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Flour was the solo project of Minneapolis musician Pete “Flour” Conway who was also the bassist for

“two of the finest post-punk/guitar noise bands of their era, Breaking Circus and Rifle Sport”

Recording as Flour, with only minimal instrumental assistance and an overtaxed drum machine, he released four solo albums (the first two are on one CD) of claustrophobic noise, of which Fourth and Final is, as the title suggests, is the last.

One critic went so far as to suggest that Flour’s sound

“is reminiscent of that Big Black/Helios Creed wall-of-shit approach, crossed with Eno’s early pop-whuzz”

while Flour/Luv 713 songs

“are pleasant pieces of atmospheric blanket-snuff.”

Flour toured as a live band twice with a lineup that featured Steve Albini (Big Black, Rapeman) on bass and Todd Trainer (Breaking Circus) on drums, before they went on to form the band Shellac.



Flour (LP) (Touch And Go) 1988
Luv 713 (Cass, CD, LP) (Touch And Go) 1990
Machinery Hill (Cass, CD, LP) (Touch And Go) 1990
Fourth And Final (CD, LP) (Touch And Go) 1994

Appears On:

Complex (12″, EP) ( Ruthless Records) 1985

Smokers’ Paradise (12″, EP) ( Homestead Records) 1987

Live At The Entry, Dead At The Exit (LP) (Angry Fish Music) 1989

Live At The Entry, Dead At The Exit (CD) (Ruthless Records) 1989

Primo (LP) (Big Money Inc, Ruthless Records) 1990

Call It A Day (12″) (Touch And Go) 1991

Call It A Day (CD) (Touch And Go) 1991

Call It A Day / Eye For An Eye – Tooth For A Tooth (CD) (Touch And Go) 1991

Little Drummer Boy (7″) (Big Money Inc) 1991

Truth Will Out (CD, Album) (Invisible) 1993

Truth Will Out / Washingmachine Mouth (2xCD) (Devotion Records UK) 1993

Washingmachine Mouth (CD) (Invisible) 1993

Washingmachine Mouth (Cassette) (Invisible) 1993

The Best Of Pigface: Preaching To The Perverted (2xCD) (Invisible) 2001

Pigface – Fook (3xCD) (Invisible, Underground, Inc.) 2005

Tracks Appear On:

“One Step At A Time” Du Huskers: The Twin Cities Replays Zen Arcade (CD) (Synapse Recordings) 1993

“Blood” All Tomorrow’s Parties (3xCD) (Not On Label) 2002

Flour – Luv 713 (1989)

Playing Time: 1 hour 8 minutes 32 seconds

flour - luv/713 cover

1. Rain Reign (3:00)
2. Bodies On Fire (2:21)
3. Kick Now (3:51)
4. The Face (3:25)
5. Braindead Genius (3:09)
6. Nicky’s Sister (4:11)
7. Love Kills (1:54)
8. Break Away (3:47)
9. Fish Or Cut Bait (3:10)
10. Midi This (4:53)
11. Love (4:59)
12. Red (2:15)
13. Accordian (3:08)
14. Grey (2:35)
15. Coffee (3:22)
16. Intro (3:42)
17. 1×1 (2:09)
18. Blood (3:36)
19. Mirror (2:04)
20. Outro (3:57)
21. Starts A Fire (3:04)

Luv 713  (Part 1) (Part 2)


Run Westy Run

Stylistically dissimilar to any of Minneapolis’ other post-punk guitar bands, Run Westy Run; with Kirk Johnson (vocals), brother Kraig (guitar), Terry Fisher (guitar), Tom Merkl (bass), and Bobby J. (drums) over the course of three albums experimented withnoisy blues, dissonant rock, chunky funk and twisted country.” Probably because they never developed a singular musical style, unlike fellow Minneapolis contemporaries, The Replacements or Husker Du, Run Westy Run never achieved greater national recognition.

The group signed with Greg Ginn’s SST Records (home to Husker Du, Black Flag, The Minutemen, Dinosaur jr. and the Meat Puppets) in the late 1980’s, and their first full length, 1988’s Hardly Not Even was produced by Husker Du’s Grant Hart and R.E.M.’s Peter Buck. The album proved to be primarily a showcase for

“Kirk Johnson’s literate lyrics and dramatic vocals, plus the band’s complementary guitarists.

Their second album, the self-produced Run Westy Run, is noted for the marked differences between the first halves clearer, melodic, folk-inflected songs and the second halves emphasis on early-’70s slop-rock and

“Stoogey storm of thick guitar drive.”

With SST Records facing bankruptcy 1990’s Green Cat Island was released on Minneapolis based Twin/Tone Records. Co-produced by Peter Buck the album with the exception of a few

” folky lullabies like “Kiss the Night,” and “So Long”

manages to channel vintage Rolling Stones and Aerosmith.

The Westies last full length, 1994’s Cockroach Park was self produced and recorded over the space of several days at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

Kraig Johnson has also played with, mostly-local supergroup, Golden Smog, and the Jayhawks.



Dizzy Road +2 (7″ EP) (Tontine) 1986

Hardly Not Even (LP) (SST Records) 1988

Run Westy Run (CD, LP) (SST Records) 1988

Plowed Into God EP (7″) (Big Money) 1990

Green Cat Island (CD, LP) (Twin/Tone Records) 1990

Cockroach Park 1994

David’s Drum (CD Single) (Big Money) 1995

Run Westy Run – Green Cat Island (1990)

Playing Time: 41 minutes 27 seconds

run westy run - green cat island

1. Johnny John (3:38)

2. Electrick Co (3:24)

3. Kiss the Night (2:49)

4. Keep Out (2:19)

5. Starlight (3:22)

6. Last Swallow (4:47)

7. Could Ya Would Ya (3:55)

8. Cardinal Drive (3:28)

9. Hate in the Morning (2:27)

10. Whada (3:46)

11. Get On (3:41)

12. So Long (3:51)

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