Reading ’95 II or Sometimes We Bite Off More Than We Can Chew


reading festival 95 program cover

When Grunge finally broke free from the narrow confines of America’s Pacific Northwest at the end of the 1980’s it swept away everything in it’s path. In the States Glam Metal/Hair Metal bands that had dominated the American musican scene for the better part of a decade were suddenly dinosaurs.

The English music scene by the end of the 1980’s had become increasingly moribund. The Smiths with “Morrissey’s lovelorn tales of alienation” broke up mid decade, and as Avis is to Hertz, The Wedding Present tried harder but wasn’t enough to cut through the ennui. Dream Pop and its attendant Shoe Gazer bands as a movement peaked and then quickly crest in 1991 following the release of My Blood Valentine’s Loveless… and the arrival of Grunge on British shores.

Grunge was short lived as a movement or a life style, but musically it’s influences still resonate nearly 20 years later, and with it’s success Alternative/Indie Rock finally escaped from the college rock radio ghetto and prove once-and-for-all that it was commercially viable.

In England the success of of the newly-commercialized grunge music, and notably that of Nirvana forced British bands to change their sound and style. American bands had been confronted with that same issue nearly thirty years earlier when British groups, most famously The Beatles, but also including:

Peter and Gordon, The Animals, Manfred Mann, Petula Clark, Freddie and the Dreamers, Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, Herman’s Hermits, The Rolling Stones, The Troggs, Donovan, The Who, The Kinks, and The Dave Clark Five

had dominated American rock radio and Top 40 from 1964 until 1966. That dominance would end with 1967’s Summer of Love when listeners turned their attention from “Swinging London” to San Francisco and the first wave of “psychedelic” bands:

the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Otis Redding, The Byrds, Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis Joplin, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Country Joe and the Fish.

In the early 1990’s Britpop, another alternative rock genre,

“emerged in part as a reaction against the dominance of grunge in the United Kingdom.”

and also as a reaction to British Dream Pop bands who had

“became perceived by critics as over-privileged, self-indulgent and middle-class”

Wrapping themselves figuratively and sometime literally in the Union Jack Britpop bands reveled in their Britishness, while for the listener Britpop

“offered intelligible lyrics, often about the trials and tribulations of working-class life; this was a stark contrast to the “vocals as an instrument” approach of the shoegazers, which often prized the melodic contribution of vocals over their lyrical depth.”

and replaced “the dourness of grunge” with “youthful exuberance”

While Britpop would remain the dominant musical form in the UK from 1993 until 1999, the roster of performers at England’s annual Reading Festivals would seem indicate that its peak was from 1995 to 1997.

Not everyone was enthused by Britpop as these reviews of the 1995 and 1997 Festivals make abundantly clear:


“Britpop (sad indie shite by any other name) is all the rage so Gene, Menswear, Marion, Shed Seven, Echobelly, 60ft Dolls, Heavy Stereo, Ash, The Bluetones, My Life Story and Cast all play.”


“James, Suede… The Lemonheads, Super Furry Animals, Embrace, a tedious Manics, Symposium, The Verve, Eels, Hurricane Number 1 and Snug represent the sad indie shite brigade.”

The groups in this post all played 1995’s Reading Festival, while all the albums, except for backsaturday, are debut full lengths.

Defiantly politically correct, Echobelly’s sound is an amalgam of “the ironic, self-absorbed viewpoint of the Smiths”, stylish Blondie posturing and some solid guitar crunch.

Echobelly’s debut full length Everybody’s Got One, EGO for short “clearly echoes one of the great English self-obsessives, Morrissey.” Led by vocalist Sonya Aurora Madan the band gained perhaps too much U.K. press attention “over the surprising fact that she was non-Caucasian and non-male.”

By the mid-’90s he band will find itself eclipsed by contemporaries like Elastica and Sleeper, although the group still maintained a “dedicated cult following in the U.S. and U.K.” and a devoted Japanese fan base.

The Welch band 60 Ft. Dolls, Richard Parfitt (vocals/guitar), Mike Cole (bass) and Carl Beven (drums) found their inspiration in the music of the Who, the Clash, and the Jam, and surprisingly from Motown. With Beven citing John Bonham and Keith Moon as influences there’s little wonder that the band builds up a rowdy following around Wales. They release their debut single, “Happy Shopper”, in 1994, and by 1995 they’re opening for Veruca Salt on the New Musical Express Brat Bus tour and sharing 1995’s Reading Festival Melody Maker Stage with the Foo Fighters. By 1999 their done.

