Shake Some Action at the Beat Hotel

Right at the beginning I would like to thank Thierry for sharing his copy of D.I.Y.: Come Out And Play – American Power Pop (1975-78).

Before the Dead were Grateful there were The Flamin’ Groovies. Formed in San Francisco in early 1965 the Groovies lead by guitarist/singer Cyril Jordan and singer/guitarist/wildman Roy A. Loney (until 1971) though never commercially successful remain as

“one of America’s greatest, most influential, and legendary cult bands.”

With their brand of greasy, bluesy, rock & roll, a mixture of ’50s American rock’n’roll and ’60s British pop they were a band

“in an era soon to be dominated by hippie culture and hyperextended raga-rock freakouts”

thoroughly out of step with the times.

In one way they were a head of their times, recording in 1968 the DIY seven-song EP Sneakers, nine years before the Buzzcock’s debut single, 1977’s “Spiral Scratch”, the UK’s first self-released punk record. This caught the ear of Epic Recordswho putting them under contract spent $80,000 on their debut recording, 1968’s Supersnazz. The album didn’t sell and Epic dropped the band; but they was quickly signed by Kama Sutra Records, who released 1970’s Flamingo and 1971’s Teenage Head.

Poor record sales and public apathy to their music combined with an increasingly tempestuous relationship between Jordan and Loney lead to Loney’s departure from the group in 1971.

Guitarist/vocalist Chris Wilson was hired to replace Loney and in 1972 the band relocated to England. In England they joined forces with producer Dave Edmunds who helped to move their music towards a more folk-rock focus. The Groovies, almost criminally ignored in the US, found

“a larger, more enthusiastic following in Europe (especially in England and Germany)”

After relocating to England they did record a few things, but it wasn’t until 1976 before they released their finest post-Loney effort, Shake Some Action. With it’s ringing guitars, bass-heavy production and great covers Shake Some Action was well received in punk-era Britain, and along with the Ramone’s debut album also released that year marked the “early tremors of the punk shockwave” that still resonate to this day. Their follow-up album, 1978’s, Flamin’ Groovies Now was also well received in England and lead to increased American interest in the band.

The mostly covers Jumpin’ in the Night, released in 1979 is a mixture of

“studiously reproduced British Invasion (and related ’60s American) standards with soundalike originals… Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London” and Bob Dylan’s “Absolutely Sweet Marie”… the Beatles’ “Please Please Me” and the Byrds’ “5D,” “It Won’t Be Wrong” and “Ladyfriend.”

The period between 1979 and 1986 saw no new Groovie’s albums, but did see the release of numerous reissues, compilations and vintage concert material prompted in part because of ongoing European (especially French) interest.

Recorded in one day in an Australian studio 1986’s One Night Stand contains renditions of classic originals; “Shake Some Action,” “Slow Death,” and “Teenage Head,” along with covers of Paul Revere and the Raiders and the Who.

1993’s Rock Juice was the band’s first real studio album in thirteen years. From the original group only Cyril Jordan and bassist George Alexander remained. A perfect blend of Byrds-Beatles power pop the album alternates between new Jordan lost-love originals along with covers of “Bryan Hyland’s “Sealed With a Kiss,” the Modern Folk Quartet’s “This Could Be the Night” and Billy Riley’s “Flyin’ Saucers Rock’n’Roll.”

Hoboken’s the Bongos; Richard Barone (guitar, vocals), Rob Norris (bass), and Frank Giannini (drums, vocals) never pretended to be anything more than a pop band. Signed to PVC Records their debut full length, 1982’s Drums Along The Hudson, compiles the singles the group had recorded for the UK’s Fetish Records in 1980 and 1981. Expanding to a quartet with the addition of guitarist James Mastro they signed with major label RCA who released the five song Numbers With Wings in 1983 and 1985’s Beat Hotel. Following the release of Beat Hotel they left RCA and split up.

