Bored Teenagers

Right from the start I would like to thank yazzwho for sharing his copy of Mass. Ave.: The Boston Scene (1975-83) and for CentralMassMomerath for offering to do likewise.

If someone has a copy of Come Out and Play – American Power Pop I (1975-78) that they would like to share kindly let me know.

Mass. Ave.: the Boston Scene (1975-83) is the last disc in Rhino Records D.I.Y. series and while considered by the critics to be the weakest of the nine disc does showcase some of Boston’s best; the punk of Mission of Burma, the garage rock of the Lyres, the roots rock of the Del Fuegos and the demo of the Car’s “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” … but I’ll let you be the judge.

I originally posted Die Toten Hosen’s Learning English, Lesson 1 in August 2006 but felt that it was a natural follow-up to last weeks post as is The Adverts The Wonders Don’t Care.

I’d like to point out that in the case of both Die Toten Hosen and The Adverts I did not list, as I normally do, the various compilations that they’ve appeared on. This was simply due to both time and space. Since 1988 Die Toten Hosen has appeared on at least 115 compilations, while The Adverts have appeared on at least 50. With Die Toten Hosen I’ve also only included the albums that they sing entirely in English or in English the majority of the time. I apologize in advance to any German readers I might have for doing it this way.

Mass. Ave.: The Boston Scene (1975-83)

Playlist length: 59 minutes 9 seconds

mass ave the boston scene

1. Willie Alexander – Mass. Ave (2:45)
2. Real Kids – Do The Boob (2:19)
3. Nervous Eaters – Loretta (2:17)
4. Unnatural Axe – They Saved Hitlers Brain (2:49)
5. La Peste – Better Off Dead (3:10)
6. Cars – You’re All I’ve Got Tonight [Demo] (4:13)
7. Neighborhoods – No Place Like Home (2:18)
8. Human Sexual Response – Jackie Onassis (3:52)
9. Maps – I’m Talking To You (3:04)
10. Mission Of Burma – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver (3:57)
11. Classic Ruins – 1+1 2 (3:29)
12. Lyres – I Want To Help You Ann (2:31)
13. Neats – 6 (2:47)
14. Thrills – Hey! (Not Another Face In The Crowd) (2:45)
15. Robin Lane & The Chartbusters – When Things Go Wrong (3:18)
16. Alantics – Lonelyhearts (4:23)
17. Dangerous Birds – Alpha Romeo (2:57)
18. Del Fuegos – I Always Call Her Back (3:28)
19. Outlets – Knock Me Down (2:47)

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Die Toten HosenDie Toten Hosen formed in the early 1980’s from the remnants of two Düsseldorf bands, ZK and KFC. With roaring musicianship, soccer-stadium rabble-rousing and anthem-like choruses that owe much to Slade and Gary Glitter by the end of the 1980’s they had become Germany’s biggest homegrown rock band. 1991’s Learning English – Lesson 1 was the group’s first album to receive an American release.

“The excellently performed and impressively reverent Learning English is less a tribute than a precise re-creation.”

“Prevailing upon representatives of the original bands to join them in the recording studio” the list of guest performers reads like a whose who from punks first wave: Joey Ramone singing “Blitzkrieg Bop”, Jimmy Pursey singing Sham 69’s “If the Kids Are United,” Wreckless Eric singing his own “Whole Wide World,” Johnny Thunders (in what proved to be his final session) with ex-Dead Boy Cheetah Chrome and ex-Dictator Handsome Dick Manitoba singing “Born to Lose,” and Captain Sensible singing the Damned’s “Smash It Up.” The cd even features one song, “Punk Was,” by escaped U.K. convict Ronald Biggs, famous for his association with the post-Rotten Sex Pistols.

The 1994 American re-release of the cd features a new cover and “replaces the Lurkers’ “Just Thirteen” and Chelsea’s “Right to Work” with 125 Jahre’s “New Guitar in Town” and “Diary of a Lover,” from a Johnny Thunders tribute album.

Loosely held together by the irrepressible and irresistible Janet and John this will be one time you’ll be glad you didn’t skip language lab.


Singles, EPs and Full-Length

“Carnival In Rio (Punk Was)” (7″ Single) (Totenkoph, Virgin Schallplatten GmbH) 1991
Learning English, Lesson 1 (LP, CD) (Virgin Schallplatten GmbH, Charisma) 1991
Baby Baby (CD, Maxi) (Totenkoph, Virgin Schallplatten GmbH) 1992
The Nightmare Continues E.P. (CD, EP, 7″, 10″) (Virgin Schallplatten GmbH) 1992
Whole Wide World (CD, Maxi) (Totenkoph, Virgin Schallplatten GmbH) 1992
Love, Peace & Money (CD) (Totenkoph, Virgin Schallplatten GmbH) 1994
Bonnie & Clyde (CD) (East West Records GmbH) 1996
“If The Kids Are United” / “Individual” Sham 69/Die Toten Hosen Split (CD, 7″) (Musical Tragedies) 1998
Crash-Landing (Cass, CD) (JKP, East West Records GmbH) 1999