Leisester, England based Prolapse was never considered Britpop. With two vocalists, “Scottish Mick” Derrick and Linda Steelyard, two guitarists, Pat Marsden and David Jeffreys, bassist Mick Harrison, keyboardist Donald Ross and drummer Tim Pattison, this seven piece sound can best be compared the Birthday Party, the Cure, and Bauhaus.

Unlike their subsequent albums that tended to be lush

backsaturday is an “interesting” second album recorded in a couple of days without the precaution of writing songs before rolling the tape

and with its focal point “noisy rock derived from P.I.L. and the Fall” and marked by the extremes of “imaginative noisemaking or well-executed, taut, post-punk rhythms.”

Originally conceived as a reaction to Britpop, 1996’s Fuzzy Logic, the debut album by Super Furry Animals, with it’s fusion of the ’70s pop of Mott the Hoople and David Bowie, psychedelia, and art rock proved to be anything but. Reaching #23 on the UK Albums Chart, the album also produced two top 20 hits “If You Don’t Want Me to Destroy You” and “Something 4 the Weekend”.

Q Magazine named it as one of the Top 10 Britpop Albums Ever in December 1996, and in 2004 listed it as one of the Best British Albums Ever. It’s also featured in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Here is a link to the complete list of Artists and albums that the book covers.

Los Angeles native singer/song writer Julie Daniels forms Star 69 in London in the mid 1990’s with Patch Hannan, Richard Cordon and Warren Huart. Without even releasing a single they play Reading 95’s Carlsberg Stage. In 1996 the group releases two singles, plays the 1996 Reading Festival and signs with Radioactive Records. Relocating to Los Angeles that same year they record their debut full length Eating February with Cracker and John Hiat producer Don Smith.


Echobelly Discography

Singles, EPs and Full-length

Bellyache (12″) (Pandemonium Records) 1993
Bellyache EP (CD) (Pandemonium Records) 1993
Close…But (12″) (Fauve Records) 1994
Close…But (CD Single) (Fauve Records) 1994
Everyone’s Got One (CD) (Fauve Records, Rhythm King, Sony Music) 1994
I Can’t Imagine The World Without Me (7″, 12″, CD Single ) (Fauve Records) 1994
Insomniac (12″, CD Single) (Fauve Records, Transglobal) 1994
Great Things (Cass Single) (Rhythm King Records) 1995
Great Things EP (CD Single, CD1) (Fauve Records, Rhythm King) 1995
Great Things EP (CD Single, CD2) (Fauve Records, Rhythm King) 1995
Insomniac (CD) (Rhythm King Records) 1995
King Of The Kerb (CD Single) (Fauve Records, Rhythm King Records, Sony Music Australia) 1995
King Of The Kerb (CD Single, CD1) (Fauve Records) 1995
King Of The Kerb (CD Single, CD2) (Fauve Records) 1995
On EP (CD) (Rhythm King,550 Music, Fauve Records) 1995
Here Comes The Scene (7″) ( Fauve Records) 1995
Dark Therapy (7″, 12″, CD Single) (Fauve Records) 1996
Here Comes The Big Rush EP (CD Single, CD1) (Epic) 1997
Here Comes The Big Rush EP (CD Single, CD2) (Epic) 1997
Here Comes The Big Rush (12″) (Epic) 1997
Lustra (Cass, CD ) (Epic) 1997
The World Is Flat EP (CD Single, CD1) (Epic) 1997
The World Is Flat EP (CD Single, CD2) (Epic) 1997
Digit EP (CD) (Fry Up) 2000
People Are Expensive (CD) (Fry Up) 2001
Best of Echobelly: I Can’t Imagine The World Without Me (CD) (Epic Europe) 2001
Tell Me Why (CD Single) (Fry Up) 2001
Kali Yuga (CD Single) (Fry Up) 2001
Gravity Pulls (CD) (Takeout Records) 2004
Lustra (CD) (Sony) 2007
The Best Of Echobelly (CD) (SonyBMG) 2008

Tracks Appear On:

“Insomniac”, “Sober” 1494 (CD) (Les Inrockuptibles) 1994
“Today Tomorrow Sometime Never”
Class Of ’94 (Cass) (Vox Magazine) 1994
“Insomniac” Dumb And Dumber (OST)(CD) (RCA) 1994
“I Can’t Imagine The World Without Me” Indie Top 20 Volume 20 (CD) (Beechwood Music) 1994
“Bellyache (Remix)”
Reading Present (Cass) (Melody Maker) 1994
“Father, Ruler, King, Computer”
Secret Tracks 2 (Cass) (Select Magazine) 1994
Volume Ten (CD) (Volume) 1994
“Give Her A Gun” …Hold On (CD) (Melody Maker) 1995
“Today Tomorrow Sometime Never” Buy British (2xCD) (Dragnet Records, Sony Music Entertainment (Germany) 1995
“Insomniac” CMJ New Music May – Volume 21 (CD) (College Music Journal) 1995
“King Of The Kerb”
CMJ New Music November – Volume 27 (CD) (College Music Journal) 1995
“Today Tomorrow Sometime Never” Home Truths (LP) (Echo) 1995
“Close….But ” Indie Top 20 Volume 21 (CD) (Beechwood Music) 1995
“Great Things” Indie Top 20 Volume 22 (CD) (Beechwood Music) 1995
“Great Things” New Voices Vol. 3 (CD) (Rolling Stone (Germany) 1995
Sharks Patrol These Waters – The Best Of Volume Part 2 (2xCD) (Volume) 1995
“Car Fiction (Live At Mark Lamarr Show 29.09.95)” The Radio 1 FM Sessions Vol 3 (Cass) (Vox Magazine) 1995
“King Of The Kerbs” Top Of The Pops 2 (2xCD) (Columbia) 1995
“I Can’t Imagine The World Without Me”
Best Of Indie Top 20 (Vols 16-22) (CD) (Beechwood Music) 1996
“King Of The Kerb” Britpop Vol. 1 (2xCD) (Columbia, Sony Music (Germany) 1996
“King Of The Kerb” Diesel – General Warning! (CD) (Sony Music (Denmark) 1996
“Pushing Against The Flow (7″ Edit)”
Hits Mania ’96 Volume 1 (CD) (Telstar) 1996
“Great Things”
Ladykillers (Cass) (PolyGram TV) 1996
“Great Things”
Shine 7 (2xCD) (PolyGram TV) 1996
“Pantyhose & Roses”
The Basement Tapes Volume 1 (Cass) (Melody Maker) 1996
“Great Things”
The Best… Album In The World…Ever! (2xCD) (Circa Records Ltd.) 1996
“King Of The Kerb”
The Best…Album In The World…Ever! Vol.3 (2xCD) (Circa Records Ltd.) 1996
“Car Fiction”
The Mark Radcliffe Sessions (Cass) (Vox Magazine) 1996
“Car Fiction”
Tonnage 2: A Compilation (CD) (Epic) 1996
“Great Things” Truebrit – 40 Essential Indie Hits (2xCD) (PolyGram TV) 1996
“Go Away”
Unheard Pleasures (Cass) (Select Magazine) 1996
“Great Things” Very Best Of (CD) (Sony Music Media (Germany) 1996
“Natural Animal”
Volume Fourteen – Reading ’95 Special (2xCD) (Volume) 1996
“Here Comes The Big Rush (Midfield General Vocal Mix)”
Block Bustin’ Beats (2xCD) (Solid State Records) 1997
“Here Comes The Big Rush” Compilation Artist News Décembre 1997 Vol. 1 (CD) (Sony Music (France) 1997
“Dark Therapy” Crush (2xCD) (PolyGram TV) 1997
Dark Therapy (New Version)”
Long Live Tibet (2xLP, CD) (EMI Records) 1997
“The World Is Flat”
Musikexpress 10 (CD) (Musikexpress) 1997
“Bleed” Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 11 (CD) (Zoo Magazine (DK) 1997
“King Of The Kerb”
Essential Drive (CD) (Q Magazine) 2001
“King Of The Kerb” Live Forever (2xCD) (Virgin) 2003
“Great Things” 100 Hits 90s (5xCD) (Demon Music Group) 2007
“Great Things” Play It Loud (2xCD) (Universal Music TV) 2007
The Brit Box: UK Indie, Shoegaze, And Brit-Pop Gems Of The Last Millennium (4xCD) (Rhino) 2007


Echobelly – Everyone’s Got One (1994)

