Scenes from a Yuppie Restaurant: Barnabys & Eggs

Two bands that typified the second generation of America’s indie-pop scene were Philadelphia’s Barnabys and Washington D.C.’s Eggs.  

Formed in Philadelphia in 1990 the Barnabys consisted of Joey Sweeney (guitars, vocals), A. Michael Blanche (drums) and Cory Neale (bass). Their first full-length, the 1993 Spin Art release, Delightful Browns shows that while the group might know how to craft a good indie-rock song;  

“one part off-kilter vocals (à la Scott McCaughey of the Young Fresh Fellows), a chorus the kids can sing along with and a sense of naïveté to make it all endearing”  

delivering that consistently over the length of an album proved to be a much more daunting task.  

Released on Spin Art in 1994, the ambitious Augustus Loop , reprises three tracks from Delightful Browns (“Wilmington,” “Arts & Sciences,” and “Yeah Whatever” ), but with it’s resemblance to the folk-pop sound of Small Factory and it’s  

“complex mixture of energetic jangle pop and anxious subject matter”  

combined with   

“Sweeney’s pleading adenoidal vocals”  

and standout tracks like “Yuppie Restaurant,” “Borders,” and “Punk Rock Love” helps to make this a much under appreciated album.  

While they were one of Washington D.C’s best indie bands in the early 1990’s the group Eggs was often overshadowed by fellow TeenBeat label mates Unrest.   

Their debut full-length, 1992’s Bruiser, was primarily a solo vehicle for singer/guitarist Andrew Beaujon, but 1994’s Exploder was created by a more permanent ensemble with the addition of guitarist/trombonist Rob Christiansen and bassist Evan Schurack and a revolving cast of drummers.  

Exploder was Teenbeat’s first-ever double album and  

“the CD release even contains one-minute silent tracks to mark the breaks where the listener would have to flip the sides of the vinyl version.”  

The overall tone of the album is marked by Beatlesque melodies, raucous post-punk noise, tongue-in-cheek quirkiness, and the occasional 30-second sound collage.   



“Shinola” (7″ EP) (Spin Art) 1992
Global Teen (CD, EP) (Spin Art) 1992
Delightful Browns (Single, LP, CD) (Spin Art) 1993
Augustus Loop (Spin Art) 1994
“Gargamel” Ten Cent Fix – A Jiffy Boy Records Compilation (CD) (Jiffy Boy Records) 1993


Singles and Eps  

“Skyscraper” / “Ocelot” (7″, Single, Ltd., Whi) (Teenbeat) 1991
“A Pit With Spikes” (7″) (Teenbeat) 1993
“Sexual Tension”/”In State”/”Fever” Jade Tree EP (7″, EP, Col) (Jade Tree) 1993
“Song With Contemporary Influences” Eggs/Pitchblende Split (Jade Tree) 1993
“The Government Administrator” (7″, Single) (Hemiola Records) 1993
“Roll Away The Stone” Working Holiday (April) (7″, Single, Spl) (Simple Machines Records) 1993
“Genetic Engineering” (7″, Single) (Teenbeat) 1994


Bruiser (LP, CD) (Teenbeat) 1992
Teenbeat 96 Exploder (2 x LP, CD) (Teenbeat) 1994
How Do You Like Your Lobster (CD, Comp) (Teenbeat) 1995

Tracks Appear On:  

“Baked Alaska” Teenbeat 100 (7″) (Teenbeat) 1993
“It’s Hard To Be An Egg” Teenbeat 50 (LP, CD) (Matador, Teenbeat) 1993
“The Argument” The Monsters Of Rock II (CD, EP) (Simple Machines Records) 1994
“Roll Away The Stone” Working Holiday! (2 x CD) (Simple Machines Records) 1994
“Why Am I So Tired All The Time?” Working Holiday Party! (Simple Machines Records) 1994
“Catch” Give Me The Cure (CD) (Radiopaque Recordings, Corduroy Records) 1995
“Love With A Tumblin’ “O” Slow Children At Play (CD, Album) (5th Beetle) 1995
“Sugar Babe” Wakefield Volume 1: A TeenBeat Sampler (CD) (Teenbeat) 1995
“Skyscraper” Wakefield/The Teenbeat Story/Vol. 3/1986-1995 Superstars On Forty-Five (CD) (Teenbeat) 1995
“Government Administrator” Rough Trade Shops – Indiepop 1 (2 x CD) Mute Records Ltd. 2004

Barnabys – Augustus Loop  

Playing Time: 57 minutes 49 seconds  

Barnabys-Augustus Loop  

1. Yuppie Restaurant (3:39)
2. Kool-Aid (3:20)
3. Borders (3:27)
4. Wilmington (2:44)
5. Dhee (3:19)
6. Arts & Sciences (3:17)
7. Yeah Whatever (4:39)
8. Losers from Rodman St. (4:01)
9. Punk Rock Love (4:19)
10. Negative Vibe (3:05)
11. Serenity (3:15)
12. Theme from Barnabys (1:36)
13. Me & Cory (3:20)
14. Room 17 (0:51)
15. Nunas (3:15)
16. Anvil (3:47)
17. Disneyland (4:05)
18. Augustus Loop Interlude (1:50)

Buy Augustus Loop   

Augustus Loop (Part 1) (Part 2)  

Eggs – Teenbeat 96 Exploder  

Playing Time: 1 hour 6 minutes 15 seconds  

Eggs - Teenbeat 96 Exploder  

1. Eggs Teenbeat 96 Exploder Let’s Go! (0:38)
2. Why Am I So Tired All The Time? (4:41)
3. Erin Go Bragh (3:09)
4. Music Without Keys No. 3 (1:01)
5. Ampallang (2:26)
7. March Of The Triumphant Elephants (3:25)
8. Claire’s Snares (4:33)
9. A Pit With Spikes (3:55)
10. Evanston. IL (3:29)
11. Willow. Willow (3:29)
12. Eggs Tnbt 96 Xpldr How’re You Doing? (0:29)
13. SIDE DIVISION (1:01)
14. Minestrone (0:28)
15. Saturday’s Cool (3:20)
16. Maureen’s Beans (4:17)
17. Rebuilding Europe (2:21)
18. Conchita (4:23)
19. SIDE DIVISION (1:01)
20. The Obliviist Part 3 (4:34)
21. Rollercoaster (4:42)
22. Music Without Keys No. 7 (2:05)
23. Salsa Garden (5:00)
24. Eggs Teenbeat 96 Exploder Bye! Bye! (0:48)

Buy Teenbeat 96 Exploder from Teenbeat Records  

Teenbeat 96 Exploder (Part 1) (Part 2)

5 responses to “Scenes from a Yuppie Restaurant: Barnabys & Eggs

  1. For the Barnabys album, you posted the first part twice.

    Otherwise, thanks for all of this, and keep up the good work.

  2. Oh no, dead links! Bummer. Also if anyone has that Eggs song “Love with a tumblin’ o”, I’m dying to hear it. I used to be a favorite of mine but I lost the cd!

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