Learning English – Lesson 1

Play Time: 52 minutes 20 seconds

learning english lesson 1

1. Learning English – Step One (0:32)
2. Blitzkrieg Bop (1:50) (
The Ramones)
3. Brickfield Nights (3:34) (
The Boys)
4. Step Two (0:12)
5. Just Thirteen (2:30) (
The Lurkers)
6. If the Kids Are United (3:08) (
Sham 69)
7. Nasty. Nasty (2:07) (
8. Step Three (0:17)
9. Dirty Pictures (2:15) (
The Radio Stars)
10. Baby Baby (3:13) (
The Vibrators)
11. Gary Gilmore’s Eyes (2:15) (
The Adverts)
12. Born to Lose (3:22) (
Johnny Thunders)
13. How the Rockafellas Went to Hollywood (0:18)
14. Do You Remember (3:27)
15. Carnival in Rio (Punk Was) (3:07) (
Ronald Biggs)
16. Step Four (0:18)
17. Right to Work (3:05) (
18. Whole Wide World (3:18) (
Wreckless Eric)
19. Smash it Up (2:58) (
The Damned)
20. Stranglehold (2:11) (
UK Subs)
21. Step Five (0:23)
22. Love and a Molotov Cocktail (2:31) (
The Flys)
23. Do Anything You Wanna Do (4:28) (
Eddie and the Hot Rods)
24. Goodbye From Janet & John (1:01)

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the adverts

Although The Adverts never garnered the critical acclaim as did fellow first wave punk groups the Damned, the Clash, or the Buzzcocks the group’s first album, Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts, and the classic single “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” have certainly stood the test of time. Formed in 1976 the group featured the vocals of T.V. Smith, bassist, Gaye Advert, one of the first female stars of punk rock, keyboard player Tim Cross and guitarist Howard Pickup. While playing London’s Roxy Club in 1976 they caught the attention of the Damned’s guitarist, Brian James, who offered them the opening spot on the Damned’s tour and an introduction to Stiff Records. Thought the band could barely play Stiff released their self-deprecating debut single, “One Chord Wonders,” in 1977. Their second single “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes,” would propel them into the U.K. Top 20 on a storm of controversy.

Their first album, Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts,

“is the equal of the first Sex Pistols or Clash LP, a hasty statement that captures an exciting time. Smith’s tunes almost all offer a new wrinkle on issues of the day… but the second, 1979’s Cast of Thousands, sounded like they poured all of their musical ideas into their first album.”

and by 1980 the group had broken up.

The Wonders Don’t Care compiles 18 songs the Adverts recorded for BBC Radio sessions between 1977 and 1979, and in the album’s liner notes Smith contends

“that the set allows listeners to “hear a band get born, grow up, get old and die, all in less than an hour.”

The songs on the first half of the album are a bit less polished than on their records, but they capture the band’s youthful energy. The second half of the album finds the group slowing the tempo and writing more complex melodies.

While Crossing the Red Sea is undoubtedly their best album The Wonders Don’t Care captures their sudden rise and fall.


Singles and Full-Length

Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts (Cass) (Bright Records) 1977
“Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” / “Bored Teenagers” (7″ Single) (Anchor Records) 1977
“One Chord Wonders” / “Quick Step”
(7″ Single) (Stiff) 1977
“Safety In Numbers” / “We Who Wait” (7″ Single) (Anchor Records) 1977
Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts (LP) (Bright Records) 1978
“No Time To Be 21” (7″ Single) (Bright Records) 1978
“Television’s Over” / “Back From The Dead” (7″ Single) (RCA Victor) 1978
Cast Of Thousands (LP) (RCA Victor) 1979
Cast Of Thousands (Cass) (RCA) 1979
Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts (LP) (Butt) 1981
“Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” (7″ Single) (Bright Records) 1983
The Peel Sessions (12″) (Strange Fruit) 1987
Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts (CD) (Link Records) 1990
Live At The Roxy Club (LP, CD) (Receiver Records Limited) 1990
Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts (CD) (Essential) 1997
The Punk Singles Collection (CD) (Anagram Punk UK) 1997
The Wonders Don’t Care: The Complete Radio Recordings (CD) (Burning Airlines, Pilot) 1997
The Best of the Adverts (CD) (Anagram Punk UK) 1999
Singles Compilation (CD) (Get Back Italy) 2000
Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts – The Ultimate Edition (CD) (Fire UK) 2002
Live and Loud (CD) (Harry May) 2002
Live at the Roxy Club 1977 (LP) (Earmark) 2003
Anthology (2 x CD) (Fire UK) 2003
Cast Of Thousands – The Ultimate Edition (2 x CD) (Fire UK) 2005

The Wonders Don’t Care

Playing Time: 56 minutes 18 seconds

the wonders don't care

1. One Chord Wonders (2:31)
2. Bored Teenagers (1:54)
3. Gary Gilmore’s Eyes (2:17)
4. New Boys (3:20)
5. Quickstep (3:20)
6. We Who Wait (2:05)
7. New Church (2:33)
8. Safety In Numbers (3:23)
9. The Great British Mistake (3:33)
10. Fate Of Criminal (3:10)
11. Television’s Over (3:23)
12. Love Songs (2:35)
13. Back From The Dead (1:39)
14. I Surrender (3:07)
15. The Adverts (3:18)
16. I Looked At The Sun (4:28)
17. Cast Of Thousands (4:59)
18. I Will Walk You Home (4:43)

The Wonders Don’t Care [Part 1] [Part 2]

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