Playing Time: 41 minutes 15 seconds

echobelly-everyone's got one

1. Today Tomorrow Sometime Never (3:39)
2. Father Ruler King Computer (2:41)
3. Give Her a Gun (3:37)
4. I Can’t Imagine the World Without Me (3:01)
5. Bellyache (4:30)
6. Taste of You (3:30)
7. Insomniac (4:16)
8. Call Me Names (3:49)
9. Close…But (2:51)
10. Cold feet warm heart (3:28)
11. Scream (5:53)

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60ft Dolls Discography

Singles, EPs and Full-length

White Knuckle Ride (Single) (Pinnacle) 1995
Pig Valentine (7″) (Indolent Records) 1995
Hair (10″) (Indolent Records) 1996
Hair (CD Single) (Indolent Records) 1996
Happy Shopper (CD Single) (Indolent Records) 1996
Happy Shopper (7″) (Indolent Records) 1996
Stay (CD Single) (Indolent Records) 1996
Stay (7″) (Indolent Records) 1996
Supernatural Joy EP (CD Maxi) (DGC) 1996
The Big 3 (Cass, CD) (Indolent Records)1996
Talk To Me (CD Single) (Indolent Records) 1996
Talk To Me / Ponyride (7″) (Indolent Records) 1996
The Big 3 (Cass, CD) (Geffen Records) 1997
Alison’s Room EP (CD Maxi) (Indolent Records) 1998
Alison’s Room (CD Single) (Indolent Records) 1998
Joya Magica (CD) (Huge & Jolly) 1999

Tracks Appear On:

“Dr. Rat” Club Spangle Number4Four (7″, EP) (Spangle Records) 1995
“British Racing Green” For Immediate Use (Cass) (Raw Magazine) 1995
“No 1, Pure Alcohol” Home Truths (LP) (Echo) 1995
“Happy Shopper” Indie Top 20 Volume 21 (CD) (Beechwood Music) 1995
“The Universal” Long Agos And Worlds Apart – A Tribute To The Small Faces (Album) (Nippon Crown) 1995
“The Universal”
Long Agos And Worlds Apart – A Tribute To The Small Faces (CD) (Nice Records) 1996
“Pig Valentine”
Evening Session Priority Tunes (2xCD) (Virgin Records) 1996
“Newloafers”, “Stay” Hardware (CD) (BMG Music Australia) 1996
“Talk To Me” Indie Top 20 Volume 23 (CD) (Beechwood Music) 1996
“Ponyride” London Calling Volume 1 (CD) (London Calling) 1996
“Happy Shopper” Peaceful Greasy Feelin’ (CD) (Geffen) 1996
“Talk To Me”
Mad For It (2xCD) (Telstar) 1996
“Talk To Me”
Radio One Sound City: Leeds 1996 (CD) (MCI) 1996
“Talk To Me” Shine 5 (2xCD) (PolyGram Record Operations) 1996
“Happy Shopper” Swagalicious (CD) (Geffen Records, Dreamworks, Almo Sounds, Outpost Recordings) 1996
“Talk To Me” Tenacious (CD) (BMG UK & Ireland)1996
“Stay” The Best…Album In The World…Ever! Vol.3 (2xCD) (Circa Records Ltd.) 1996
“Stay The Night” The Magnificent Seven (Cass) (Melody Maker) 1996
“Stay” Spin This 8 (CD) (Not On Label) 1997
“Hair” Vital Distribution At London Music Week (CD) (Vital Distribution) 1997
“No. 1 Pure Alcohol” Snogging and Shagging (CD) (Geffen) 1997
Fierce Panda Presents: Dial M For Merthyr (2xLP) (Fierce Panda) 1997
“Talk to Me”
DangerZone (2xCD) (PolyGram TV) 1997
“Happy Shopper” Suburban Hymns (CD) (Crimson) 2000
“Stay” KROQ 97 Hits
“Hair (7″ version)” Gimme Shelter

60ft Dolls – The Big 3 (1996)

Playing Time: 41 minutes 48 seconds

60ft dolls-the big 3

1. Happy Shopper (3:04)
2. Stay (3:00)
3. Pig Valentine (3:17)
4. The One (2:48)
5. Hair (3:16)
6. Talk To Me (2:57)
7. Streamlined (5:13)
8. Loser (3:01)
9. New Loafers (2:05)
10. Good Times (3:11)
11. No. 1 Pure Alcohol (2:41)
12. Terminal Crash Fear (2:54)
13. Buzz (4:21)

