One of the perks of patronizing the same record shops for years and years, is occasionally, and very occasionally at that, they’ll give you something for free. Such is the case with the two CD singles I’ve posted here. While it costs them  nothing it certainly generates it’s fair share of good will.

Don’t you love how record companies staff writers and music critics describe how a band sounds, or who they sound like. Case in point the description of The Photo Atlas on the back of their cd jacket.

From the Alternative Press:

… the result of unprotected sex between The Faint and At The Drive-In, although The Photo Atlas don’t sound derivative of either.”

From Amplifier:

… a frenetic Brit rock dance punk amalgam, a blazing cross between Fugazi and Gang of Four.”

 As a non critic I can hear a little of Gang of Four, as for the rest I’m not so sure. Rock n’ Roll criticism was easier when the critics were the dancers on American Bandstand who simply rated a song by whether or not you could dance to it.

Texas native Bruce Avary, aka The Rocket Summer

is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer. He writes and produces every song on his records, as well as plays every instrument on them.

 He cites as major influences the indie groups, Archers of Loaf, Jets to Brazil and Superchunk which certainly makes his full lengths worth checking out, although the two songs here seem heavy on piano and horn driven pop.


The Photo Atlas Discography


No, Not Me, Never (CD) (Morning After Records) 2005
No, Not Me, Never (CD) (Stolen Transmission) 2007

Appears On:

"Light and Noise" Those Who Rock, Roll With Zippo (CD)
"Red Orange Yellow" Burnout Dominator ST (2xCD)


The Photo Atlas – Album Sampler

Playing Time: 7 minutes 27 seconds



1. Handshake Heart Attack (3:29)
         2. Light and Noise (3:58)

Buy No, Not Me, Never from

The Rocket Summer Discography


The Rocket Summer EP 2000    
Calendar Days (LP, CD, MP3) (The Militia Group, Syft Records) 2003         
Hello, Good Friend (CD, MP3) (Integrity/INO/SRE) 2005
The Early Years EP (CD, MP3) (Militia) 2006             
Do You Feel (CD, MP3) (Island)2007
iTunes EP (2007)
Album Sampler (CD)(Island Records) 2007
You Gotta Believe EP (CD) (Island) 2009        
Of Men and Angels (CD, MP3) (Island) 2010    

Tracks Appear On:

"Skies so Blue" CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 110: March 2003 (CD) (CMJ) 2003 "What We Hate We Make" Hello, We Are The Militia Group Volume 1 (CD) (The Militia Group) 2004
"High Life" Dead and Dreaming: An Indie Tribute to Counting Crows (CD) (Victory Records) 2004
"Brat Pack", "Around the Clock"
A Family Affair: With the Loving Sounds of the Four Good Sons (CD) (The Militia Group) 2005

"I Was So Alone" SRE Recordings Cornerstone 2005 Rock Sampler
"My Typical Angel"  Sock It To Me And Other Catch Phrases (CD) (The Militia Group) 2006
"So Much Love" West Aspen Merch: Fall/Winter Sampler ’07 (CD) 2007    
"So Much Love" Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, October 2007 (C) (Promo Only) 2007     
"So Much Love" Those Who Rock, Roll With Zippo (CD)
"Around the Clock" Amped 3 Soundtrack – Fresh Tracks
"Never Knew" This Is Pop Music.
 Hear It Love It Live It New Artist Sampler (CD, MP3) (EMI) 2007

The Rocket Summer

Playing Time: 6 minutes 45 seconds


1. So Much Love (3:59)
  2. Break It Out (2:46)

Buy Do You Feel from

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