D.I.Y.: Come Out And Play – American Power Pop (1975-78)

Playing Time: 1 hour 2 minutes 21 seconds

D.I.Y Come Out And Play - American Power Pop (1975-78)

1. The Flamin’ Groovies – Shake Some Action (4:33)
2. Pezband – Baby It’s Cold Outside (2:52)
3. The Nerves – Hanging On The Telephone (2:05)
4. Artful Dodger – Wayside (4:23)
5. Earthquake – Hit the Floor (3:47)
6. Piper – Can’t Wait (3:25)
7. The Nerves – When You Find Out (2:00)
8. Chris Stamey – The Summer Sun (3:08)
9. Tommy Hoehn – Blow Yourself Up (2:56)
10. Scruffs – My Mind (2:16)
11. The Names – Why Can’t It Be (4:01)
12. Cheap Trick – Southern Girls (3:44)
13. Real Kids – All Kindsa Girls (4:05)
14. The Paley Brothers – Come Out and Play (2:35)
15. Fotomaker – Where Have You Been All My Life (3:24)
16. Pezband – Stop! Wait A Minute (2:43)
17. Flashcubes – Christi Girl (3:51)
18. The Diodes – Tired Of Waking Up Tired (2:54)
19. Chris Bell – I Am The Cosmos (3:39)

D.I.Y.: Come Out And Play [Part 1] [Part 2 ]

The Flamin’ Groovies Discography

Singles and EPs

Sneakers [10 Inch] (Snazz) 1968
Grease (Skydog) 1973
Slow Death (United Artists) 1975
Feel a Whole Lot Better (Sire) 1978
Absolutely Sweet Marie (Sire) 1979
More Grease (Skydog) 197
The Gold Star Tapes (Skydog) 1984
Sneakers [EP] (Snazz) 1986
You Tore Me Down/Him or Me (Bomp!)

Full Length

Supersnazz (Sundazed) 1968
Flamingo (Buddha) 1970
Teenage Head (Kama Sutra) 1971
This Is the Flamin Groovies (Kama Sutra) 1975
Shake Some Action (Aim) 1976
Flamin’ Groovies Now (Sire) 1978
Jumpin’ in the Night (Sire) 1979
Bucketful of Brains [live] (Voxx) 1983
Slow Death, Live! (Lolita) 1983
Live at the Whisky A Go-Go ’79 (Lolita) 1985
One Night Stand (Aim) 1987
Step Up (Aim) 1991
Rock Juice (National) 1993
Rockin’ at the Roundhouse: Live (Mystery) 1994
Live at the Festival of the Sun (Aim) 1995
Groove In (New Rose Blues) 1996
In Person! [live] (Norton) 1997


The Flamin’ Groovies (Polydor) 1970
Flamingo/Teenage Head (Buddah) 1975
Still Shakin’ (Buddah) 1976
Flamin’ Groovies ’68 [live] (Eva) 1983
Flamin’ Groovies ’70 [live] (Eva) 1983
Flamin’ Groovies Studio ’68 (Eva) 1984
Supergrease (Skydog) 1984
Roadhouse (Edsel) 1986
Groovies’ Greatest Grooves (Sire) 1989
The Rockfield Sessions (Aim) 1989
A Collection of Rare Demos & Live Recordings (Marilyn) 1992
California Born & Bred (NRT) 1995
Live 68/70 (New Rose) 1995
Sixteen Tunes: The Goldstar Tapes + More (Munster) 1995
Supersneakers [live] (Sundazed) 1996
Members Edition (Barry Collins) 1997
The Best of the Flamin’ Groovies: Oldies But Groovies (Aim) 1997
Yesterday’s Numbers (Camden) 1998
Grease: The Complete Skydog Singles Collection (Jungle) 1998
Absolutely the Best (Varese) 1999
Shake Some Action Live with the Flamin’ Groovies (Dressed to Kill) 1999
Backtracks (Renaissance) 1999
Original Artists (TKO Magnum) 2000
Shake Some Action: Best of the Flamin’ Groovies (Mastersong) 2000
Crowd Pleaser (Head) 2002
Slow Death [Norton] 2002
Teenage Heads (Teenile Dementia) 2003
Sneakers and Rockfield Sessions (Aim) 2004
Teenage Kicks (Akarma) 2004
Flamin’ (Charly) 2004
Bust Out at Full Speed: The Sire Years (DBK Works) 2006
At Full Speed: Complete Sire Recordings 1976-79 (WEA/Rhino) 2006
At Full Speed: Complete Sire Recordings (Sire) 2006
Babes in the Sky (Collecting) 2007
Garage Hits (Cleopatra) 2007
Kicks (Collecting) 2007
Somebody’s Fool (Collecting)
This Band Is Red Hot 1969-1979 (Raven) 2008