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Prolapse Discography

Singles, EPs and Full-length

Crate: Songs for Ella (EP, Vinyl) (Cherry Red) 1994
Doorstop Rhythmic Bloc (CD, Maxi) (Cherry Red) 1994
Pointless Walks To Dismal Places (CD, LP) (Cherry Red) 1994
Pull thru’ Barker: Songs for Grandpops Manterfield (CD, Maxi) (Cherry Red) 1994
Backsaturday (LP) (Lissy’s Records) 1995
Backsaturday (CD) (Lissy’s Records) 1995
“T.C.R.” (7″) (Love Train) 1995
“When Space Invaders Were Big”/”Love Like Anthrax” (7″) (Cherry Red) 1995
“Flexed” / “Unroadkill” (12″) (Lissy’s Records) 1996
“Warped Reality #4” (Flexi, 7″, S/Sided) (Eva-Tone Soundsheets) 1996
Backsaturday (CD) (Jetset Records) 1996
Autocade (2×7″) (Radarscope Records / Radar Records) 1997
Killing The Bland (7″) (Radarscope Records / Radar Records) 1997
The Italian Flag (CD, 2xLP) (Radarscope Records, Jetset) 1997
Deanshanger (7″) (Radarscope Records / Radar Records) 1998
Deanshanger (CD Single) (Radarscope Records / Radar Records) 1998
Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes (CD, LP) (Cooking Vinyl, Jetset Records) 1999
“Fob.Com” (7″Single) (Cooking Viny) 2000

Tracks Appear On:

“They Slept in Darkness” A Taste of Tea (Cass) (Tea Records) 1993
“P.D.F.”, “Screws” An Assortment (CD) ( Cherry Red) 1994
“Visa For Violet And Van” Volume Twelve – Winter ’94 (CD) (Volume) 1994
“Irritating Dub” Ashtray Heart (CD) (Sorted Records) 1995
“Headless In A Beat Motel” Easter Egg-Splosion (7″, Comp) (Basketcase Records) 1995
“P.D.F. (Demo Version)” The Sorted EP (7″, EP, Comp) (Sorted Records) 1995
“TCR (American Mix)” Each Pillow Is Tethered Like a Rock (Cass) (Sorted Records) 1996
“Serpico” Ambitious? (CD) (C & S Records) 1996
“TCR” CMJ New Music August – Volume 36 (CD) ( College Music Journal) 1996
“TCR” The Camden Crawl II (CD) (Love Train) 1996
“Move To Limit Slabs” Volume Fourteen – Reading ’95 Special (2xCD) (Volume) 1996

“Chill Blown” Femme Fatale – Volume 1 (CD) (Dressed to Kill) 1997

“Chill Blown” Grrrl Power: A History of Women in Popular Music (3xCD) (Dressed to Kill) 1997
“Autocade” UK Rock Manifesto (Warner Japan) 1998

“Cacophany #A” Drinking From Puddles: A Radio History (CD, 2xLP) (Kill Rock Stars) 1999
“Adiabatic” Delicatessen One: 18 Delicious Creations From the Cooking Vinyl Kitchen (Cooking Vinyl) 2000
“” Cooking Vinyl In Rockdelux (CD) (Sinedín Music) 2000
“Murdered by Killers #1”, “Dunblane Hydro” Havock Junction (CD) (Sorted Records) 2001
Alliance Entertainment Caroline Distribution Sampler

Prolapse – Backsaturday (1996)

Playing Time: 46 minutes 26 seconds


1. Mein Minefield. Mine Landmine (2:21)
2. TCR (3:16)
3. Framen Fr. Cesar (7:53)
4. Every Night I’m Mentally Crucified (7000 Times) (2:20)
5. Zen Nun Deb (5:54)
6. Irritating Radiator (5:36)
7. Drown Radio Therapy (1:38)
8. Flex (15:04)
9. Strain Contortion of Bag (2:24)

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Super Furry Animals Discography

