Rock of Gibraltar: Lorelei



The Virginia-based noise-pop outfit Lorelei formed in 1991.

Originally a five piece: Davis/mandolin, Gina Yi/vocals, Dave Cerf/guitar, Peter Biby/drums and Stephen/bass; the band slimmed down to a three piece following the release of the three song The Bitter Air 7″ in 1991.

With Gina, Dave and Peter out, Davis moving over to drums, Stephen on bass and the addition of Matt from the Lilys on guitar 1993’s The Asleep ep blends

the dubwise dynamics of PiL and Moonshake with the dark tension of early Cure.

Probably the most apt description of 1995’s Everyone Must Touch The Stove sound is if Lorelei were an

Elephant 6 band that grew up listening to Bailter Space rather than the Beach Boys.

The carefully orchestrated songs on this album are built upon the bedrock of Davis’ powerful drumming; the “melliluous melodic chording” of Stephen’s bass and Matt’s free-flying guitars; while strings, marimbas, maracas, timpani and other exotic instruments help to color the arrangements.

Though the band disbanded in 1996 the group’s members have remained musically active; Matt recording as Textile Sounds, Stephen working as Chessie and Davis issuing material as Glass Bottom Boats.

Lorelei Discography


The Bitter Air (7″) (Slumberland Records) 1992
Asleep (7″, CD-EP ) (Slumberland Records) 1993
Everyone Must Touch The Stove (CD, LP) (Slumberland Records) 1995
Informed By The Future (12″ Vinyl) (Textile Sounds) 2002

Tracks Appear On:

“Mimesis” …One Last Kiss (CD) (spinART Records)1992
“Probe” Burning the Midnight Firefly #2 (Fanzine) (Cass) 1992
“Burro” Calling At Duke Street (LP, EP) (A Turntable Friend) 1993
“Red Red Wiggy” Something Pretty Beautiful (CD) (Brilliant Records) 1993
“No One Is Driving The Car” Terra X – Vol. 1 Love And Hate (CD) (Terra X Records) 1993
“Honeysuckle” The Noise And The Melodies – The Pearl-Compilation (CD) (Pearl-Fanzine) 1993
“The Bitter Air” Unnecessary Niceness (CD, LP) (Beechwood Music) 1993
“Mostly I Sleep” CMJ New Music Magazine Jan. ’94 (CD) (CMJ) 1994
“Stop What You’re Doing”,”Float My Bed” Why Popstars Can’t Dance (CD, 2xLP) (Slumberland Records) 1994
“A Thigh For A Leg” (edit) Smash Hits for Teens (Level and Dischord) 1995
“Resin” Bedroom Palace (Cass) (Lo-Fi Recordings) 1995
“Oscillations” Electronic Evocations A Tribute To The Silver Apples (CD) (Enraptured) 1996
“My Assassin” Field and Streams (2xCD) (Kill Rock Stars) 2002
“Today’s Shrug” Slumberland Records Spring 2009 Sampler (MP3 Sampler) (Slumberland Records) 2009

Lorelei Everyone Must Touch the Stove (1994)

Playing Time: 53 minutes 40 seconds

lorelei-everyone must touch the stove

1. Today’s Shrug (3:39)
2. Quiet Staid Debt (5:29)
3. Thigh For a Leg (6:24)
4. Throwaway (5:37)
5. Inside the Crimelab (6:29)
6. Day (2:40)
7. Newsprint (8:40)
8. Windmill (3:23)
9. Stop What You’re Doing (3:50)
10. Pillar (7:29)

Everyone Must Touch the Stove (Part 1) (Part 2)

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