And Yet Once Again… Small Factory

A reader, Fantom, wrote me recently saying that he had missed my previous posts about Small Factory and could I update it. So for all of you who missed it the first time, or the second time here we go again.

I’ve taken the time to clean-up the layout this time as I wasn’t too happy how the previous post looked

There is also a link for all the artwork from the three Small Factory cds.

Perhaps no group captures the brilliance and energy of the American indie rock experience like Providence Rhode Island based Small Factory . The groups’ combination of innocence and abandon, tuneless but artful vocals and indelible melodies perfectly captures the tenor of those times.

Formed in 1991 the group consisted of singer/bassist Alex Kemp, singer/guitarist Dave Auchenbach, and singer/drummer Phoebe Summersquash. A strong local following lead to an appearance at the Lotsa-Pop-Losers festival in Washington, D.C., and a series of British dates opening for Heavenly, and an extended American tour opening for Fudge and the Dambuilders.

From their formation in 1991 until the release of their 1993 debut LP,I Do Not Love You the groups’ recorded output consisted of “The Giant Merry-Go-Round” released on a flexi-disc by the fanzine The Milky Way. The end of 1991 saw the release of their first proper single “Suggestions” on Collision Time Records. Spring 1992 saw the release of the single “What to Want” on Slumberland. The summer of 1993 saw the release of “So What About Love” on Pop Narcotic and later that year “If You Hurt Me” the highlight of the Simple Machines label’s Working Holiday singles series.

The group disbanded in 1995 with with Kemp and Summersquash forming the Godrays and Auchenbach joining Flora Street. 1996 saw Pop Narcotic release a singles compilation The Industrial Evolution.

Small Factory Discography

7″ Singles

“Suggestions” (Collision Time),1991
“What To Want” (Slumberland Records),1992
“Find Where You Are Just By Following Your Markers” (Slumberland Records, Bi Joopiter), 1993
Small Factory / Tsunami Split –
Working Holiday (August) (Simple Machines Records),1993
“So What About Love” (Pop Narcotic),1993
“The Last Time That We Talked” (Quigley Records),1994


I Do Not Love You ( spinART Records),1993
For If You Cannot Fly (Vernon Yard),1994
The Industrial Evolution (Pop Narcotic),1995

Various Artists

“Hey Lucille” – …One Last Kiss (CD) (spinART Records), 1992
“Hopefully” – Something Pretty Beautiful (CD) (Beautiful Records US), 1993
“Yeah!” – Why Do You Think They Call It Pop? – The Pop Narcotic Compilation (2×10″) (Pop Narcotic), 1994

The Godrays Discography

7″ Singles

“The Bed Spins” (Vernon Yard Recordings), 1996
“Excuse Me, Do You Know What Time It Is?”, split 7″ w/ Rodeo Boy (Sit n’ Spin Records), 1997
“Songs for TV Stars”,”Crummy”,”No Arms Are Good for Holding”, and”Film Music #2″ (Double 7″) (Vernon Yard Recordings)
“Well-Composed Death Notice” ( Wormco Records), 1997

CD’s and EP’s

Songs for TV Stars (Vernon Yard Recordings),1996
Well-Composed Death Notice [EP] (Sit n’ Spin Records),1998

Various Artists

“Darling” Stardust And Looser Wheelbarrows [Cassette] (Lil’ Lion Records)
“Standing In A Corner” Indie Rock Blueprint [CD] (Go Compact Discs)

I Do Not Love You

Playing Time: 48 minutes 57 seconds

Small Factory - I Do Not Love You

1. I’m Not Giving Up (3:18)
2. Keep on Smiling (2:57)
3. What to Want (2:28)
4. What Angels Say (2:21)
5. Our Deseret (1:28)
6. Valentine (3:20)
7. Lots to Do (2:43)
8. Pretending It’s Sunny (4:38)
9. All Your Reasons (3:12)
10. Come Back Down (2:44)
11. Friends (2:54)
12. Junky on a Good Day (8:48)
13. [untitled] (8:06)

Download I Do Not Love You

Buy I Do Not Love You from

Buy I Do Not Love You from

For If You Cannot Fly

Playing Time: 36 minutes 34 seconds

Small Factory - For If You Can Not Fly

1. The Last Time That We Talked (2:30)
2. Expiration Date (2:53)
3. Hi Howard I’m Back (3:48)
4. Sensible (4:46)
5. Everyone’s Happy for the First Time in Weeks (3:31)
6. Versus Tape (2:55)
7. The Bright Side (2:11)
8. Sun Goes Ahh (3:48)
9. Three Months Later (2:43)
10. For When You Cannot Land (3:49)
11. Sixteen Years (3:40)

Download For If You Cannot Fly

Buy For If You Cannot Fly from

Buy For If You Cannot Fly from

The Industrial Evolution

Playing Time: 41 minutes 13 seconds

Small Factory - The Industrial Evolution - Cover

1. Suggestions (2:42)
2. Happy To See (2:13)
3. Not Afraid (2:17)
4. What To Want (2:21)
5. Here You Come (2:12)
6. The Giant Merry Go Round (1:52)
7. Hey Lucille (3:21)
8. If You Hurt Me (4:38)
9. So What About Love? (3:30)
10. We Will (3:01)
11. Yeah (2:20)
12. Hopefully (3:20)
13. Lose Your Way (4:13)
14. Scared Of Love (3:13)

Download Industrial Evolution

Buy Industrial Evolution from

The Industrial Evolution Art Work

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