Singles, EPs and Full-length

Llanfairpwllgwngyllgogerychwyndrobwllantysiliogogogochynygofod EP (7″) (Ankst) 1995
Moog Droog (7″ EP, CD EP) (Ankst) 1995
Fuzzy Logic (CD, LP) (Creation Records, Epic) 1996
God! Show Me Magic (7″, 12″, CD Single) (Creation Records) 1996
Hometown Unicorn (7″, 12″, CD) (Creation Records) 1996
If You Don’t Want Me To Destroy You (7″, Cass, CD Single) (Creation Records) 1996
Something 4 The Weekend (CD) (Creation Records) 1996
The Man Don’t Give A Fuck (7″, 12″, CD Single) (Creation Records) 1996
Demons (CD Single) (Creation Records) 1997
Demons / Hit And Run (7″) (Creation Records) 1997
Hermann Loves Pauline (7″, 12″ CD Single) (Creation Records) 1997
Play It Cool (CD) (Creation Records) 1997
Play It Cool / Pass The Time (7″) (Creation Records) 1997
Radiator (CD, 2xLP) (Creation Records) 1997
The International Language Of Screaming (7″, CD Single) (Creation Records) 1997
Ice Hockey Hair (7″, 12″, CD EP ) (Creation Records) 1998
Out Spaced (
CD, LP) (Creation Records) 1998
The Man Don’t Give A Fuck (12″) (Creation Records) 1998
Do Or Die (7″, Cass ) (Creation Records) 1999
Fire In My Heart (Cass , CD) (Creation Records) 1999
Fire In My Heart (7″) (Creation Records) 1999
Guerrilla (CD, 2xLP) (Creation Records, Flydaddy Records) 1999
Northern Lites (
7″, CD) (Creation Records) 1999
Radiator / Out Spaced (2xCD) (Flydaddy Records) 1999
Do Or Die (CD) (Creation Records) 2000
Liverpool Sound Collage (CD Single) (Hydra) 2000
Mwng (CD, 2xCD,LP) (Flydaddy Records, Placid Casual Recordings) 2000
Ysbeidiau Heulog (7″) (Placid Casual Recordings) 2000
(Drawing) Rings Around The World (12″, Cass , CD) (Epic) 2001
It’s Not The End Of The World? (12″, CD) (Epic) 2001
Juxtapozed With U (12″, CD) (Epic) 2001
Rings Around The World (CD) (Sony Japan) 2001
Rings Around The World (DVD) (Epic) 2001
Rings Around The World (2xCD) (XL Recordings) 2002
Golden Retriever (7″, CD) (Sony Music Entertainment (UK) 2003
Hello Sunshine (7″, CD) (Epic) 2003
Hello Sunshine (DVD Single) Epic 2003
Phantom Power (CD, 2xLP) (Epic, XL Recordings, Sony BMG (UK) 2003
Phantom Power (DVD) (Epic) 2003
Phantom Phorce (2xLP, 2xCD) (Placid Casual Recordings) 2004
Phantom Phorce / Slow Life EP (2xCD) (Beggars Banquet US) 2004
Songbook: The Singles, Volume 1 (2xLP) (Epic) 2004
The Man Don’t Give A Fuck (12″) (Epic) 2004
The Man Don’t Give A Fuck (Live From London’s Hammersmith Apollo) (CD Single) (Epic) 2004
Fuzzy Logic (2xCD) (XL Recordings) 2005
Guerrilla (2xCD) (XL Recordings) 2005
Lazer Beam (7″, 12″, Cd Single) (XL Recordings, Sony BMG (UK) 2005
Love Kraft (CD, 2xLP) (Rough Trade (UK), Beggars Banquet US, Epic, XL Recordings) 2005
Love Kraft (SACD) (Epic) 2005
Mwng (2xCD) (XL Recordings) 2005
Out Spaced (CD) (XL Recordings) 2005
Radiator (2xCD) (XL Recordings) 2005
Songbook: The Singles, Volume One (CD) (Epic) 2005
Hey Venus! (CD, LP) (Rough Trade (UK) 2007
Run Away (7″) (Rough Trade (UK) 2007
Show Your Hand (7″,CD Single) (Rough Trade (UK) 2007
Hey Venus! (CD, Album + CD, EP) (Rough Trade America) 2008
Dark Days/Light Years (CD) (Rough Trade (UK) 2009
Inaugural Trams (CDr Single) (Rough Trade (UK) 2009

Tracks Appear On:

