Rock ‘n’ Roll with Jack Logan and a Little Help From His Friends

Rock star as a career choice. For the pioneers of rock that very thought might have seemed laughable, but today it’s a career choice, just like being a game show host. A lucky few bands ever make it to the top, even fewer stay there long. You know who they are. For the few that do make it there are hundreds, thousands perhaps, that never make it beyond the basement or garage, and for some this is perfectly acceptable, as they’re content to make music just for the sheer love of making music not because it’s a career path. Jack Logan and Liquor Cabinet were such a band.

Jack Logan was born in 1959 in Lawrenceville, IL. While attending school there he met his best friend and future collaborator Kelly Keneipp. Following high school he attended Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, where he studied art, while Keneipp attended the University of Illinois in nearby Champagne-Urbana. Inspired by punk’s D.I.Y. attitude they continued to make music while still in school.

Following graduation in 1985 the two friends relocated to Winder, Georgia. With no plans to make a career from their music they both found work repairing swimming pool motors. Both still enjoyed writing and playing music, so on weekends, along with some drinking buddies, collectively known as the Liquor Cabinet, they started making tapes and playing in local bars and at small venues in Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. Eventually the group would amass a collection of 600 songs on tapes of varying qualities.

The group came to the attention of R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck and musician Vic Chesnutt, who both lived in Athens. They in turn spread the word to manager/producer Peter Jesperson, co founder of Twin/Tone Records and responsible for discovering the The Replacements. It would take a year before Jesperson was able to persuade Logan to send him the tapes.

The group’s debut cd, the aptly titled Bulk, a 42-track double CD, represents the best of those 600 songs. Recorded in Logan’s kitchen, living room, and other home studio settings the album includes rock-oriented anthems like “Female Jesus” and “Floating Cowboy”, country songs like “New Used Car and a Plate of Bar-B-Que” and understated ballads like “Would I Be Happy Then?.” Critically well received; the release scored a four-star review in Rolling Stone, and a rare page-one feature in Billboard, but it proved a failure at the cash register.

Undeterred Liquor Cabinet kept their days jobs, while continuing to perform locally and also continuing to write and develop new songs. In the in term Twin/Tone released Bulk 101, an 11-song sampler derived from Bulk and the four song EP Out of Whack

By 1994 the group had already recorded 100 new songs. From those songs the band would select 30, whittling those down to the 17 found on 1996s Mood Elevator. Where Bulk included a variety of musical styles Mood Elevator is firmly centered around rock songs. Thought an obvious attempt to make a more commercially appealing album sales were low. Even MTV went so far as to reject their video.

Originally recorded in 1997, Buzz Me In , was finally released by Capricorn Records in 1999. Produced by former Clash producer Kosmo Vinyl the group abandoned it’s low-tech method of recording in favor of a studio sound. Unlike Mood Elevator’s emphasis on rock songs the songs on this album encompass country, rock, and blues. To compliment the group’s guitars and drums Logan added other instruments: strings on “Hit or Miss,” and trombone and the vocals of Vic Chesnutt and a group of gospel backup singers on “All Grown Up.”

When not working with Liquor Cabinet Logan has collaborated with others. 1998’s Little Private Angel found him working with another friend, Bob Kimbell of the band Weird Summer. Similar to his work with Liquor Cabinet “Logan wrote the lyrics and sang lead vocals, while Kimbell played guitar and sang harmonies.”

In 2003 Logan began a project with friend and producer Kevin Lane, where every Monday night they would gather with a group of friends, and write and record three songs on the spot. From the 94 songs this approach generated 15 songs were chosen for 2005s Nature’s Assembly Line.

2006 found Logan joining with Kelly Keneipp, Nicky Keneipp, Jason Gonzalez, Rob Kellor, and Aaron Phillips on a new Third Creature record, Orthodox Garage.



