Two recent additions to my “record collection.” help to flesh out two of my earlier posts.

Supplementing this years earlier post about alt-country/roots rockers the Bottle Rockets is their Blue Sky album from 2003.

Blue Sky finds the Bottle Rockets reduced to a trio with Brian Henneman playing guitars on most cuts, although co-producer and Gov’t Mule frontman Warren Haynes plays on a few songs, as does former Blood Oranges axeman Mark Spencer. Quieter than previous albums the album is more country than rock. While songs like “Men & Women,” and “Man of Constant Anxiety,” would be right at home on country radio songs like “Pretty Little Angie” and “I.D. Blues” serve notice that the group “can still rock on out when the spirit moves them.”


Bottle Rockets – Blue Sky (2003)

Playing Time: 42 minutes 57 seconds

bottle rockets-blue sky

1. Lucky Break (2:47)
2. Man of Constant Anxiety (2:42)
3. I Don’t Wanna Go Back (3:41)
4. Baggage Claim (4:19)
5. Men & Women (2:40)
6. Baby’s Not My Baby Tonight (2:21)
7. Cartoon Wisdom (5:03)
8. Cross by the Highway (3:15)
9. Pretty Little Angie (3:25)
10. Blue Sky (2:17)
11. Mom & Dad (4:06)
12. I.D. Blues (3:39)
13.The Last Time (2:42)

Buy Blue Sky from

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The first album in nine years since 1998’s Smitten 2007’s Three Easy Pieces “shows Buffalo Tom haven’t lost their touch (or their ability to rock) despite a long layoff.”

“Three Easy Pieces conveys a heady air of “turn up the amps and let it rip.”

For a fuller profile of Buffalo Tom check out my August 2007 post about the band. I’ve also taken the time to refresh all the expired links in that post.


Buffalo Tom – Three Easy Pieces (2007)

Playing Time: 50 minutes 53 seconds

buffalo tom-three easy pieces

1. Bad Phone Call (4:20)
2. Three Easy Pieces (3:51)
3. You’ll Never Catch Him (5:00)
4. Bottom of the Rain (3:24)
5. Lost Downtown (3:38)
6. Renovating (3:00)
7. Good Girl (2:33)
8. Pendletow (3:45)
9. Gravity (3:26)
10. Hearts of Palm (5:23)
11. September Shirt (2:44)
12. CC and Callas (3:36)
13. Thrown (6:13)

Buy Three Easy Pieces from

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