleeting Moments” Of These Reminders (2xCD) (Projekt) 1994
“Babysbreath” Beneath The Icy Floe. V. 3 (CD) (Projekt) 1995
“Jingle Bells (Snowblower)” Excelsis – A Dark Noël (CD) (Projekt) 1995
“Bones Of Angels” Beneath The Icy Floe. V. 4 (CD, Digital) (    Projekt) 1996
“Blooded & Blossom-Blown” Beneath The Icy Floe. V. 5 (CD) (Projekt)    1997
“Lips To Kiss” Splashed With Many A Speck (2xCD) (Dewdrops Records) 1997
“Pink Blind”
Epithalamia (CD, Digital) (Clairecords) 2000
“Valerian (Mix 1)”  Projekt100: The Early Years 1985-1995 (CD) (Projekt) 2000
“Jingle Bells (Snowblower)” Excelsis (2xCD) (Projekt) 2001
“Sovfx”  Projekt 2003.1 (CD) (Projekt) 2003
“Your Eyes Immaculate” Projekt 200 (3xCD) (Projekt) 2007



Loveliescrushing – Xuvetyn (1996)

Playing Time: 1 hour 16 minutes 19 seconds


1. Valerian (Her Voice Honeyed) (5:59)
2. Aquan 1 (0:45)
3. Mandragora Louvareen (4:10)
4. Staticburst (0:46)
5. Xarella Almandyne (5:34)
6. Milkysoft (2:31)
7. Blooded And Blossom-blown (6:08)
8. Hum Vibralux (0:36)
9. Virgin Blue-eyed (4:22)
10. Seesaw (1:04)
11. Flowered Smother (6:25)
12. Monar (0:37)
13. Silver (Fairy Threaded) (9:09)
14. Luma (Web-like And Crescent) (3:29)
15. Golden-handed (5:23)
16. Bones Of Angels (5:50)
17. Ghosts That Swirl (8:20)
18. Mother Of Pearl (5:11)

Xuvetyn (Part 1) (Part 2)

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