Jack Logan

Bulk (2xCD) (Medium Cool / Twin Tone) 1994
Bulk 101 (CD) (Medium Cool / Twin Tone) 1994
Shrunken Head Plus Eight (CD) (Twin Tone) 1994
Out of Whack EP (CD, 7″) (Guilt Ridden Pop) 1995
Mood Elevator (CD) (Medium Cool/Restless) 1996
Buzz Me In (CD) (Capricorn) 1999
Bring Me the Head of Kelly Keneipp! EP (Tape, CD) (Backburner) 1999
Monkey Paw (CD) (Backburner) 2001
Woodshedding (CD) (Parasol) 2002

Jack Logan’s Compulsive Recorders

Tinker (CD) (Backburner) 1998

Jack Logan and Bob Kimbell

Little Private Angel (CD) (Parasol) 1998

Jack Logan/Monday Night Recorders

Nature’s Assembly Line (CD) (Orange Twin) 2005

Third Creature

Orthodox Garage (CD) (Fundamental) 2006

Tracks Appear On:

Five Ring Circus (Independent Nat’l Di) 1996
“Ladies & Gentleman” huH, Volume 20 1996
“Female Jesus” WRAS 88.5 Presents: Radio Oddyssey (CD, Comp) (Ichiban Old Emd) 1996
“Thorns And The Nails” AthFest ’98 Compilation CD (CD) (AthFest/Ghostmeat) 1998
“Mama’s Door” AthFest 99 (CD) (AthFest/Ghostmeat) 1999
“Goodbye Smokey” Athfest 2000 (CD) (AthFest/Ghostmeat) 2000
“I Brake for God” Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 29 (CD)
“Metropolis” Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 13: Helter Skelter (CD) (Rolling Stone Germany) 2000
“I Got To Hear Him Play” Build Your Army With Potatoes (CD, Comp) (Royal Rhino Flying Records) 2008

Tracks Appear On w/ Bob Kimbell

“Fire On The Boat” Rolling Stone: New Voices. Volume 24 (CD)
“Singing Waterfall” AthFest 2003 (CD) (AthFest/Ghostmeat) 2003

Jack Logan – Bulk

Disc 1

Playing Time: 1 hour 12 minutes 57 seconds



1. Fuck Everything (2:10)
2. Shrunken Head (2:55)
3. Love. Not Lunch (4:20)
4. Female Jesus (2:47)
5. Escape Clause (1:45)
6. Underneath Your Bed (4:34)
7. Just Go Away (2:42)
8. Lazy Girl Blues (2:37)
9. New Used Car And A Plate Of Bar-B-Que (5:25)
10. Opposite Direction (3:12)
11. 15 Years In Indiana (2:06)
12. Heart Attack On The Prairie (2:02)
13. Optimist (4:26)
14. Voodoo Doll (2:54)
15. Chloroform (4:06)
16. Vegetable Belt (2:18)
17. Aloha-Ha (3:31)
18. The Sweetest Fruit (2:19)
19. Lovely (1:28)
20. Sometimes It’s You (5:08)
21. Monday Night (2:10)
22. Giant City. Tiny Town (2:41)
23. Graves Are Fun To Dig (2:05)
24. Floating Cowboy (3:16)

Bulk [Disc 1 Part 1]

Bulk [Disc 1 Part 2]

Disc 2

Playing Time: 1 hour 5 minutes 50 seconds

bulk booklet rear cover

1. Peace O’ Mind (2:29)
2. Shipbuilding Blues (2:36)
3. The Parishioners (5:01)
4. Would I Be Happy Then? (4:05)
5. Farsighted (3:25)
6. On The Beach (7:00)
7. Yes I Can (3:00)
8. Grey Steel Train (2:04)
9. Drunken Arms (4:01)
10. Good Times. Bad Memories (3:53)
11. Shit For Brains (4:08)
12. Heaven On Earth (2:23)
13. Idiot’s Waltz (2:56)
14. Terminal Gate (4:59)
15. Weatherman (3:31)
16. Tex (3:34)
17. Cartoons (4:28)
18. Town Crier (2:17)

Bulk [Disc 2 Part 1]

Bulk [Disc 2 Part 2 ]

Buy Bulk

Jack Logan & Liquor Cabinet – Mood Elevator

Playing Time: 47 minutes 59 seconds

mood elevator

1. Teach Me The Rules (3:31)
2. Unscathed (1:39)
3. Chinese Lorraine (2:16)
4. When It All Comes Down (2:14)
5. My New Town (3:39)
6. Ladies And Gentlemen (2:49)
7. Just Babies (2:01)
8. Sky Won’t Fall (2:56)
9. No Offense (2:11)
10. Another Life (2:12)
11. Estranged (2:18)
12. Neon Tombstone (2:34)
13. What’s Tickling You? (2:47)
14. What Was Burned (2:48)
15. Vintage Man (3:32)
16. Suicide Doors (4:50)
17. Bleed (3:42)

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