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I recently had a request from Lidija who wrote and asked if it would be possible to re-upload China Drum’s Goosefair cd. I’ve uploaded both Goosefair, and their Barrier EP. I’ve freshened the links for these two cds on my original December 2006 post and for those of you who would like to read that post here is the link.

I’ve also taken the time to expand upon my original post, so for those in a hurry, those links for the Barrier EP and Goosefair can be found here, along with an extensive China Drum discography.

china drum

China Drum formed in Ovingham-upon-Tyne, England, in 1989. This pop-punk band originally began as a trio, and consisted of guitarist Bill McQueen, bassist Dave McQueen, and drummer/vocalist Adam Lee.

It wasn’t until 1993 before they released their self-financed single Simple, but with the support of BBC DJ’s John Peel and Steve Lamacq the few hundred copies that were pressed quickly sold out.

Simple was followed with a bunch of singles, along with tours with Green Day, Ash, and Supergrass, culminating with a slot at the 1995 Reading Festival.

1995’s Barrier EP released in the U.S. on MCA Records is a collection of five of their import only singles, while 1996’s Goosefair is, in the words of The Big Takeover editor Jack Rabid

“as close to spotless as post-Descendents punk-pop gets…China Drum attack with a super-clean edge, yet with plenty of firepower, and drummer Adam Lee’s singing is crystal clear.”

Dropped by MCA they signed with Beggars Banquet who released 1998’s Self Made Maniac. Prior to that album’s release the trio added former Compulsion drummer Jan Alkema so that Adam Lee could be a proper frontman. In the process of changing from a trio to a quartet they shortened the group’s name to Drum.


Singles, EPs and Full-length

Great Fire (10″) (Fluffy Bunny Records) 1994
Barrier (CD, Single) (Fluffy Bunny Records)1995
Barrier (10″) (Fluffy Bunny Records) 1995
Barrier [Single] MCA (1995)
Barrier [U.S. EP] (MCA) 1995
Fall Into Place (10″, Single) (Mantra Recordings) 1995
Fall Into Place (CD, Single) (Mantra Recordings)1995
Pictures (CD, Single) (Mantra Recordings) 1995
Rolling Hills and Soaking Gills (Beggars Banquet) 1995
Simple (Bitzcore) 1996
Can’t Stop These Things (7″) (Mantra Recordings) 1996
Can’t Stop These Things (CD, Single) (Beggars Banquet, Mantra Recordings)1996
Goosefair (CD) (Mantra Recordings) 1996
Goosefair (CD, Album) ((510) Records, J.V.) 1996
Last Chance (7″) (Beggars Banquet, Mantra Recordings) 1996
Last Chance (CD, Single) (Mantra Recordings)1996
Wipeout (7″) (Mantra Recordings)1996
Wipeout (CD) (Mantra Recordings)1996
Fiction Of Life (7″) (Beggars Banquet, Mantra Recordings) 1997
Fiction Of Life (CD, Single) (Mantra Recordings)1997
Somewhere Else (7″) (Beggars Banquet, Mantra Recordings) 1997
Self Made Maniac (CD) (Beggars Banquet, Mantra Recordings) 1998
Stop It All Adding Up (CD) (Mantra Recordings)1998
Stop It All Adding Up (7″) (Mantra Recordings)1998

Tracks Appears On:

“Meaning” Little White God (7″) (Domino Recording Company Ltd.) 1994
“Drown It” 104.9 (An XFM Compilation) (CD) (XFM Ltd.) 1995
“One Way Down” Nings Of Desire (CD) (Fierce Panda) 1995
“On My Way” For A Fistful Of Yens (CD) (Bitzcore) 1994
“Barrier” This One’s Worth Saving (CD) (MCA Records (Canada)) 1995
“Wipe Out” Alternator (CD) (Dino Entertainment) 1996
“Wuthering Heights” Board To Hell (CD) (Viceroy Music Europe)1996
“Wuthering Heights” Checklist File 1 (CD) (PIAS Benelux) 1996
“Can’t Stop These Things” Music! (CD) (MNW) 1996
“Wuthering Heights” Piranha – Music That Bites! (2xCD) (Virgin Schallplatten GmbH) 1996
“Cut Them Out” The Camden Crawl II (CD) (Love Train) 1996
“Simple (Live In Glasgow)” Unheard Pleasures (Cass) (Select Magazine) 1996
“Situation” Volume Fourteen – Reading ’95 Special (2xCD) (Volume) 1996
“One Thing” Off Road Tracks Vol. 6 (CD) (Metal Hammer (Germany)) 1997
“Fiction Of Life” Play It! Volume 6 (CD) (Play It Again Sam [PIAS]) 1997
“Guilty Deafness” Rock Sound Volume 13 (CD) (Rock Sound) 1997
“Wipeout” Vivamania Volume 1 (2xCD) (Sony Music Entertainment (Germany)) 1997
“Wuthering Heights” Hard Beats II (From Hardcore To Progressive) (2xCD) (Sony Music Entertainment (Germany)) 1998
“Wuthering Heights” Nings And Roundabouts (CD) (Fierce Panda) 1999
“Last Chance” Mantra Recordings – The First Five Years (CD) (Sinedín Music) 2000

Barrier EP (1995)

Playing time: 19 minutes 50 seconds

China Drum-Barrier

1. Barrier (4:12)
2. Simple (2:40)
3. Biscuit Barrel (4:04)
4. One Way Down (2:12)
5. Great Fire (4:08)
6. Meaning (2:34)

Buy Barrier EP

Goosefair (1996)

Playing Time: 1 hour 14 minutes 3 seconds

China Drum-Goosefair

1. Can’t Stop These Things (3:01)
2. Cloud 9 (2:28)
3. Fall Into Place (2:55)
4. Situation (2:56)
5. Simple (2:27)
6. Biscuit Barrel FMR (3:49)
7. God Bets (3:05)
8. Pictures (3:18)
9. Find the Time (3:34)
10. [Had a Good Idea On] Monday (3:26)
11. Last Chance (2:35)
12. Take It Back (3:18)
13. Meaning (Acoustic) (2:47)
14. Better than Me (34:24)

Goosefair [Part 1] [Part 2]

Buy Goosefair


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