Lida Husik

Washington DC native Lida Husik started writing songs while in high school, and also played drums in a local punk band. Following moves to San Francisco and Hoboken she returned to the DC area where she met scenester/guitarist/producer Don Fleming (Velvet Monkeys, B.A.L.L., Gumball) who passed along her tape to Shimmy-Disc’s owner Kramer; who would end up producing her first three albums, Bozo, Your Bag and The Return of Red Emma.

Joyride, her debut album on major label Caroline Records, finds her as usual playing all instruments, except drums; and despite three producers, including British ambient/techno musician Beaumont Hannant.

“the gorgeous album maintains a consistent accessibility throughout.”

With it’s combination of ’60s folk-rock, pop’s neo-jazz stylings, pastel-colored psychedelia, rock, intricate vocal arrangements, and Husik’s inventive playing, Joyride is just that.

1997’s Fly Stereophonic released on Alias Records, with it’s breezy folk-rock, Bo Diddley beats and “dance-worthy, in the Sixties frug/jerk sense” is definitely more pop-oriented then Joyride and perhaps, partly reflects her 1996 move from New York City to layed-back Southern California.



Singles and EPs

Star” (7″) ( Rough Trade (UK) 1994
Evening At The Grange (CD, EP) ( Astralwerks) 1994
Evening At The Grange (CD, MiniAlbum) (Hyperium Records) 1995
Bad Head Day (CD, Maxi, 12″ ) (Astralwerks) 1996
Beaumont Hannant Remixes (12″) (Alias Records) 1997
Remixes (CDr, Maxi, Promo) (Alias Records) 1997
Soundman (12″) (Alias Records) 1997
The Slide (12″) (Alias Records) 1997
Dissolve (12″) (Alias Records) 1998
Dissolve (CD, Maxi) (Alias Records) 1998
The New Miss NYC (12″) (Alias Records) 1998


Bozo (CD, LP) (Shimmy Disc) 1991
The Return Of Red Emma (CD, LP) (Shimmy Disc) 1992
Your Bag (CD, LP) (Shimmy Disc) 1992
Joyride (CD) (Caroline Records) 1995
Green Blue Fire (CD, Album) (Virgin) 1996
Fly Stereophonic (CD) (Alias Records) 1997
Faith In Space (CD) (Alias Records) 1998
Mad Flavor (CD) (Alias Records) 1999

Appears On:

“Ormeau” (Vocal Version) Ormeau (12″) (General Production Recordings (GPR) 1994
“Ormeau” (Vocal Version) Ormeau / Substance (CD) (General Production Recordings (GPR) 1994
“Ormeau”, “Woven Textures”, “Night Ride” Sculptured (CD, 2xLP) (General Production Recordings (GPR) 1994
“Woven Textures” Texturology (2xLP) (General Production Recordings (GPR) 1994
“Chocolate City”, “Cape Fear” Different Sounds (CD) (Amethyst) 1999
Faith In The Future (CD) (Astralwerks) 2001
“Dreamtime” Faith In The Future (3xLP) (Astralwerks) 2001

Tracks Appear On:

“Good Times Roll” Rutles Highway Revisited (A Tribute To The Rutles) (LP) (Shimmy Disc) 1990
“Good Times Roll” Rutles Highway Revisited (A Tribute To The Rutles) (CD) (Shimmy Disc Europe) 1990
“Fatigue” What Else Do You Do?: A Compilation Of Quiet Music (CD) (Shimmy Disc) 1990
“Persinthia Lawdro & John” CMJ New Music April – Volume 20 (CD) (College Music Journal) 1995
“Now I’m Older, Silver Girl” Heavenly Voices IV (CD) (Hyperium Records) 1996
“Bad Head Day” How Low Can A Punk Get? (CD) (Caroline (UK) 1996
“Ditty One” Indie Rock Blueprint (CD) (Go Compact Discs) 1996
“Fly Stereophonic” CMJ New Music Volume 48 August 1997 (CD) (College Music Journal) 1997
“Bad Head Day (Subtropic Cut It Up Mix)” DJ-Kicks: The Black Album (CD) (Studio !K7) 1997
“Bad Head Day (Subtropic Cut It Up Mix)” DJ-Kicks: The Black Album – The Tracks (3xLP) (Studio !K7) 1997
“Dissolve” ADA Sampler September ’98 (CD) (Alternative Distribution Alliance) 1998
“Dissolve” CMJ New Music Volume 62 October 1998 (CD) (College Music Journal) 1998
“Dissolve” September 98 (2xCD) (Virtuallyalternative) 1998
“Good Times Roll” Rutles Highway Revisited (A Tribute To The Rutles) (CD) (Shimmy Disc) 2002

Joyride (1995)

Playing Time: 48 minutes 18 seconds


1. Joyride (2:39)
2. Mother Richard (3:36)
3. Glorious (4:48)
4. Flower of the Hour (4:15)
5. Midnight of Life (2:28)
6. Strawberries are Growing in my Garden (And It’s Wintertime) (4:52)
7. Star (5:24)
8. Persinthia Lawdro & John (4:20)
9. Sweet Lavender (3:58)
10. Donkey Pot (3:47)
11. Mickey Minnie (3:59)
12. Dreamlake (4:12)

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Fly Stereophonic (1997)

Playing Time: 34 minutes 1 second


1. Fly Stereophonic (2:18)
2. Fade Sister Cool (2:35)
3. Sharon Hill Shadows (2:08)
4. Soundman (2:16)
5. Cape Fear (3:13)
6. Cafe Con Leche (3:02)
7. Death Trip (1:54)
8. Ein Symphonie Des Grauens (2:27)
9. The Slide (2:57)
10. Dead Poets (2:06)
11. Chocolate City (4:07)
12. Dancing Pants (4:58)

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