Stumbling Into Daylight with Sad Lovers and Giants

Sad Lovers and Giants Live

Sad Lovers & Giants formed in 1981 in the English town of Watford. With a sound that blended post-punk, atmospheric keyboards, “jangly guitar, almost all of it arpeggio chorded” and psychedelia the band’s sound has been likened to:

“a pastoral Pink Floyd’ or a cross between R.E.M. and a garage-spawned analogue of Dark Side of the Moon.”

Over the years the band’s members have included: Garçe Allard(vocals), Tristan Garel-Funk (guitar), Tony McGuinness, Cliff Silver (bass), Ian Gibson (bass), David Wood (keyboards and saxophone), Juliet Sainsbury (keyboards) and Nigel Pollard (drums & percussion).

The original line-up (Garçe, Garel-Funk, Silver, and Pollard) produced two full lengths albums, 1982’s Epic Garden Music:

“a delicious blend of gloomy guitar and bass infused with punch and verve that recalls early Cure, and a sophisticated wordplay that was uniquely their own.”

and 1983’s Feeding The Flame:

“a collection of deftly played and arresting post-punk songs that are built around Tristan Garel-Funk and David Woods’ subtle evocations of mood.”

Along with the two studio albums the original group also released two singles, “Cle” and “Colourless Dream”, recorded a John Peel Session for the BBC and a live concert for the Dutch radio station Hilversum, which was subsequently released as the album Total Sound.

Touring UK colleges and playing club dates gained them a following in England but with the release of Feeding The Flame and a subsequent tour of Holland and Germany in support of it they gained a dedicated European fan base.

On the verge of commercial success in 1983

“tensions within the band caused a complete disintegration, with Tristan Garel-Funk and Nigel Pollard leaving to form The Snake Corps.”

In 1984 following the group’s dissolution, their record company Midnight Music; hoping to tie up any loose ends and make a buck in the process, released In the Breeze a compilation LP that contained unreleased studio outtakes and their 1981 John Peel Session.

In 1986, the reformed group; that now included Tony McGuiness on guitar, Juliet Sainsbury on keyboards and Ian Gibson on bass, released The Mirror Test. Though stylistically similar to the original line up the dark edginess of the first two albums was replaced by more melodic song writing combined with a live energy previously lacking in the original line-up.

Interest abroad in the group prompted extensive tours of Holland, Spain and France. At home found them headlining at the old Marquee club in London’s Soho and with the release of their fourth album, Headland, being the featured band in “Melody Maker.”

Their last album, 1991’s Treehouse Poetry, was released just prior to their record label, Midnight Music, going bankrupt. Once again the group split up, occasionally coming together for gigs in support of the stylistically similar And Also The Trees. A best of compilation E-mail From Eternity was released in 1996 by Cherry Red who had acquired the Midnight catalogue from the receivers.

Following years of silence the group released a brand new album Melting in the Fullness of Time in 2002 and a year later played two dates in Italy.

For those who would like to compare the sound of the two groups visit the Commercial Zone where they have links for Feeding The Flame, The Mirror Test and Epic Garden Music.


Singles, EPs and Full-Lengths

Cle (Vinyl, 7″, EP) (Last Movement) 1981
“Colourless Dream”/“Things We Never Did” Colourless Dream (7″) (Last Movement) 1981
Epic Garden Music (Vinyl, LP) (Midnight Music) 1982
Lost In A Moment” / “The Tight Rope Touch” Lost In A Moment (7″) (Midnight Music) 1982
Feeding The Flame (Vinyl, LP) (Midnight Music) 1983
Man Of Straw (Vinyl,12″, 45 RPM) (Midnight Music) 1983
In The Breeze (Vinyl, LP) (Midnight Music) 1984
Total Sound (Vinyl, LP) (Midnight Music) 1986
Seven Kinds Of Sin (Vinyl,12″) (Midnight Music) 1987
The Mirror Test (Vinyl, LP) (Midnight Music) 1987
White Russians (Vinyl,12″, Maxi-Single) (Midnight Music) 1987
Cow Boys (Vinyl,12″, Maxi-Single) (Midnight Music) 1988
Epic Garden Music (CD) (Midnight Music) 1988
Feeding The Flame (CD) (Midnight Music) 1988
Les Annees Vertes (Vinyl, LP) (Midnight Music) 1988
“A Reflected Dream” / “Sleep (Is For Everyone)” Sleep / A Reflected Dream (Vinyl,12″, 45 RPM) (Midnight Music) 1988
The Mirror Test (CD) (Midnight Music) 1988
Headland (LP, CD) (Midnight Music) 1990
Les Années Vertes (CD) (Midnight Music) 1991
Treehouse Poetry (CD) (Midnight Music) 1991
Cow Boys (12″, Single) (Old Gold) 1996
E-Mail From Eternity (The Best Of) (CD) (Anagram Records, Contraseña Records 1996
La Dolce Vita (Live In Lausanne) (CD) (Voight-Kampff Records) 1999
Headland and Treehouse Poetry (CD) (Voight-Kampff Records) 2000
Melting in the Fullness of Time (CD) (Voight-Kampff Records) 2002
La Dolce Vita (CD) (Voight-Kampff Records) 2003
E-Mail From Eternity (The Best Of) (CD) (Anagram UK) 2005

Tracks Appear On:

“When I See You” Between Today And Tomorrow (LP) (Midnight Music) 1986
“Cuckooland” Diamonds In Darkness (LP) (Midnight Music) 1987
“Things We Never Did” Maxi Pop III (2xCD, 2xLP, 2xCass) (Contraseña Records) 1996
“Things We Never Did”, “Sleep” Nocturnal – The Best Of Midnight Music (CD, Album) (Cherry Red) 1997
“Things We Never Did” Remember (CD) (Contraseña Records) 1997
“Things We Never Did (Live In Valencia)” Ochenta Y Pop (2xCD,2xCass) (Contraseña Records) 1998
“Cowboys” La Música De Los 80 (CD, Promo) (Contraseña Records) 1999
“Cowboys” Ku Manises – XVIII Aniversario (CD, Album, Promo) (Contraseña Records) 2000
“Colourless Dream” 80’s History – The Session 2 (2xCD) (Contraseña Records) 2002
“Cowboys” Remember Collection (2xCD) (Contraseña Records) 2004


Playing Time: 41 minutes 20 seconds


1. Godless Soul (6:21)
2. Like Thieves (5:52)
3. One Man’s Hell (5:08)
4. Restless (2:42)
5. Alaska (6:58)
6. It’s Snowing (4:54)
7. My Heart’s On Fire (3:36)
8. Life Will Kill Us (5:49)

Buy Headland

Treehouse Poetry

Playing Time: 37 minutes 22 seconds

Tree House Poetry

1. Toy Planes in a Southern Sky (5:03)
2. Lizard King (5:39)
3. Still Restless (2:43)
4. Parachute of Love (4:41)
5. Christmas on Easter Island (5:10)
6. Criminally Sane (3:30)
7. Jungle of Lies (4:52)
8. The Sky is a Glove (5:44)

Buy Treehouse Poetry


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