The Flamin’ Groovies – Members Edition

Playing Time: 1 hour 2 minutes 8 seconds

members edition cover

1. Kicks (2:28)
2. Bittersweet (3:42)
3. I Can’t Hide (3:48)
4. Shake Some Action (4:37)
5. Slow Death (5:03)
6. Teenage Head (3:39)
7. Slow Down (2:52)
8. Tallahassie Lassie (2:24)
9. Shakin’ All Over (4:25)
10. Somebody’s Fool (3:00)
11. Feel a Whole Lot Better (2:22)
12. In The USA (3:25)
13. Ju ju Man (3:23)
14. Almost Grown (1:50)
15. I’m Drowning (2:10)
16. Babes in The Sky (1:55)
17. You Tore me Down (2:53)
18. My Yada (2:17)
19. Golden Clouds (2:56)
20. Money (2:59)

Members Edition [Part 1] ]Part 2 ]

The Bongos Discography

Singles, EPs and Full-length

Telephoto Lens (7″) (Fetish Records) 1980
The Bongos EP (12″) (Fetish Records) 1980
Bulrushes (7″) (Fetish Records) 1981
In The Congo (7″) (Fetish Records) 1981
Drums Along The Hudson (LP) (PVC Records) 1982
Mambo Sun (7″) (Fetish Records) 1982
Mambo Sun (12″) (Fetish Records) 1982
Time And The River (12″) (Fetish Records) 1982
Zebra Club (7″) (Fetish Records) 1982
Numbers With Wings (LP) (RCA) 1983
Beat Hotel (LP) (RCA) 1985
Drums Along The Hudson (CD, Album) (Line Records) 1991
Drums Along The Hudson (CD) (Razor & Tie) 1992
Number With Wings / Beat Hotel (CD) (Razor & Tie) 1992

Tracks Appear On:

“Telephoto Lens”, “In The Jungle” Start Swimming (Stiff America) 1981
“Nuts & Bolts” The Last Testament (Fetish Records) 1983
“Numbers With Wings” Richard Blade’s Flashback Favorites Vol. 3 (Sony Music Entertainment Inc.) 1993
“Numbers With Wings” Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The ’80s, Vol. 6 (Rhino Entertainment Company) 1994
“Numbers With Wings” Definitive New Wave Hits (Flashback Records) 1997
“Numbers With Wings” Dimitris Papaspyropoulos Presents “Once Upon A Time” (Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Greece)) 2005

The Bongos – Numbers With Wings/Beat Hotel

Playing Time: 1 hour 29 seconds

numbers with wings-beat hotel

1. Numbers With Wings (4:25)
2. Tiger Nights (4:05)
3. Barbarella (3:12)
4. Skydiving (4:00)
5. Sweet Blue Cage (4:18)
6. Space Jungle (3:49)
7. Apache Dancing (3:09)
8. Brave New World (4:36)
9. A Story (3:11)
10. Beat Hotel (4:01)
11. Come Back To Me (3:32)
12. Splinters (3:44)
13. She Starts Shaking (3:26)
14. Totem Pole (3:13)
15. Blow Up (4:07)
16. Barbarella (3:41)

Numbers With Wings/Beat Hotel [Part 1] [Part 2 ]


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