So! Who Doesn’t Like Free?

Last week I received the following comment from Silber Records Brian John Mitchell which I thought I’d pass along.

Thanks for putting Silber up in your links. We actually have a lot of free EPs and comps available at if you want to help spread the word on those.

Silber Records describes the music they release as:

Our music is likely mellower, but no less angst-ridden than the music we all grew up on. We hope you find something here that you can take with you. If you’re new here, may we suggest the label sampler drones,loves,honesties,sounds?

So if groups with names like Aarktica, Black Happy Day, Northern Valentine, Remora, Small Life Form or Vlor pique your curiosity check out Silber Records.

For those of you more inclined towards indie-pop two internet record labels I’ve come across and that feature free downloads are:

Cloudberry Records is an

indiepop label purveying the sound of jangly guitars based in sunny Miami, Florida.

They specialize in 3″ cds and 7″ singles and other than The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Westfield Mining Disaster and Je Suis Animal I’ve never heard of any of their stable of artists. Some of the artists they release are:

  • The Airfields
  • Sunny Summer Day
  • The Manhattan Love Suicides
  • Afternoon Naps
  • Socialist Leisure Party
  • Kosmonaut

Eardrums Pop, the label features

melodic alternative music: indiepop, folk pop, melodic electronica and experimental music

and as they state on their website

Our Compilations. Free+digital only. Made with the artists’ approval.

They have nine compilations available for download and along with the music all include artwork, artist bios and m3u playlists.

Some of their artists include:

  • Spaghetti Anywhere
  • The Voluntary Butler Scheme
  • Butcher Boy
  • Japan Air
  • The Asteroid Theory of Death
  • Heart-Sick Groans

Now while I’m not familiar with any of these artists it’s possible that

todays unknown just might be tomorrows star…

Check out these websites. I’m sure you’ll find something you like, and if you do, show your appreciation by supporting these labels and their artists by visiting the websites of the bands you like, buying their releases, attending their concerts or just spreading the word about these bands.


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