“Hometown Unicorn” Alternator (CD) (Dino Entertainment) 1996 “If You Don’t Want Me To Destroy You” Brit Beat…Later Volume One (CD) (Island Records) 1996
“Hometown Unicorn” Class Of 96 (CD) (Vox Magazine) 1996
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“Juxtapozed With U” Q Presents: Glastonbury 2003 (2xCD) (Emm Records) 2003
“Golden Retriever” SPEX CD #32 (CD) (Spex Magazine) 2003
“Foxy Music” The Amos House Collection Volume III (2xCD) (Wishing Tree Records) 2003
“Golden Retriever” The Cornerstone Player 045 (CD, Promo + DVD) (Cornerstone Promotion) 2003
“Something For The Weekend” John Peel – A Tribute (2xCD) (Warner Strategic Marketing (UK) 2005
“Juxtapozed With U” Revolutions * Alternative Bands Radical Music (2xCD) (Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. 2005
“Frequency” Rough Trade Sampler .02 International Edition (CD) (Rough Trade UK) 2005
“Frequency” Sinnamon Records (CD) (Sinedín Music) 2005
“Ohio Heat” Sounds – Now! (CD) (Musikexpress) 2005
“Slow Life” Winter Sampler ’05 (CD) (Beggars Group) 2005
“The Proper Ornaments” Les Musiques Que J’aime – My Favorite Songs (2xCD) (Tolerance Records) 2006
“Smoke It (Dave Clarke Remix)” Remixes & Rarities 1992-2005 (2xCD) (Music Man Records) 2006
“Juxtaexposed With You” The Definitive Tom Dunne Vol.01: Pet Picks 2000 – 2006 (2xCD) (Rubyworks) 2006
“Suckers!” Indie Icons (CD, Album) (Rough Trade UK, The Sunday Times) 2007
“Show Your Hand” Morceaux Choisis (CD) (Magic, Bonne Nouvelle Éditions) 2007
“Something 4 The Weekend” The Brit Box: UK Indie, Shoegaze, And Brit-Pop Gems Of The Last Millennium (4xCD) (Rhino Entertainment Company) 2007
“The Gift That Keeps Giving” Seen And Heard: 4AD & Rough Trade 2008 Sampler (CD) (4AD) 2008
“Inconvenience” All Areas Volume 103 (CD) (Visions Magazine) 2009
“Inaugural Trams” C09 Rough Trade Compilation (Cass) (Rough Trade (UK) 2009
“The Placid Casual” Musikexpress 16 – Creation Records (CD) (Musikexpress)
“Do Or Die” Shock Waves (CD) (Shock)

Unofficial Releases:

“Lazer Beam” From Man To Mouse (2xLP) (Not On Label) 2007

Super Furry Animals – Fuzzy Logic (1996)

Playing Time: 41 minutes 30 seconds

super furry animals-fuzzy logic

1. God! Show Me Magic (1:50)
2. Fuzzy Birds (2:28)
3. Something 4 the Weekend (2:51)
4. Frisbee (2:22)
5. Hometown Unicorn (3:33)
6. Gathering Moss (3:23)
7. If You Don’t Want Me to Destroy You (3:17)
8. Bad Behaviour (4:26)
9. Mario Man (4:07)
10. Hangin’ with Howard Marks (4:20)
11. Long Gone (5:20)
12. For Now and Ever (3:33)

Buy Fuzzy Logic



Star 69 Discography

Singles and Full-length

I’m Insane (CD, Maxi) (Radioactive) 1996
I’m Insane (7″, Single) (Radioactive) 1996
You Are Here EP (Radioactive/MCA) 1996
Eating February (CD, Album) (Radioactive) 1997

Tracks Appear On:

“I’m Insane” Chill Out With the Class of ’97 (CD) (Dennis Maxim) 1997
“I’m Insane” Universal Ser Fremover Vol. 4 (CD) (Universal Music Norway) 1997
“I’m Insane” KROQ 97 Hits
“Hard Act to Follow” California Soul (CD) (Unisex) 2004

“Days of Young” Nu Soul Sessions (2 x CD)(Sessions UK) 2005
“I’m Insane” V-71 (disc 1)

Star 69 – Eating February (1997)

Playing Time: 50 minutes 32 seconds

star 69-eating february

1. You Are Here (3:54)
2. I’m Insane (4:28)
3. Burning Down the House (4:04)
4. Rotten Punch (4:56)
5. I’m Selfish (4:47)
6. Lay Me (4:31)
7. Scabs (2:53)
8. Mama Don’t Let (4:16)
9. Bruise (3:47)
10. I’m Not You (4:17)
11. [silence] (0:04)
12. [silence] (0:04)
66. [silence] (0:04)
67. [silence] (0:05)
68. [silence] (0:48)
69. 69 (4:02)

Buy Eating February

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